Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Let's talk Reality TV. It's been a while.

Starting with Dancing With the Stars:

Did you watch last night? I wasn't very excited about this year. Just not very exciting contestants. Let's be certain about one thing, as much as everyone hated her, Kate makes compelling reality tv, and I was always DYING to see what she was going to do this week and what crazy fight she was going to get into with nice guy Tony. Know what I mean?

Seems like this year is kind of a snooze fest, BUT, I will admit that I watched Jennifer Grey's dance last night 5 times. It was awesome, it was compelling, and I like Derek's hair this year. (I have a "thing" about hair styles. . . Just ask my husband-- I consider him 8 to 10 times more attractive if he has just gotten a haircut. . . I digress) But, Derek's hair DOES make a difference, and that dance was so fun, and exciting last night. I loved it. I am starting to forget about Julianne being gone. . . bad news for her, good news for Derek. Everyone else on the show is a COMPLETE SNOOZEFEST though, and puhlease . . . . How mean was it to put an old guy (Michael Bolten) with cute little thing Chelsie Hightower. I feel so bad for her. Michael needs to go. Serious. For Chelsie's sake.


It was leaked last week on People that Brad Womack was going to be the next Bachelor. Ugh.

The Commitment Phobe? AGAIN??????? If you don't remember, Brad ticked off every woman on the planet by not choosing someone at the end of the Bachelor. For those of you who say, "GOOD FOR HIM! It is just a reality show!" I say, "YOU DIDN'T WATCH IT!" He seriously demonstrated perfection in the definition of "COMMITMENT PHOBE" and I am pretty sure there is a picture of his mug in the dictionary next those words.

The only thing worse than a commitment phobe is a SLIMY commitment phobe. You can even watch him and his interview on Ellen where he admits to TOTALLY LEADING THEM ALL ON!.

Anywho. Even better, Chris Harrison admitted to Ryan Seacrest the other day that Brad was indeed a commitment phobe and has been receiving THERAPY FOR IT! I would totally love to say that I am just not going to watch this all go down, but you know I am. You know it. I am such a sucker.

PS- I love Chris Harrison. Here is what he put on his Facebook page about Brad. As you saw announced Brad as our new Bachelor last night on DWTS. I know many of you have valid concerns and questions. All I can ask or tell you is give the man a chance to prove himself. If he lets you down he's all yours' and I'll help hold him down for ya!

And that is why I love Chris Harrison. Because he is willing to hold down Brad Womack so we can all get a shot at him. Love it.


Not totally invested yet. I had to finished watching Master Chef before my Tivo could catch Survivor (conflicting time slots) Anywho, was last weeks Tribal Counsel the biggest blunder EVER? Sure seemed like it!

AM I mising one?

Monday, September 27, 2010


I think I was at the world's biggest frat party on Saturday night. .
Let's just say, they lived up to their names.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Making Good out of Bad

My husband has to work on Saturday. Once a month usually. Yesterday, while he was away, there was a tragic accident. Jaxon killed Abby's fish. Now, with that statement, you might think, "That doesn't SOUND like an accident" but, I think it was. The fish (which we have had for over a year now) lives in Abby's room and Jaxon barely ever pays any attention to it, but for some reason, yesterday, Jaxon decided he was going to "play" with Abby's fish. I will spare the gory details here, but let's just say there were lots of tears shed. LOTS. Abby quickly reminded me that Jaxon also killed her LAST fish, too. (The girl is a steal trap)

A fish is about the only pet on the list of "Abby's List of 500 Desired Pets" that we are willing to venture into right now. And so, to try to make things better, I told her that I would take her out when daddy got home for a little girl's day out. (A completely great way to get out of the house with any kids accept for Abby) Peter came home and since it was time for Kaylie's nap, Abby and I headed off to "run errands" while the boys hung out at home with the sleeping baby.

Our first stop was lunch. (You better believe I am going to make a girl's day out include LUNCH!) We decided to get salads at Paradise Bakery and as we were sitting there chatting over lunch, a serious revelation came upon me. She is growing up. You know, you know how it just *SNEAKS* up on you? Day after day after day and all of a sudden you notice, WOW. They aren't really that little or young anymore! And, I actually quite like engaging in small talk with her! (Which revolved ENTIRELY around the game 'Frontiereville' which her dad was letting her watch/play with him.

I started to laugh a little because she is just so animated when she talks. I nonchalantly got out my phone and took a few pix, and just couldn't stop because they were just such a perfect expression of her 9 year old face. So much expression, and so much animation. Since it seems like I blinked, and she is nine, I wanted to recall this little "moment" of our bonding, and her willingness to just chat the afternoon away over lunch.

She uses her hands a lot when she talks. Makes it hard to talk and eat.

Although it may seem like some of these are posed, they truly aren't. She was seriously mid sentence here.

I have seen this face so much. She used to make faces like this when she was a baby. But now I don't see them as much anymore. Unless I take pics mid sentence.

This has to be my favorite. Because, it is hilarious. And so, so, Abby, you can see the slight shake of the head when talking. (Who on earth is she looking at anyway?)

Doesn't look like she is making much progress with that salad does it.

I love this look, because it is so unassuming.

Describing something with her hands.

Does she even CARE about her salad? I think not.

Okay, maybe she does.
Thanks for lunch Abby, I hope we have lots more lunch dates.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Birth Story #4

Guess what, I have already recorded Birth Story #4, because I had been blogging for a LONG TIME when I had my last baby girl. Almost a 10 lb-er mind you. The only thing I would add to the story is how much I hated the Anesthesiologist for not listening to me (I kinda blow it off in my re-count. I blame sleep deprivation)

And how much I TRULY loved my nurse. Like, really. Like, she basically delivered my baby by herself and I totally, totally loved her. Some people are just meant to work in Labor and Delivery, and she was one of them. She believed me when I told her I needed an epidural, she believed me when I said that baby was ready to come out and basically, was just a fantastic listener, and shared my birthday. She is the one and only person from the Medical profession (besides LORI SMETANA, whom if she ever googles her name will be sent here) who I wrote a personal note to thanking her for making my last Labor and Delivery a fantastic experience. I wish I could remember her name. Maybe I have it written down someplace. . .

I had no connection to the Dr. (Since my beloved LORI SMETANA lives in WA) and as a matter of fact, I got the ONE DR. that I DID NOT WANT to come, but she was the Dr. on call. The reason I didn't want her to come is because about 2 weeks to my due date, she incorrectly told me I was dialated to a 3 and 80% effaced. When I went back to the Dr. 1 week later they said I was barely a 1, and 20% effaced. NO THANK YOU. Nobody wants to get bad info when they are that pregnant. NO BODY.

Enjoy! HERE-----------------------> (I don't know where that is pointing to, but it is just fun. Mkay?)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birth Story #3

Wade. Wade has a great birth story, which is one of the main reasons I decided to start documenting my children's birth stories.

I don't remember Wade's due date. He was born on March 16th. Round about the Ides of March. I should have known there was going to be something interesting about this little leprechaun. He definitely played tricks on me.

Since we now had my due dates correct, I felt a little more confident that I would meet this baby BEFORE his due date. I didn't want the Meconium scare, and I am sure my Dr. did want that either. (LORI SMETANA. St. LORI. LOVE HER SO MUCH!) Lori had done just about everything in her power to get that baby to come. We did some stripping of the membranes, (I think twice) and we were definitely on track to get this baby to come ON TIME. The problem was, Peter had a business trip. TO MISSOURI. (I think that is where it was!)

I wasn't due for a few more days, but for some reason I had made the CRAZY decision to get my membranes stripped the day Peter left on his business trip. Note to self: Don't do things to induce labor on the day your husband leaves for a trip. Now that I have gotten this far, I am pretty sure Wade was born 10 days early, so, he must have been due around the 23rd. I wanted this baby to come early because WHO DOESN'T!?!?! There is not a woman I have met on this planet who doesn't want her babies to come out early. Those last few weeks of pregnancy are JUST NOT HAPPY for anyone.

So, my husband was gone, kids were at school, mild contractions had started. Ten minutes apart. not hard. Just regular old contractions. Panic set in that my husband was out of town, and logistically, no matter what, was NOT going to be back for 3. Contractions kept me up most of the night. Probably because I was insanely nervous they would pick up and partly because it really is annoying to have contractions at night. Day two was going by, and I called my Dr. to see if she could check me to see if these contractions were actually getting me somewhere.

They had gotten me about a centimeter. Not much. I was frustrated, and getting tired. I had had another restless night of sleep. I knew my husband would be home in one more day, but not until that evening. I decided that these contractions were going to GO SOMEWHERE, so, the next day, I went on a big gigantic walk. It seemed to work, and my contractions picked up to be about 6 mins. apart. Now, if you are keeping track, I have been having contractions for 3 DAYS. All the while my husband has been out of town and I had been quite nervous for those three days that they were going to pick up and this baby was going to be born WITHOUT his daddy around. My contractions were picking up in speed, but were irregular. Sometimes 6 mins, sometimes 8 mins. but by the end of this three day period, I had had enough. I told Peter to meet me at the hospital on his way home from the airport, and he met me there at about 8:00 p.m.

We got checked in, but because I hadn't changed much in terms of dilation, the Dr. (poor Dr.) didn't know what else to do because I was a VBAC patient and she couldn't give me Pitocin. I begged. I begged and I pretty much had a nervous break down telling her that I was so tired that I didn't know what to do with myself and that I really needed to be checked in so I could have this baby. I think my panic definitely rang true with her. I was NOT going to let her send me home. It was time to have this baby FOR SURE. She checked to make sure they had a bed open, and she said they were going to give me a sleep induction. Basically, my body was so worn out, it had caused my contractions to be irregular. Putting me to sleep would do one of two things. Knock my "false labor" contractions out so I could rest. Or let my body rest enough to re-set with contractions and wake up with transition contractions.

Lori (sweet Lori) signed off on the decision, and said she would be there at 6:00 a.m. to deliver my baby if I was still having contractions. Normally, they might send you home with your sleep pill, but since I was in such a panic, and they had an open bed, I stayed there. Peter went home for some shut eye, and promised my he would sleep with his cell phone glued to his ear. Sure enough, 5 a.m. rolled around and I was awakened by intense contractions. Ready to go.

Lori called in my epidural, and this time, this time. . . I wanted to kill the poor Dr. who was giving it to me. He poked me at least 4 times and none of them worked. NOT A ONE. Okay, ONE did. The very last one. But I distinctly remember that I was thinking very angry thoughts in my head about him. . . and when he was finished he said, "Next time, let the Dr. know that you have very tight connections in your back and they need to start 3 or 4 spaces up." Duly noted sir. (JERK).

Peaceful Leprechaun

Angry Leprechaun

Of course, no chances were taken this time with the the "strength of the epidural" and I was given it FULL ON. Sure enough, about 1 hour after my water was broken, Wade joined us. And really, I don't remember any pain or anguish. Just happy talking and laughing. Getting the right amount of dosage on that epidural is so, so, so nice. I think he was born around 8:30 a.m. and my, it was just such a pleasant experience. (Epidural and all).

Sleepy Leprechaun- Those eyes were so swollen they didn't open for 3 days. Serious.

Peter hates this picture of himself. And finally, some long hair for me!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birth Story #2

If you want to see why I am re-telling birth stories, you can scroll down a read the last post. If you don't like intimate details of birth stories, STOP READING RIGHT HERE.

Jaxon was late. By a day. I was due August 22nd. But in reality, I decided that I was actually about a week late. After my experience with Jaxon I realized my "due date calculations" are actually a little off compared to what the Dr. gives out because of irregularities in my cycle. Namely, I ovulate on day 10. vs. day 14 (or whatever the book says). Okay, so he was 5 days "late".

I did do a little "false labor" with Jaxon, Wade, and Kaylie too. There is nothing worse than the "walk of shame" when you walk out of Labor and Delivery still pregnant. NOT GOOD. I had thought I was in labor with contractions about 10 minutes apart, for about 6 hours. From about 6 p.m. until about 10:00 p.m. We decided to go to the hospital, I hopped in the tub, at the hospital and BAM. Contractions stopped. NOTE TO ALL PREGNANT LADIES: If you want to be sure it isn't false labor, jump in a nice warm tub (unless your water has broken) and if they quit, don't worry about headin' in to the hospital. Or you too will experience the walk of shame.

A few more days went by, and I decided to "self induce" because as a VBAC patient, they refuse to give you pitocin for fear of the scar on your uterus splitting open due to un-natural strength of contractions with pitocin. It seemed to have worked. I started having nice regular contractions starting at about 9:00 p.m. but this time, I wasn't going to be caught with false labor at the hospital. At 12:00 midnight, Peter decided that he was going to try to get some shut eye, while I was going to make sure those nurses couldn't send me home. I hung around, nested, and jumped in the tub. Still, nice heavy contractions. At about 2:30 a.m. I went in to Peter and told him I just couldn't take the pain anymore. However, I was completely distraught about having to call someone in the middle of the night (in-laws) to come to my house. They had already done it once before. I was scared to death that I was going to have to come home without a baby again. Since I had never been through child birth before, I had no idea if I really was in labor or not, so, I waited until I felt like crying to before we left for the hospital.

By that time, I couldn't wait for them, so, I called the neighbor over for 20 mins so I could leave before my in-laws showed up. They were happy to oblige. We got to the hospital about 3:30 a.m. or so. My Dr. wasn't there, but she was going to be there at 6:00. The nurses checked me and gave me the, "Sorry, hun, but your still at a ONE"! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! A one??? AFTER ALL THAT PAIN?????????? I was livid, and desperate all at the same time, and I begged for an epidural. The Dr. ordered one (because she is a St.--- St. Lori Smetana, I love her more than any Dr. on the planet, and if you have the privilege of delivering a baby with her, bless you) Lori doesn't believe in unnecessary pain if you don't, and when I told her I couldn't handle it, she believed me. By this time, it was closer to 5:00, and she was going to be in in a little while anyway, so, the plan was to have her come in, break my water and get my epidural.

To be honest, I am not sure what time she came in, but I think it was about 6:00 a.m. or so. She broke my water, noted the Meconium in it, and I got my sweet sweet epidural. What they don't tell you about epidurals, is that BEFORE you get one, it hurts like Hades, not the contractions, but the epidural! Well, it did for me anyway. Especially because they had to poke me a few times to get it right. But, I got my sweet sweet epidural and I started to feel a WHOLE LOT BETTER. Actually, about 30 minutes later, I told the nurse that I was feeling a LOT of pressure. Like, A LOT. She giggles. . . hahahahah. "But sweetie, you were just at a 1-2 an hour ago!" I met that statement, with, "BUT I AM REALLY FEELING A LOT OF PRESSURE! I REALLY THINK YOU SHOULD CHECK ME!"

She decided to, and at that point, she called the delivery team in because Jaxon was ready to make his debut. It a few seconds the room was full of WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE because not only did they have the nurses and Dr. in there, but the respiratory team to deal with Jaxon in case the Meconium had gotten into his lungs. Much to my dismay, my epidural had not take full effect yet, and I was NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT FACT. They had decided to not give me a full dose since I was only at a 1. Thanks, thanks so much.

I seem to remember repeating several times, "I CAN'T DO THIS!" because I really really didn't want to. Not if it was going to feel like that. I finally decided that I could, and did. Actually, I take that back. I don't ever remember feeling like I could. After a little pushing, and some suction, because little Jaxon was having a hard time with his heart rate in there, he arrived. At 7:14 a.m. Luckily, there was no Meconium in his lungs, and the respiratory team was unnecessary. Having your second birth is so much different than your first. It was for me anyway. The difference of method, hospital, dr. and proximity to family. But there as also just a familiarity that comes along with it. Unlike your first birth which is so overwhelming in so many ways.

We were happy to have #2.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Birth Story #1

I have been inspired by Design Mom's on going theme of sharing birth stories. I seriously love birth stories. They are all so unique and amazing. If you haven't been reading the posts over there, you need to start, because they are great. I am sure some people are grossed out by birth stories. And if you are, you need to stop reading here. But I am doing this for my babies', because I would love an accurate play by play of how the day unfolded written down for my kids somewhere! And I can feel the details slowly slipping away from my memory. I am going to do my best with Abby, she is getting the foggiest for sure! Most of these stories are going to be laced with great inaccuracies, because of the length of time that has gone by, but, perfectly true or not, I think the essence will be preserved.

Abby's official due date was August 7th. She was frank breech. Which means, that she was in a pike position head up. For those of you that don't know. There is no Dr. (in their right mind) that will deliver a breech baby. There are just too many complications with the head coming out. If that head doesn't come out first, you are in big trouble. After all, it is the biggest part of the baby. If it comes out first, you are. . . well, there should be no problem with the rest of the baby.

Abby was (is) a stubborn girl, and decided that she was going to stay that way. I even attempted to have her "turned" by the Dr. Which, in short, was the most painful thing I have done to date. Yes, including child birth, and I am not gonna lie. My Dr. crawled up on the table I was on and clamped her hand on Abby's bum and tried SO HARD to get her out of my pelvis, but it was too late, she was wedged in there, and she was good and happy.

I was scheduled for my c-section a week later. For July 30th.

I was devastated.

If you know me, you know that I am a bit of a control freak (may or may not be an under estimation) and that I like things to go exactly as planned. EXACTLY. Abby being a C-section was DEFINITELY NOT in the plan. But I think this was just ONE of the countless experiences that I have had that has not only taught me patience, but just a tad bit of flexibility. I am not going to say that I am sooooooooooooooooo much more flexible now. But I am weathering storms better nowadays.

I cried some tears over the fact that my baby girl was not going to be delivered in the way that I wanted, and wondered if I would ever be able to, since vaginal births after c-sections are risky and frowned upon as well. With the rupturing of your uterus and all. Meh.

Abby's birthday is the day before Peter's and since she was the biggest birthday gift he has ever received, it was fun to have a little "Birthday Party" for him. It was kind of anti-climactic to "set your alarm" for the birth of your first child, but that is what I did. I am not sure that I got a very good night's sleep. I was pretty anxious to meet this child that had ALREADY rocked my entire world. We got up at 6:00 a.m. I was going to shower and get all ready because since I wasn't going to be be working very hard to deliver this baby, I wanted to look good in my pictures!

We arrived at the hospital for our scheduled c-section time at 7. However, they don't tell you that they are in NO BIG HURRY to get you on that table. First, they check you in. Take all your vitals, ask you a million questions, put you in a room, make you change out of your clothes, hook you up to monitors, give you an ultrasound to make sure your baby is still wrong side down (YUP!) Honestly, it took forever, and I think that was AFTER we waited in the lobby for an hour. THEN they hook you up to an IV. Give you a spinal block so you can't feel anything from the waist down and THEN wheel you into the delivery room at NOON.

Yes, I said, NOON. FIVE HOURS after I got to the hospital.

And you know how long it takes them to "deliver" that baby? She was born at 12:05. It takes all of 5 minutes to cut that belly open and pull her out. I even have video of it. ew. Believe me, it wasn't intentional, but my nurse, whom we told to "FILM THE BABY WHEN SHE COMES OUT" did just that and more. She filmed that baby COMING out, and it is gross, for sure.

Her legs were so stuck up by her head that it took her a while to "let them down" and Peter was a little worried about passing out with all the gore, so, he kept his head behind the curtain with mine. The second she was born, he got to bring her up to my head, and I got to take a peek at her. But what was more fun, was to see Peter's response to this little miracle that he had dreamed about. HE. WAS. IN. LOVE. And it was awesome.

The unhappy truth about a c-section is that you are on the table for at least 30 to 40 more minutes while they are sewing layers of your body back up. (So fun) and while you are stuck there, your husband gets to take in the precious first moments of your babies life while you get to lay there and wonder what it is like.

After that, I was wheeled back into a recovery room while Peter got to bring Abby in in her bassinet. All clean and snuggled up, and he held her like this. For hours.

See that look on his face? Does he look like the happiest person alive? That is because, he was. There is nothin' better that a man, holdin' your baby with all the love he has. AM I RIGHT? I am pretty sure I am. Because even though I didn't get to hold her or pick her up much after my surgery, I sure loved watching him go crazy all over her. They have been tight ever since.
Abby's name is no coincidence either. Abigail means, "Father's Joy" in Hebrew. And she absolutely was.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Darn Bird

There was a bird on our front porch. It was wounded. The second I saw that darn bird, I knew I was in trouble. I knew I had to find a way to get rid of it. Get rid of it before Abby came home and adopted it as a full fledged member of our family. But, being the softy that I am, instead, I put a bowl of water out for it, and gave it some bread crumbs? (Hey, I don't know what wild birds eat! And I am not about to go out and find some bugs for it to eat mkay?)

So, I felt like I had done my duty. I tried to help the bird as much as humanly possible. I don't know what happened to it, but I was certain that it was not going to last much longer. THEN, I could dispose of it before the crazy animal girl, I mean, Abby got home.

I failed.

All this drama around my washing machine that has broken 3 times in 5 days really had me going crazy. I had met with the repair man (for the SECOND time) been to the gym, met a friend for lunch, picked up and dropped off the babies, returned a few calls, put Kaylie down for a nap, and a meer hour later, and it was time to go get Jaxon from school to take him to therapy. As I bopped out the door I thought of that DARN BIRD, and how it was going to be sitting on the porch as Abby got home from school, and I was not going to be back in time to remedy the situation.

I had just brought the kids in the door from Jaxon's therapy run, and settled them down when I heard the doorbell ring. I was praying it was UPS, and NOT Abby, but it was Abby, and it was just as I had supposed. She had whipped of her SKIRT, and had PICKED UP THE DARN BIRD IN HER SKIRT AND WITH THE BIGGEST SADDEST EYES LOOKED AT ME AND SAID,

"It's hurt. Can we keep it?"


No, no, no. We cannot keep the darn bird. It is wild, it has diseases, and also, it is NEAR DEATH. I gently (really I tried to be gentle) to tell her the above issues, among others (we have a cat) that would NOT be good to KEEP the bird. And she asked, if we could take it to the vet.


I told her my washing machine was pretty much keeping me from being able to pay any other bill this month, and that we would NOT be taking the bird to the vet, but that she could VERY WELL BECOME a vet who could adverstise that she will happily fix WILD ANIMALS for FREE and she can save ALL THE ANIMALS AND BIRDS IN THE WORLD!

This is the face that she gave me after I mentioned that the bird is definitely NOT going to make it.
The sweet thing took an orange section out to the bird and she came in THRILLED to report that it happily ate it up, and I told her she could be proud.

I am sure the bird enjoyed her last meal, very, very much.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Best Friends

So much for MY BUDDY AND ME.
He has got a new girl in his life, and it ain't me.

They like to roll on the bed in the afternoon and play peek-a-boo under the sheets. I know, because I caught them RED-HANDED. I was a little hurt, but I am getting used to it.

They read together. Wade chooses civil war history stuff.

And Kaylie picks a little light reading of C++ Programming?

They even wash each other's hair.

Honestly, their little love afair is so adorable. I spend a lot of my day waiting for them to do something cute so I can spy. I have tried SEVERAL times to get shots of them, but they always hear me and stop what they are doing. When Peter is home, I am constantly saying, "Hurry! Hurry! Come look and see what they are doing!"

I love that they are so close, in age, and friendship, I am really try to get my kids to be "friends" with each other. I hope I can make it last. I think they will spend lots of time on the court together, which I think will bring them even closer together.

It is A LOT easier for them to play rather than Jaxon and Abby because Jaxon has a hard time playing with anyone, so, even though he has left me for another girl,

I think I would rather it be this way.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I have three things to say:

1- My baby, yep, my last little baby went to nursery. Like, A MONTH AGO. But, hey, who keeps track of time anyway? I have mixed feelings. Some people say they cried when they dropped their last baby off in nursery. Some don't. I definitely didn't. But that doesn't mean I don't look longingly at that 6 week old baby in Relief Society. It is a weird kind of longing though. Not a longing to WANT a 6 week old baby, but definitely to hold one. Definitely to go back through time just to experience it again. And then instantly flash back to where I am now. For sure. And I am soooooooooooooooo NOT a baby person. I like "babies" when they are 9 months old. (Except Wade, he was perfect from day one). But there IS something in me that thinks about that time and cherishes it. But has moved on from it. If you are reading this, and you don't get it, I probably will never be able to explain it, but that is just the way it is.

(This is my baby, and if you can believe it, this is a 4T Old Navy Dress that has never been washed. And I know it doesn't look it, because I am standing above her, but it IS t-length, not too long. Yes. She is huge)

I look around my kitchen table at dinner and I am happy that every single face is there. Most people call it, "MY! You have your hands full" But, I call it perfect.

2- Someone asked me if I have ever watched "Parenthood" , a show that started last year on NBC. Regular old show about a family (extended) who have a son with Autism. I hadn't watched it. I set a timer on my DVR for it so I could catch some episodes when it came on. It recorded three yesterday. I watched them at super lightening speed (I love skipping commercials!) and I have to say. . . It is a good show. Well written. Pretty true to form with Autism, except Jaxon has different "issues", but impacts our life about the same way. And Peter is TOTALLY the Dad (Adam) and I am a lot like Kristina, except for more "fun" and probably more "manic". I sat there watching it and thought, "Why am I watching this? I live this EVERY DAY" (except for the daughter sleeping around et.al.) So, I can't say that I will add it to my permanent DVR list, but, if I didn't have so many previous obligations, I might. Which reminds me, I might have to do an additional Fall Line-Up Post. Comment if there is a show you want me to review!

3- I hired a trainer. For a few sessions anyway. I felt like my work outs weren't. . . working. I could have to do with the fact that I was on the road for 3 weeks during the summer and never hit the gym while the kids were out of school for 7 weeks. Okay, maybe I hit it a 'few' times but not enough, and well, whatever I had lost, found me again. But anyway, we talked about my "habits" and I told her that I always go for the 3 p.m. sugar binge (and 11 a.m. and 9 p.m.) and she said, "Well, if you don't have that stuff in the house, you won't be tempted to eat it!" I was like. . . um. . . "That isn't really my problem, MY problem is, I like to bake. So, it doesn't matter if I buy it or don't buy it. The problem is. . . I LIKE TO MAKE IT." And so, she told me what any good trainer would say, "THEN GIVE IT AWAY" So, I would like a list of people to give baked goods to at any moment in time. And if you would like to be on that list, please let me know.

Hopefully, my hips will thank you.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer Remix

Still going backwards here. That statement is true in soooooooooooooo many ways. More cell phone pix from our summer vacay. Geesh, I am glad I got those offa there! Anyway, we had the most amazing trip to the zoo this summer! It was almost like some mystical thing had happened and the animals came alive for us!

The Gorilla came face to face with Wade. There were SEVERAL other kids with their faces pressed to the glass, but the Gorilla decided to "face off" with Wade. I know it is hard to tell, but they were literally inches away from each other's face. What was more surprising is that Wade didn't run off screaming like a little girl when the Gorilla approached. Part of me thinks that maybe he thought he was watching a movie . . . just really up close. I was just grateful that glass was there, because that Gorilla could have had Wade for LUNCH!

Then we visited the Tigers. They were ACTUALLY playing! I mean, COME ON! How many times have you gone to the zoo and the tigers aren't there, or they are sleeping. I can tell you that happens to me EVERY time, except this one. (Go early in the morning) The tigers (they are brothers, and their mom was watching in complete disgust) were all over each other jumping, biting, growling, and jumping in and out of the water. JUST LIKE two brothers at play. I could have watched them all day. It was fascinating.

Then we got to see Zuri. The cute new baby elephant. I think the only thing cuter that watching a baby elephant run around, is watching a baby Rhino run around, which I have seen once . There is something so stinkin' cute about a smallish animal that will one day be huge running around and acting like a little kid. Truly cute.

The thing about Zuri is that her handler, as you see here, was telling us all about how she was conceived, which fell on deaf ears for everyone but ABBY.
Who curiously asked, "So, mom, what is a menstrual cycle?"

The zoo was VERY exciting that day, AND VERY educational.

And the zoo without the train would be like. . . .
Cereal without milk?
Insert your own comparison here. ____________.

Overall, a pretty fantastic day, even with no eyes.


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