Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kaylie Bug

Woah, this is quite liberating actually!!! I have been thinking about that issue for quite some time, and because of it, I didn't feel like I could do posts like this... 
But now I can, 
So I will. 
This is my 3 year old. 
She rocks my world, every, single, day. 
She poses for a lot of pictures. 
Most of which are taken with my cell phone. 
Not all are taken by me. 
Actually, she and Wade will randomly steal my phone and snap pix. 
This one, I think was snapped by Wade, or Abby, 
but I just think it's kinda funny. 
 Her hair is wild. She gets mad when I comb it, but I can't bring myself to cut it. The wild mane defines her. It is a part of her. WILD, in every way.
 I love looking at her. Most of the time, I am just thinking about how wild she is, and how I can't believe that I survive almost every day with her.
 She CAN be super sweet. In the morning, she wakes up and usually leaves me alone until I wake up, then she informs me that she has pooped her diaper (that she wears to bed). Every morning we have the same conversation. . . "Kaylie, you should take your diaper OFF, and go poopoo in the POTTY!" "I'm SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She says! (Usually over and over and over) She can't STAND it when people are mad at her. She will often get upset, and even mad at times if you are mad or upset with her. (hmmm, doesn't sound like ANYONE I know)
 I am obsessed with her eyelashes, and her nose. Seriously. I can't handle it, and most of the time, I take a picture because I want to try to capture them at this age.
 She has the looooooooooooooooooongest legs. I am worried she will clear my height. I am not worried that she will be tall, I am worried that she will be taller than ME. I can't imagine. I hope my fears are not founded.
 She often falls asleep in this position. I think it is sooooooooooooo cute. I LOVED watching TV in this position when I was a kid. It just reminds me of . . . me.
 Her nose is bulbous and round at the bottom. I want to squeeze it all the time. And I do squeeze it A LOT. And she is patient with me, and lets me.

 She takes after her brothers, and is super aggressive. Peter says team sports is going to save her, or she may end up in jail.
 She likes to be happy, and party and it's usually more than I can handle. I am blessed to have miss sarah that takes her twice a week. THANK HEAVENS FOR MISS SARAH!!!!!

 Kaylie likes to take pictures of me eating shrimp tacos.
Did I mention she likes to fall asleep in this chair?
I am so glad that I can say that I am grateful for her. It took me three years. But now, I can... I just wouldn't have used the word "grateful" until now.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Private Eyes

Okay, so, I was serious when I said I had to take this blog private. I always HATE IT when blogs go private. However, our family is out there, A LOT. Meaning, I am constantly promoting the store, we have news articles, I have facebook friends that are really just more "associates" because of our new business, and so, comes the death of the public blog. :( It is one of the reasons I've been kinda quiet over here. I mean, I put up a blog post, and I have made it so it automatically tweets to my facebook page. Yeah, I don't know how to make it stop. :( But regardless, a quick google search would bring up my friendly little blog, and far too many people have access to our name, and we live in a CRAZY WORLD YA'LL!

So, before we blow this town up with Papa Murphy's, I think it is best to have this here "public forum" be a little less "public" if you know what I mean. NOW, I will just about invite everyone on the planet to come along if I know you! Or even sorta know you, imaginary, or non-imaginary, or blog land or real land friend, but this time it's for reals. Because I have got to get back to my blog, but this whole privacy issue is kind of nagging at me. So, either get on! Or GET OFF! :) Just kidding. I am still going to facebook when I update my blog, because what I hate more than a private blog is that your reader doesn't bring it up when you post, which means, I eventually STOP checking your blog, and heavens knows I would HATE to have that happen! So, instead of that, I will just put it on out there that it is updated and you can check it.

Anywho, those of you who know me, know that this is driving me BONKERS, but, I kinda sorta feel like I really need to... This town is just a titch too small. :) In a good way.

Message me, email me, text me, comment me your address, and in the next few days, you'll be in like flynn. LOVES!



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