Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hey, my blogging break has been nice. Did you miss me? I can't say that I am ready to come back quite yet, but, to keep you busy maybe you can help my sister out!

For those of you who don't know, we have a food blog. You can check it out at

Me and my sisters post our favorite recipes from time to time and you can be rest assured that if it is here. . . It is awesome! We are a family full of foodies. . . My sis posted a question for you all on the food blog, so, give her a shout and let her know your favorite Costco secrets!

Let us know what your favorite Costco find is!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sleep when your baby sleeps. . .

The age old advice that no one ever follows. . .

However, I have tried to over the last few days because K has decided that sleeping through the night is not all that it was cracked up to be. She enjoys our little night time visits a little too much I guess.

She has been a little unpredictable as of late, and actually spent 7 hours awake yesterday. Oh yes she did. You better believe I was ready to put her down for the night last night. . . Oh yes I was.

The problem was, the husband and I had lots of issues to discuss. Just when I thought we were out of the woods, we have had them "re-surface". It is making me feel a little like this. Not to mention I heard more of "this" just after I had drifted off to sleep last night, making my night a little longer, or would that be making my morning a little longer. I am not sure.

And today when I laid down on my bed. . . covered myself up with my soft sheets, placed my head on my fluffy pillow and curled up with Harold (my body pillow), I heard this. . .

I feel a little like I have been walking up a hill with boulders rolling down it. For the past two months, I have managed to jump over or stay clear of most of the boulders. . . Except, I got a little lazy and just got plowed over by one. Or a couple. . . meaning, 5 or 6.

Thanks for the comments last post. You all are nice to respond to my complaining. I guess blogging to me without comments is like talking to a brick wall, or telling jokes without a laugh. Sometimes, you just want to know that someone is listening.

Since I am still lying on the ground from boulders rolling down the hill, I think I am going to have to take a little break. Somethings just need more attention than others. . . like this. .

And the bags under my eyes. TTFN.

PS- This photo shoot with K was tons of fun. It involved me saying things like, "WORK iT! WORK IT!!" And "Give me more!" "A little more on the pouty side, GOOD!" "That's iT!!"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Alright Already!

Well, to the 6 of you who wanted to hear the rest of the story. . . hear it goes. (If you think I am obsessed about comments lately, I am. Because I still have not gotten over this. . Sorry, I am feeling jaded)

After our 2 hours and 10 minutes on the beach (I know, because that is what my meter said after I plugged all of the change I had into it), we started to head home. The big part of my master plan for traveling home worked. . . kids worn out after ocean time. . . take a nice nap. Ahhhhhhhh quiet. They ALL slept, being warn out after D-land and the beach. It was the nicest 2 hours in traffic I have ever spent.

I have NO idea where all of the people in Southern California were going. . . Indio? I don't know, but they were all going there and they were all going there with ME! I was just grateful to have some peace and quiet. However, we didn't reach Indio until about 4:00 p.m. The good news is, there is a McDonalds in Indio with a pretty great playland. (Wait, was I even IN Indio?I can't remember) We stopped and went inside. I was hoping to find the playland empty, but no. .

There was a FULL BLOWN MEXICAN FIESTA PARTY! With Tias, Tios and Abuelos included! (Thanks for the terminology Jessica!)

We had only been in the playland for a few minutes noticing the birthday party going on when all my kids got plates of cake and were heading to tables to devour it. (They can all thank Jaxon for asking) The nice gentlemen (we will call him Tio- Uncle in Spanish) dished them all up a 4x4 piece of cake. WONDERFUL! Sugared up kids for the car! YAY ME!

They continued to play with the kids in the party and a few minutes before we were about leave Tia (the Aunt, in Spanish) started handing my kids gift bags. . . as party favors!! I protested saying, "No! That is ok!!!" But, they got them anyway. I shoulda looked in those gift bags before we hit the road. They were loaded with MORE candy! All of it was candy from Mexico and my kids had tons of fun trying new kinds of candy that they had never seen before and couldn't pronounce the names of! They kept quiet about it until I looked in my rear view mirror and saw this.

See the guilty character with candy in her hand? And barrettes from her gift bag in her hair? (One was a Big Bird clip-- It was an Elmo themed party) Yeah, she was already all the way through her candy. :)

We hit the road again and I was doing my best to make up some time. Unfortunately, we had to make a pit stop when Abby's tummy was doing flip flops from eating all that candy! We pulled into a truck stop and an Elderly trucker was standing in front of the parking space we pulled into. . he was just havin' a smoke. Abby shot out of the car and into the gas station to find the bathroom.

I got out, and walked to the back to let Jaxon out to stretch his legs. . . Then, I walked around to the other side, and let Wade out. This encouraged the man to scoff, "YOU GOT MORE IN THERE??????" Yessir! Just me and my clown car! They just keep hoppin' out! I pulled K out to change her diaper. . .yep, right there on the pavement. I threw down a towel and did the dirty work as quick as I could. Flies a swarmin' and everything! I am sure it is quite a site to see a 3 month old baby spralled out on a towel in the middle of nowhere behind a parked car 1/2 naked in 98 degree weather. . . You can picture it, No?

After that, I walked into the truck stop (with all the kids) to find Abby, who was STILL IN THE BATHROOM! We walked in to the bathroom and she said she was going to be done in a minute. We waited and as she came out, she noticed a dispenser on the wall... (this may NOT be "G" rated- Warning Noted) She exclaimed, "LOOK MOM! THEY GLOW IN THE DARK!. . . IT SAYS WATCH IT GROW! CAN WE GET ONE?" Me: "Um, no Abby, we can't. Those are NOT TOYS! " Crickets chirping, Abby: "Then what are they?" Ugggggggggggghhhhh.. Do we have to have this talk right now?????

9 hours later we got home. Yes, I said 9 hours and YES, it is only supposed to take 6.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Just the facts

I can sense some of you doubting the hilarious and incredibly absurd trip that I took to California with my kids.... but, it was all REAL.... 100% of it. Just ask the guy from Parker Towing.

We DID have SOME fun! Here are a few more cell phone pix for you to enjoy.

Wade LOVED KC Jr. One of the great rides that we don't have to wait in long lines for because of the "Jaxon Pass". Hmmmm. . now that I look back upon the FIRST experience with the Jaxon Pass, I am starting to wonder if trips to D-land are just doomed for us. Abby insisted being in the "Monkey Cage" on KC Jr. I wonder why. I would have some more great pictures to post here because I WAS with people who DID get out THEIR cameras, but they haven't sent me any pictuers, or posted any on their blog yet.

HINT HINT HINT! HOOK ME UP PEOPLE!Right before we left CA, I took my kids to the beach for a couple of hours. It was overcast, and windy and I would say, kinda cold. . . but you would have never guessed it by my kids who were having the time of their lives playing at the beach.

I asked them on our way home if they would rather hit D-land, or the beach, and they said in unison, THE BEACH! There is just something about the sand and the surf that makes for a great time!

We had a few more "experiences" on the way home. . . Anyone care to hear the rest of the story?? Please post in the comment section if you want to hear about the trip home which includes a Mexican Fiesta Party with Elmo, and a VERY interesting trip to the bathroom at a truck stop!

Lemme know!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

As if that wasn't enough. .

If you are just joining us, I am re-counting a VERY memorable trip to Disneyland. You can see Part I and Part II here.

We finally arrived at D-land just about 30 minutes later that I thought we would. Not bad with the aforementioned pit stops. We met up with my parents and wondered around the park for the rest of the evening. D-land closes at 8:00 p.m. on a week night when school is not out. I thought my kids would be fine staying until the park was closing. They usually go to bed at 8:00 p.m. but we were vacationing and had a long day in the car, so, I thought they could make it.

We headed out to our car which was parked in the D-land garage. Those of you who have been there know that place can be a zoo. Everyone is getting off the tram and making their way to their cars in mass droves. I, of course, have a stroller and have to wait at the set of Elevators to get to our level. After a nice wait, I push the mickey button and proceed to our floor. . . except, as I stroll out on to the level, I start to walk down the corridor with my parade until I realize. . . we were in 3D. . . but I don't really know WHAT level that was! WAS it Mickey? I have no idea. I start to think this is going to be a very long night of trying to find my car with 4 tired kids.

We head back to the elevator and I am mentioning that I am not sure where are car is to Abby and she pipes up. . . WE ARE ON DONALD! I looked at her in amazement and said, "How do YOU know?" And she said, because I LOOKED! And because I remember walking on BLUE TILES! Wow. I couldn't believe my luck. Thanks to my little braniac, we were not going to have to spend any additional time in the parking garage.

We loaded up and went through a drive through (don't you LOVE being on the road?) and headed for our hotel, which was not to far from the park. Nevertheless, Jaxon had fallen asleep before we even got there. In my mind I was wondering how I was going to get me and ALL THE KIDS up to the room without multiple trips, or without leaving the kids in the room while I get the stuff (HELLO!! Madeline!) Abby says she will get the dolly, we will load it up and get all of us up to the room at one time.

As I was checking in, K picked that moment to throw a COMPLETE hissy fit. Screaming uncontrollably and all. The lady was kind, and understanding and tried to check me in (while fielding a phone call) as soon as she could. Although it wasn't seamless, we were getting through the check in process ok. We got up to our room with the dolly loaded up and wheeled it in with our food (just purchased) and the kids immediately started unloading their stuff, taking off shoes, and eating their food. I requested that we have a hand washing before eating and went to turn on the sink. . . .





So, I call the front desk, and she says she will send her maintenance guy. It is just after 9:00 by this point, and as we wait for the maintenance guy more things start to get unpacked. He comes to our room and says he thinks the water tanks have been turned off. Ummm... not a good sign. I call the front desk and she says she will assign me another room, but I have to come down and get a key.

Load up all the kids. (Now TOTALLY TIRED, and TOTALLY UNRAVELING) Take them to the lobby, get a new key, go BACK up to the room, load up our stuff on the dolly. Now DRAG ALL THE SCREAMING CHILDREN to room #2 and start to unpack. . . AGAIN. By this time, Jaxon was BEGGING to go to sleep (nearing 10:30) and I granted his wish. Wade (just recently learning to sleep in a bed) chose this point to get out of bed several times until I was at the end of my rope. . . (REALLY? DO YOU THINK I WAS AT THE END OF MY ROPE??? NO??)

Finally. . . Quite. . . Dark. . . Kids asleep at 11:00 p.m.

Wake up call by Wade?

6:00 a.m.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not much further down the road . . .

Believe me, if you have EVER been on a road trip with your kids, your gonna want to read this:

We passed Blythe. I am not too familiar with these stretches of land in between here and Disneyland. I guess I should have made myself a little more "familiar" because after we passed through Blythe, I started to wonder when my next gas stop is going to be. Trying to time it to be a good leg stretch for the kids.

The road signs said there were a few stops in between Blythe and Indio . . . I kind of consider Indio as the "your gonna make it!" city. Too far to turn back, and not much further to go. It was a good thing too because I was under a 1/2 a tank and due to my calculations, I was just BARELY going to make it to a city called DESERT CENTER. Pretty creative name for a place that is . . . you guessed it. . . in the middle of the desert. I started to get anxious when my fuel light went on (who wouldn't with 4 small kids in the car) but instantly felt relief when I saw the exit for Desert Center. . . .until I saw the little signs below the name of the town. There was this sign . . .



I broke into a sweat instantly. I blinked my eyes several times. Trying to make sure I saw the right thing. . . maybe trying to blink back some tears, I am not sure. But I thought, if there is someplace to eat and someplace to camp, SURELY there has to be someplace to get gas!

We pulled off the ramp and saw the gas station, with dust covered windows and tumbleweed blowing through the gas pumps. I swallowed hard, determined to not let me kids know that I was in a panic. We pulled into the "place to eat" called Desert Center Cafe.

Does it look like it is from out of a movie? Because I felt like I was IN a HORROR FLICK! I didn't have the where-withall to take pictures with my regular camera, so, my cell phone would have to do. We hopped out of the car with the kids yelling. . "Where are we going? What are we doing? I thought we were gonna get gas?" and my response was, "WE ARE". Even though I didn't exactly know how that was going to go down.

There was a older woman mopping the dirty and cracked floor and a kind grandmotherly lady behind the counter. I am sure she was wondering what on earth I was doing traveling by myself with 4 small kids, and at this point, I was too. There was one couple sitting in the cafe, eating, I think, over in the corner booth.

Jaxon instantly asked me why the place was so dirty and old (autism is great) and I immediately shushed him as I didn't want to make enemies with the people who were going to SAVE MY BACON. . . (I am sure they have some BACON!) I asked the lady behind the counter how far the nearest gas station was. She said it was 19 miles down the road. Since my gas light had been on for at least 10 miles, I didn't want to risk actually running out on the SIDE OF THE ROAD. I figured, for now, I was in a better spot than having to walk, or be on the side of the road. She said, "You outta gas?" I am sure a sheepish grin crossed my face and I said, "Yes, it should have said on those road signs that you don't have a station here!!!!" She said, "Oh, they just shut that station down about a year ago, sorry."

She then hollered over her shoulder to Jed, "Hey Jed! Do you have any gas you could sell this poor lady?" His reply, " I just sold it to the last guy!" [Insert multimillion dollar scheme of selling gas for $10 a gallon in Desert Center out of gas cans for poor suckers who think there is going to be a gas station there] Anyway, "Jed" (I am pretty sure that was his name. It at least fits his description) asked me if I wanted to step outside to talk about "it". His woman friend instantly protested noting that I had a 3 month old in my arms and it was hot out. We stepped out and he said he would get me gas, but it would take him an hour. AN HOUR??????? Good gracious, my kids had already started to dismantle this eating establishment and it was only gonna get worse! I asked if there was anyone who did AAA and he said maybe Parker Towing.

[Insert Angels Singing] I asked the ladies inside for the number to Parker Towing and had Abby take my cell phone over and enter it in. Meanwhile, I was changing an "explosion" (you all know what that means) of my 3 month old (NICE TIMING!) in a vacant booth.

Parker towing said he was just down the road, had gas, and he would be there in about 10 minutes. He said it would be $85 for the service call and $5 a gallon for the gas. I asked if he took AAA and he said he did. (AAA paid for itself on this instance alone) He arrived in just a few moments and walked into the Desert Cafe. He snorted to himself when he saw me standing there with my 4 kids. Two of which were running in circles and one of which was keeping herself busy with a scale that took pennies.

Wade running in circles. . .

The kids entertaining themselves with the penny scale.

After our 25 minute "rest stop" we were on our way with two gallons of gas to get us to Chiriaco Summit (19 miles away) to get ourselves some gas. . . All the kids had time to stretch their legs, use the bathroom and have a fun little run around the Desert Cafe. . . . Yeah, I planned it that way.

Is that all? Oh no, that is not all, that is not all AT ALL!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Here is where it all began . . .

We hopped in the car around 7:15 a.m. I knew that I was tempting fate, taking 4 kids to California by myself, but I couldn't help it. My parents and my sister were going to be there, and I needed a family fix. Not to mention, our Disneyland Passes were running out. In like, three days. It was my VERY last chance to get my dollars out of those passes, see my family, and hopefully have some fun. I was optimistic.

The morning went by without too much incident. Abby played video DJ/ and Binky finder in the back seat. I had made muffins the night before (they were SOOOOOOOOOO good! Thanks m. I will be re-posting them on the food blog soon!) The muffins had a delish coconut topping that was deliciously crumbly. Something that I did NOT consider before making them our morning commute food. Never mind. It was worth giving the kids something quick and easy they could munch on in the car on the way. I had to make things speedy you know. . . Two year old and 3 month old in tow.

It wasn't long before Wade started to grab at his car seat buckle and whine. I mean, not too long AT ALL. We had only been in the car for about an hour! There was no way I wanted to stop quite yet. K was asleep and I knew stopping would probably disrupt her slumber and our schedule. The whining got louder and more frantic and I started to wonder what the problem REALLY was? Poopy diaper? He knows how to say that! He would have told me. Is the car seat pinching his leg? I can't tell. I undid the buckle for a moment to see if that alleviated his pain, but soon enough, the whining commenced.

Pretty soon he was writhing in convulsions (the two year old kind) and I couldn't take another minute, or risk his convulsions waking up K. I pulled over ran over to his car door and whipped him out of his seat. I threw open the hatch and threw a towel on to the ground for a quickie diaper change at a truck stop. Only a few semi's went by as my son was naked from the waste down. When I threw that diaper open I fully expected to see a very bad situation, but I will tell you what I saw. .

Two crumbs of a muffin that fell to the ground. . . .

Convulsions . . . stopped.

Is that all?? No no. . . that is not all . . that is not all at ALL!

PS- You can VOTE! -------->

You won't believe it. . .

I am sitting here in my bed. . . it is 7:41 a.m. and I am ALONE.

In my room.

With no-one bothering . . Um, I mean, paying attention to me.



I am catching up on blog posts. Right now, around 168 of them (don't worry, most of them are from couponing sites that I will "mark as read").

I am RELISHING the reality that I don't have to teach my Sunday School class (which has been a challenge for me lately) because Peter said he is giving me that as my gift for Mother's Day! YAAaaaaaaaaHOOOOOOO!

And I am grateful that I made it home in one piece. Because I took FOUR kids (one 3 month old, a two year old, and Autistic child and my 7 year old) to Disneyland and the beach over the last 3 days and I drove myself both ways ALL BY MYSELF. Oh, yes I did.

And, it was NOT without incident. Oh no, it wasn't.

I have sooooooooooo many stories to tell, it isn't even funny. I will probably begin to post them one by one tonight. After I don't have to make dinner, or put the kids to bed.

Enjoy your special day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Thanks for your tips yesterday ladies! I am still looking for more, so, if you still want to post your ideas, I would love 'em because for me, every Monday is the same. For the record, Tuesday is the same too (late night) and we will be heading to Costco for dinner.

You wanna know what we ended up having last night? French Bread Pizza that had been ordered through Abby's last school fundraiser. Thanks for dinner Grandpa! (Sucker- He lives in Washington! How is he supposed to EAT food he orders in AZ? Um, we'll eat it, never fear!)

I must have major issues with cooking dinner, but, if you have been around me at all, you probably know that. I go WAY over board in efforts to cook something FAB. I don't know why. Maybe it is because I like to cook (for the most part), or because I remember my mom always putting a great, healthy, well-balanced meal on the table. Sure she did breakfast for dinner every now and again, but COLD CEREAL? NEVER! (Hence my reservation to do so)

Ok, but now to the post I wanted to do. . . been bitten by the MONEY SAVING BUG yet? Well, as you know, I have and surprisingly, it is getting easier and easier to score a deal! I know some of you have caught on to this blog because she has GREAT deals, but, if you look a little further into this one, you will find EVEN MORE blogs that find you great deals! [Enter Brad's Deals] I have a sneaking suspicion that this is where our Hip to Save Genius is getting most of her deals from, INCLUDING her Amazon deals, because the Coupon Mom has a link to those too. In my opinion, it is TOTALLY worth logging on and signing up for this website. If you are worried about Spam, just open a new e-mail account specifically for couponing, and you are good to go! I now have an account with Gmail that is my same address and I use it for signing up for deals.

Now for a NEW secret weapon. . . . THE GROCERY GAME! This little website will list all of your grocery deals WITH Coupons and you just print your list and GO! WOW. Ok, they charge a fee. . . and I just started, but I will let you know if I think it is worth it.

To be honest, I am getting so good at remembering what coupons I have, I can spot the deal before the websites show it to me. EXCEPT for the Sunday paper inserts. I could never remember all those! Just a little FYI, where I live (if you live here too) you get a paper every day, (that you don't even pay or ask for) and it has all of the SUNDAY COUPON INSERTS! FOR FREE! Now, I have noticed, that if I don't pick up my paper Sunday morning right away, someone comes along and takes it. . . I am guessing they are trying to build up their coupon stash. But the good news is, it is delivered to all of the EMPTY houses in my hood too! I don't feel so bad taking a free paper from a vacant house . . . eventhough I have yet to do it, I just might start! These website are INVALUABLE in keeping track of all of those coupons. But, I am making VERY good on those printable coupons and got two bags of Fresh Select Salad today for FREE. Come on FREE!!!!! Plus a $1.50 off of Kashi that was on sale that my hubby loves and is normally $$.

Give it a try, JUST ONCE! It is so easy, and you will LOVE IT!

Monday, May 4, 2009

What would YOU do?

It is 4:11 p.m.

I am on the computer, delaying the motherly duty of . . .


I don't want to cook.

I don't want to do ANYTHING.

My kids kept me up 1/2 the night,

and I think that gives me an excuse to be lazy.

Eventhough I was productive at some point today,

I am not now.

Nor, do I want to be.

But it is almost dinner time.

But my husband works late on Mondays . . . so,

I just have to feed my kids.

But, remember? I have that be lazy for free card.

(Cuz I was up 1/2 the night)

So, what would you do?

Give me your quick and dirty but YUMMY favorite dinners.

Would you?


And help me with my quest to be lazy?

Thank you.


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