Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blogging, what it does for me

I know blogging was en-vogue, and then out of vogue and then I have no idea what it is now... just for professionals? Some people think they can only blog if they are funny. Or smart, or talented at something in particular.

Blogging is NONE of those things for me.

It is a total snapshot of my life.

And there are times when I have a minute that I look back on it with such fondness.

I have documented births, which I am so glad I did for their benefit.

I have written birthday cards.

I have commented on entire seasons of the Bachelor, and Bachelorette. 

Hilarious things my kids do and say,

I have documented recipes,

Life struggles,

Recipes for life.


Crafts my kids have done.

I mean, you name it, I have put it on here.

And I love it.

I think it reads somewhat like a novel.

The novel of my life.

Sometimes it is critical, important and maybe poignant information.

Sometimes it is just plumb dumb.

But I love it. And ever now and again, I click on a old post.

And boy am I glad it is there.

To remind me.

Because it is good to be reminded.

Of where you have been,

And what you done. Accomplished.

And what you have suffered,

And what you have celebrated.

And if you are on the fence about starting a blog.

You should just do it.

Because, it is great.

Friday, January 20, 2012

In a few weeks

My husband and I are going on a trip. Together.
Based on our current life experiences, I think we have only been on a trip by ourselves 4-5 times. (In 12 years)
At least two of those times (or maybe even just one?) was to Las Vegas for a 3 day weekend.
The other few times were to Seattle?
Most of the trips were for our anniversary.
I don't recall leaving to go just by ourselves for any other reason.
It costs a LOAD of money to travel.
And takes a TEAM of people to take care of your 4 kids.
Which is why we haven't done it very frequently.
But, we are going next week.
For my Parents 50th wedding anniversary.
And they are footing the bill (or we probably wouldn't be going!!!)
And the TEAM is coming to take care of our kids.
And I was asked to fill out our "butler" form today.
I have never had a butler.
I think I am going to like it.

Duties and Tasks of a Sandals Butler

Before You Arrive, Your Butler Will:

  • Ensure Your preferences are in-suite upon arrival
  • Arrange transfers

When You Arrive, Your Butler Will:

  • Provide you with all information regarding tours and spa services
  • Unpack your luggage
  • Provide a private orientation of the property
  • Press your first nights clothes complimentary
  • Provide you with a cell phone so you can keep in contact with each other throughout your stay

During Your Stay, Your Butler Will:

  • Make all dinner reservations, tour bookings, on property activities and spa treatments for you
  • Serve you your favorite drinks while you lounge on the beach or pool
  • Serve you lunch on the beach or on the pool
  • Liaise with housekeeping re servicing of your suite
  • Ensure that your suite is kept in perfect condition and arranged the way you like during your stay
  • Expedite all room service orders for you
  • Arrange a perfect romantic dinner for two in the privacy of your suite on or your patio. Unlike our competitors, our butler level guests can order from any resort restaurant menu for dining in their room or suite
  • Shine/clean your shoes for dinner
  • Tend to your wardrobe
  • Collect and return all laundry for you

In the Evening, Your Butler Will:

  • Bring you amenities before dinner
  • Escort you to dinner where they have reserved a beautifully decorated table at the restaurant of your choice – with preferential seating
  • Ensure your suite is turned down and your room has all it needs for the night
  • Your butler wants you to expect the unexpected. Prepare to be "wowed"

Before Your Departure, Your Butler Will:

  • Reconfirm your flight and arrange transportation back to the airport
  • Provide you with information regarding check out
  • Assist you in folding your clothes for packing
  • Retain all your preferences for future visits

At Departure Time, Your Butler Will:

  • Ensure your bags are brought up to the departure area
  • Escort you to the concierge area/butler lounge and process your paperwork for check out
  • Escort you to your transportation and bid you farewell

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I am still blog slumping. There are lots of things I WANT to blog about... okay, i will blog about ONE thing. My dining room. 
 I love my dining room. 
 It is finally painted. I am sorry these pictures were taken at night, but if you want a blog post. So be it. 
 I love tulips. They are my favorite flower, and were my wedding bouquet too. Love. Love. Love Tulips. I was lamenting the other day that I can't have them here in my sunny California home. I lamented it in Arizona too, but I think I lament it every year when January and February rolls around. I always look forward to them in the spring, but here, I don't have to wish the snow was gone. . . It is a hand off. 
It makes me happy to see them. I walked into Lowe's today to finish off another house project... And they were smiling at me. It was meant to be. . . I couldn't WAIT to get them home and into my pots. My favorite addition to my dining room are these pots. They started out as Amaryllis pots at Christmas, Ala nie nie.  She plants Amaryllis every year, and I think I like that as a tradition, however, my Amaryllis were freakishly tall. I may have to try to fix that next year. ...
And now, since I posted a Christmas picture, how about a few more. I had a great time decorating our new digs this year. I love having a new slate, with the traditional decorations you have used year after year. I love how they "find a new home" in a new home. 

 There are some changes coming to this area (shown above) I can't wait to show them to you!
 I had to do a traditional fresh garland. My mom used to do it every year, and this is the first home I have had a banister in! It was fun, but messy, beautiful, but messy, smelled wonderful, but it sure was MESSY!

I know I haven't done any before and afters... and that is because I would have to dig though my pictures, which I just don't have time for right now... Just use your imagination. The home has been a work in progress, but each day it feels more and more "homey". 

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I am in a wee bit of a blogging rut.

It's okay.

I just can't decide what I want to talk about.

I think it because there is just too MUCH to talk about.

The holidays were good, but had a little bit of a let down.

The dog is still here, and getting "more trained"-- Still working on that one.

My kids FINALLY went back to school on Tuesday, and now they have ANOTHER day off on Monday.

I think I am getting overwhelmed by my kids.

Kaylie is turned over a new leaf. It is the iamcompletelydefiantthreeyearold leaf.

I don't like that particular leaf.

We just had two weeks of extremely slow business.  Like, week ONE style business.

It was worrisome, but everyone in the biz insisted it is "normal" right after the holidays.

The switch was flipped yesterday and today to two of our biggest days to date.

It's been a little nuts.

Like making dough 'til midnight tough.

We got ousted from our ward.

I can hardly believe I am going to be in a "new ward" again tomorrow.

I am very very very exceedingly thankful that I did not MOVE to get in that new ward.

I will miss my "old" (wasn't very old to me) ward, because they are so loving, accepting, and have been overall amazing supporters of our family and our business, and BOY that was a nice change.

I am glad I didn't move away from those people, but I will miss them still the same.

I am watching the Bachelor, but I think I dislike Ben's Hair  so much that I don't have anything to say.

But that Courtney's "how did that taste coming out of your mouth" was just about the sickest thing I have ever heard anyone say to someone. I dislike her greatly. They deserve each other. And yes, I will still watch every episode.

I am dying to make Poni popo.

I wish my kids would flush the toilet.

I like working at the store.

I am having other "life" conflicts right now that sometimes weigh me down.

Most of the time, life is very, very good here, and we are very very happy in our new not so new home town.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's a whole new year. . .

This year definitely feels different than some of the past years.

Here, we have 2008, which wasn't that great....

2009, which again, was only fine. You can see a recap (with cliff notes) here.

2010, ended with some disappointment, and made 2011 a REALLY big year for us.

All of these years created a problem with me and resolutions. It is hard to be resolute when your life is in a free fall and heading in a direction that you don't have any idea which way it is pointing.

I just don't like "resolutions".

Maybe it is because I have a new one everyday.

So, blogging world.

Now that life is on a more certain, upside swing.

Tell me:

Why should I make resolutions?

Do you?

Do you think they help?

I love Kara's way of going in to the new year....

And to be totally honest, I am completely jeal of her ability to sort this word out of the sky...

For the past three years, my word has been.


Just make it through.

Just don't collapse.

I did.

But, maybe it is time for something more . . . resolute? Inspire me.....


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