Wednesday, July 29, 2009

School Days

My kids started school Monday. I know. It is crazy early. But, with 113 degree heat here, it only makes sense to start school a little early. I mean, it is not like anyone is playing outside!

They make up for it with a nice long break in October, and another in April. I like it that way. It makes for some fun in Utah where we can crunch leaves under our feet.

Here are the big kids! Ready for their first day! Note to self: if you are going to buy Abby a cute shirt and cute pants... she needs cute shoes to go with them. NOT her rainbow stripped tennis shoes. . (Check)

We had to book it pretty fast. . in true form, we were late for the first day and missed lining up. . .
You know, I just wanted to see them sweat a little . . HURRY KIDS!! WE ARE TAKING PICTURES AS WE GO!!!!


The standers by. . . Wade only asked for Abby or, "Where's Abby??" 300 times the first day. . only 289 the second. We are making some improvements. . ..

parting with his other mommy is such sweet sorrow. . .

Next up? 2 BIRTHDAYS (in a row) and a BAPTISM! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

You Should Be Embarrassed

Jon Gosselin.


Because you are looking like a total and complete idiot.

And if I DID ever feel sorry for you,

because sometimes your wife seems REALLY over the top,

Now, I DON'T.

Because you pierced both your ears (and I am pretty sure you are over 30)

And because I just read THIS story, and it is seriously SO DUMB.

And I think you and Kate have had just a WEE BIT TOO MUCH ATTENTION.

But at least she is not galavanting around the world with a paparazzi pack.

She is at home with the kids.

And right now, she is looking a whole lot more put together than you.

And your 30-something mid-life crisis.

Friday, July 24, 2009

You crazy crazy Twilight Fans. . .

If you haven't already seen these, you can thank me! :) THE NEW MOON TRAILERS FROM COMICON!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I just can't quite seem to get back to my old bloggin' ways. Maybe that is because my lap top is DOWN. I can no longer lounge in my bed and watch tivo and blog at the same time. . . . It makes for a pretty quiet blog. Sorry about that.

It could also be that:

I am getting the kids ready to start school on Monday

I am still unpacking boxes

I am planning a baptism

I am trying to get back on a "routine"

I am trying to work out (that isn't happening much)

I am trying to plan/think about 3 birthdays coming up

I am still going through 3 weeks of mail (ALMOST DONE!)

Anywho. . .

For those of you that don't know, my sister and I maintain a food blog. My OTHER sisters are supposed to contribute too (HELLO!) but really, it is just me and my little sis. We love to cook, we love to look at food blogs. . . we love food. But, she says we are LAME because we don't take pictures of our food. I have COMMITTED to adding pictures to our food blog, and so, while I was in SLC, she made me the Leige Sugared Waffle Recipe. You might ask, what the heck is a Leige Sugared Waffle . . and to that I would say, "A PIECE OF HEAVEN!" Here are some pix to prove it.

Just about ready to be shoved in my mouth. . .

It is sooooooooo good I might not waste it on the kids. . .

If you have a small soiree of people coming for breakfast, I would highly recommend pulling this recipe out. It is like a cross between a waffle and a bread? (It is kinda bread-like dough) and you put these special sugar crystals in it (found at your nearest European market) and boy. . . does it make for one FABULOUS CULINARY EXPERIENCE.

Thanks again Hillary for making them for me. . . L.O.V.E.D. them. Believe me, these pictures, as good as they look, don't do them justice!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Bloggin'

We finally made it back to the land of 114 degree weather. It was a looooong ride back, but we made it. We had so much fun on our little excursion and I am so far behind in blogging I promise to catch up. I definitely want to share all the fun we had, but first, let me just say . . .


If we saw you, hung out with you, stayed at your house or basically breathed the same air in the last three weeks, I just want to say THANKS! We had so much fun. It was so nice to get out of the heat and leave behind the mess that was our newly moved into house. We enjoyed every bit of our Northwestern Tour, it was awesome.

I think I was hoping that I would come home to an un-packed house that was all organized and such. . . yeah. . didn't happen. As a matter of fact, it was just how I left it. It was kind of a depressing return home, but, we had so much fun I have been able to look past it and look BACK to all of the fun we had and it was well worth coming home to an incredibly messy house.

My kids got back to school NEXT Monday, and I can hardly believe it. I have a "TO DO" list that is very, very, very long. But, I still want to share some of my fun pix. Since I can't decide what to start with, I think I will start with a picture dialog. . .

"What happens when you take pictures of your frustrated 2 year old"

Here goes. . .

You give your toddler a hot chocolate chip cookie! He smiles in delight!

He looks at the cookie and tries to imagine how he is going to eat it, because it is warm, and not quite set up.

He looks at you in frustration, because it seems as if you are pulling an evil trick on him. I mean, warm cookie, gigantic mess. . I mean. . how is he supposed to get around THAT one?

You start to snicker, because it seems kinda funny and. .

He kinda laughs, but kinda gets mad too. . . so,

You take a picture of the cute baby who is watching all go down.

But, you have to go back to the funny toddler and as you start to snap away, this happens. .

You start to feel bad so, you take a picture of the person who thinks it IS funny,

(because, really, it was)

Then, your toddler decides that eating he cookie is much more important than getting mad at you for snapping pictures of it. . .

And you have to sneak one more in of the cute girl with the curl RIGHT in the middle of her forehead!

Check back soon for the rest of our summer adventures!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We have completed the first part of our trip and have made our round trip flight from SLC to Spokane for the 4th. In all honesty, the drive from PHX to SLC is what scares me the most. . I mean, shakin' in my boots scares me. We stopped in Las Vegas which helps tremendously when you are traveling with small kids. YES there are shorter routes to SLC, but lets be honest. . would YOU drive 12 hours with a 4 month old? Um, no. . . You wouldn't. We head back that way in a few days. . . can't wait to give it another try. Seems like I am tempting fate. But, we will see.

Our trip has been so far, FABULOUS, and we have had tons of fun with family and friends and even a few BLOGGERS! I will do more trip details later, but as promised, I wanted to post my tips for TRAVELING WITH KIDS!

There is NOTHING like the ego boost of traveling by yourself with small kids. Everyone ooohhhs and aaahhhs at your bravery. For the most part, it REALLY isn't that bad. However, I have learned some serious tricks of the trade. I will share them with you FREE OF CHARGE! You're welcome. These tips probably only work best if you are traveling with a 7, 5, 2 and 4 month old baby though. Keep that in mind and adapt to your own children's ages. But SERIOUSLY! YOU CAN DO IT!

I had one woman who sat behind me and said to her neighbor, "I am just watching this lady with her four kids and I just can't believe how well she is doing!!" (Insert ego boost). I told her it wasn't that bad and she proceeded to tell me that she has to fly to her daughter, pick her and her kids up and fly back with them just to get them to visit! You REALLY don't have to do that people. . REALLY. Here are my best tips for getting through it WITHOUT making someone come and get you!

1. FLY DURING NAP TIME. Now, this can be tricky, because your kid might fall asleep on the way TO the airport, but if you can keep them awake and you know they won't throw a fit in security because they're tired, DO IT. It worked on the way there, but not on the way back. It was still ok on the way back because I . . .

2. BUY YOUR TODDLER HIS/HER OWN SEAT. I know your kids fly free under 2 and Wade is over 2. . but I am almost THANKFUL for the day that I have to buy him a ticket because that means that. .

3. HE WILL BE IN HIS CAR SEAT! Put your toddler in their car seat on the plane. You may think you don't want to haul that buggar down the corridor. Especially if you have an infant with you like I did, but DO IT! It is TOTALLY WORTH IT.

4. One other trick I learned, is CHECK THE STROLLER AND BAGS CURB SIDE. It is worth every penny of the $2 a bag charge they give you, and if you are traveling by yourself with small kids. . IT IS WORTH IT and you DESERVE IT.

5. You might think you want that stroller but. . DON'T BRING A STROLLER IN THROUGH SECURITY. Check it as a bag if you need it, but there is NOTHING worse than having to take everything off that stroller that you stuffed into it just to take it all out at security where you THEN have to fold it up and put it on the conveyor belt. Seriously. If you have a toddler, just let him be. Hold his had until you get to the gate, and then

6. TRAVEL WITH YOUR BABY UNDER 1 YEAR IN A FRONT PACK CARRIER. Seriously. That is what I did with K and it was great because my hands were totally free and she was totally entertained, and it left a hand free to carry Wade's car seat in one had and my bag on my other shoulder or even Wade's hand if I had to. However, I usually relegated that responsibility to Abby. If you are REALLY worried about having to carry that car seat, rent a luggage carrier in the hall. It can also act as an impromptu stroller if you put the car seat on in and then put your kid IN it!

7. TRAVEL AROUND MEAL TIME. We traveled right around lunch and it is a great time kill and keeps your kids in one place if you can feed them right before you get on the plane. In the SLC airport they have little "kiddie playlands" which are great, but, if you are traveling to an airport that doesn't. Just take a lunch, or buy one there. It is worth it to keep them busy and in one place until you are ready to board. It also keeps them from wanting to get their toys out and losing them before you even get on the plane!

8. When you board. . You have to have your toddler in the window seat because that is where their car seat has to be. PUT YOUR TODDLER IN HIS SEAT FIRST! I was lucky to have Abby to hand the baby to when I was putting Wade's seat in, but I put him in, handed him his blankie and binkie and NO TOYS. I wanted him to get the idea there was nothing else to do and so he would just go to sleep. WORKED. :)

9. BRING A VIDEO ON YOUR IPOD. You can rent videos on itunes and it is a great way to keep ONE child (your most difficult i.e. Jaxon) busy on the plane. They have to wait until they are in the air, but, that is ok. . you can usually keep them entertained until then with looking out the windows and watching the plane takes off. NOTE TO MYSELF AND ALL YOU IPOD USERS! IF YOU RENT A VIDEO YOU MUST COMPLETE WATCHING IT IN ONE DAY OR WHEN YOU TURN IT ON AGAIN IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY DELETE!!! I didn't know this and actually still don't know if I really understand it since rentals are SUPPOSED to be like 20 days long, but when I went to turn on the movie on the way back to SLC for Jaxon I couldn't. . . it deleted itself because it had not been watched all the way through. If you know what I am talking about and know a way around it, please leave a comment and TELL ME! Anyway, Ipods are WAY better than bringing a HUGE BULKY video player with you. But remember to down load the day before because sometimes it can take a while and then you have to sync! I learned the ipod trick for THIS trip.

10. oooh ooohh. I forgot one thing. GO TO THE FAMILY BATHROOM BEFORE THE FLIGHT! This is my most favorite activity because it is always mass chaos. Changing TWO diapers and washing at least 4 pairs of hands and all watching each other go is all very exciting but saves you from having to take them on the plane. . which is totally not fun. So, just do it. . it is a good time burn too.

Any other tips and tricks I missed? You can leave them in the comments! I would love to hear YOUR tricks for traveling! If you are reading this post because you googled "How to travel with kids" GOOD LUCK! Will post more vacation details later!


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