Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bachelor Re-Cap- My 601st post.

Can you believe I hit 600 posts on my last post? I shoulda celebrated with a giveaway or somethin'! Sorry about that! I will be more attentive. No. Really. I will. . .

So, honestly. Are we all ready for the longest season in Bachelor history to be over yet? I know, they all have about the same number of episodes, but no one has explained to me why this one is dragging on and on and ON!!! I guess it is because he doesn't have any freak-shows left. Even Michelle wasn't compelling enough. With Jake, he had us all SCREAMING until the end. . ."NOT VIENNA!!!!!" But, apparently, it was already sealed in Reality heaven.

With Brad, he has been so darn reasonable this season I would be fine with any of these girls. I feel bad for Shawntel though. I mean, seriously. She was a great girl. Wasn't she? Yeah, the funeral home thing was creapy. . but still! She's a catch! So normal and down to earth and not even overly dramatic at the end! (Except for the whole death as a career thing. . . )Her biggest mistake was laying him on that table. No, not telling her dad that moving out of state MIGHT be an option. No, it was telling brad about draining blood. . .okay, there were lots of mistakes. But she really was just being herself. And how can you fault her for that. She was great. I hope she finds a nice guy who likes death soon.

Ashley is a spaz. Enough said. Okay, that is not enough said. I am all with Brad, she doesn't seem ready and I can't BELIEVE she didn't say how much she liked him (as pointed out by arm chair psych Chris Harrison)! She is crazy. NO really. She is. But, let's just chalk it up to being young and really, it just seems like she's not ready! So full of insecurities. Those obviously come up again in Africa.

Let's talk about Chantel. OH. MY. GOSH. Did you get a LOAD of that house????? Yeah, Brad can see himself visiting there A LOT. MEEEE TOOOO! Talk about living the good life. But I gotta hand it to her. Even though she grew up in that honker house, she still seems pretty normal. Her mom and dad need to lay off the plastic surgery though because those un-natural shiny faces were a little spooky, no? And we got a fine look at where Chantel gets her crazy (insert skanky) fashion sense from! With all that money can someone find some better clothes? Or shop their AGE??? Alright. . . alright. I am getting kinda catty. But seriously. The only other thing I can say is. . . Just how old is her dad anyway? Cuz he and Brad were lookin' just about the same. Anyway, it really did seem like Chantel's family was the best fit, and I would marry her for that cute dog. And I HATE little dogs. But what the heck was that thing? It looked like a teddy bear! Seriously, what kind of dog WAS that?

Finally, Emily. Oy. That whole thing was just painful. Wasn't it? I just couldn't take it any more. All of the awkward mommy/child moments. I don't know. I mean, they would make a great couple, but I don't think Brad is ready for daddyhood. I mean, he couldn't even get over kissing AFTER the kid went to bed! Wow. He is crazy. I sure hope he gets over that before he HAS kids. I mean, how is he going to get over childbirth!? I know she is sweet as pie, and super patient with Mr. Awkward, but seriously. It isn't happening. I think I would choose Chantel over her too.

But what really gets exciting is the teaser for next week! Emily denying the fantasy suite, and what was that crack he threw out to Chantel? Kinda like, well you've been crazy and normal, what am I gonna get next?!?!?! (Hmmmm. I think my husband has said that to me before. . . must be a match made in heaven) We'll see!!!

I am playing a game on Facebook if you want to play, and it is . . . . Name your favorite over-used "Brad-ism". You can check it out there. I would have listed them and counted all of them for you, but I am away from the TV tonight!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Bachelor Re-cap. . . silence is golden

It is a sad sad time when I can't blog anything but the bachelor. It is funny, because I will look through my photos and think, "Why didn't I blog about that?" But to be honest, sometimes, I just can't blog.

So, back to the Bachelor. . . There were only a few things that really came to mind. First of all. I love Rambo Brad. . . "breakin' all the rules" Brad. . . I mean, honestly. . . If he did something the producers didn't like, they would just edit it out! Have you ever heard Trista say that Alex Michele (or who ever he was) TOLD her that he was going to pick her? Yet, you never saw that (It was probably in the fantasy suite . . ahem) But anyway, if they said something "they weren't supposed to say" it can always end up on the editing floor.

Let's go to Brit's date. BORING. Wow. You could really feel the distance. There was just no chemistry whatsoever! So, kudos to Brad for sending her packing. However, I am with Michelle, what a waste of a yacht! WOW. And, to be honest, I was starting to get extremely uncomfortable with Brit in her bikini. . .if the camera adds 10 lbs, I don't want to see that in person. It made me hungry just looking at her. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo not somebody who judges body types, but how hilarious was Chantel with her fat day. What a bummer to be having a fat day during an SI photoshoot. I understand all of the emotions going on there at that little photo shoot. And leave it to Michelle to manipulate the situation to her advantage. She is a master, and my hat is off to that girl.

I also want to give Brad a big thumbs up for realizing what kind of a situation that was. Nutso. At least he recognized it, and acknowledged it. That probably could have worked a few episodes ago, but not with the last few girls. Too many attachments there. But hey, he realized it! But was anyone else completely floored when he gave "You're SCARING me!" Ashley the rose? First of all, show some confidence GIRL! And second of all. . . what a blind side to Chantel! I have to admit, if I had dropped the "love" word and didn't get a rose out of three girls on a group date, I would have come unglued too. That said, I am all for a girl "sticking it" to a guy. **Sidestory** I dated a guy once, who was playing coy. . .I was starting to get frustrated with his games, and put a sign up on the back of my bedroom door that said, "IT'S HIS LOSS" in big huge letters. I never intended him to see it, but when he came to "break up" with me (we weren't dating exclusively), the only available room in our crowded Sunday night apartment was my room. . Guess what he saw on his way out. Snap! End of Sidestory**** I was kind of wishing Chantel would just hold her head up high and walk away, leaving Brad to want to chase her a little. But, she didn't.

A quick note about Emily. He all but proposed to her! And I have to admit, I know people don't like her (hi Ashley!) But, I do. She is super sweet and has really not once show a bad side of herself. Not that there isn't one, but the fact that she can go through this complete experience and come out smelling like a rose is pretty amazing to me. I mean, just compare her to Chantel for just a second. She makes Chantel look like a completely immature, wreck of a girl. Knowwadimean? Seriously. After last night, as awkward as they were in their little private moment, I was instantly pulling for Emily. I also understand Brad's reservations though. . that history with her boyfriend, and even the fact that she is calling her little girl by HIS name every single day. . WOW. Don't know if ANYONE is going to get past that.

Last but not least (I had a lot more to say about this episode than I thought!) Michelle's departure. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ?? ?? Was anyone else seriously confused? For her to be completely silent is well. . . unbelievable? I mean, YOU KNOW the producers were in her face asking her a million how do you feel questions, and they didn't even get a "I AM NOT GOING TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS" answer!!??!?! I can't believe it. Not even a quote after an hour? Wow. She went mute. Who woulda thought. But again, kudos to brad for seeing the A-bomb when he meets one. She is fire and he is no lamb. . Their relationship would have been a nightmare. I am amazed that he was able to stay out of her flaxen cord. . .

What did YOU think?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bachelor- Super Scary Michelle

I am on cold meds. . . forgive me. I can barely put together a sentence in speaking, much less writing. . . but, since I missed last week, I can't bare to miss two weeks in a row.

There were some fab moments on last nights show. But, we have to start with super scary stalker Michelle. Was it just me? Or did he NOT seem very happy to be seeing her in his suite that night she "dropped" in to see him. It seems kinda reminiscent of another conversation he had with one of the girls he booted in week two. You know when he says, "Ohwkay" in that thick southern drawl and doesn't make eye contact that you are not in a good place with Brad. He definitely has some "tells". I.e. I am just not into you. . . . She is so creepy, overbearing, and manipulative. And I can't believe Brad takes it! I see a time in the not so near future where he decides it's not his cup of tea, but I wish is would have been last night, because she is starting to suck the fun out of the show, and everyone on it!

What about Chantal? With the I LOVE YOU. I do like the fact that she said it at a time when it wasn't going to make a difference and I LOVED her analogy that she knew she was in love with him when her feelings started to turn into caring about him, instead of caring for herself. Very heartfelt and poignant. But why does she have to ruin it next week by going back to drama land? I don't like the fact that she swings so wildly back and forth. Let's just stay in one place shall we?
I did feel like it was a TITCH early. . .Still with 5 girls left. Just a little early on that one. But whatevs. If she is feelin' it, she is feelin' it. I love how she keeps Michelle on a stick too. She completely forced Michelle into a corner. No wonder those girls don't like each other.

The date with Ali was PAINFUL. . . oh. . there was more to the statement of "we are sinking" than the actual fact they were sinking into the pool. They were sinking in every other way too. It was one of the most painful dates to watch in a LONG time. Evidence that he has kept Ali for way too long. A total waste of a date in my opinion. He should have just given that date to someone else and sent her home at the rose ceremony. Boy. That was painful. And can we just get rid of Brit, please?

I am starting to lose my patience. . is it just me? Or does it seem to be taking FOREVER to wittle down to the final few. It is probably just evidence that I have read the spoilers that I am starting to get impatient. Let's get to the GOOD stuff!

Your thoughts?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Buggie's Big Birthday Bash

It was Kaylie's birthday today. She turned 2. She has earned that title. I tried to go to lunch with my parents today, and she chucked at least 4 things off the table, including my pen, which ricocheted off a wall two feet away, and I couldn't even find it. And attempted to throw some ketchup, papers, and a bun. Oy.

Good thing it was her birthday, because I went easy on her, and let her run around outside. If you need an adorable flashback of Kaylie from birth, check here. Honestly, it is so, so, cute. I can't believe she was almost a 10 pound cupcake! Save the best(biggest) for last I guess. I cannot believe how these years slip away, and other days . . . the years seem like decades.

We had a cute little party theme going for her birthday. .
it was her favorite character, Dora.

She was a little hesitant at first about tearing the paper open for her presents, but she finally go the hang of it. (Abby was scared for her I guess?)

Kaylie is a wild thing. For sure, but we love her, and wouldn't have her any other way.

I hope 2, is good to you. (And us)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Best Week EVER!!!

I really feel like I am having the best week ever. Seriously. EVER!

Alright, I guess that could be disputed, since I have had 4 children, and have a great husband who I did marry, and that week was probably pretty good, BUT. . . this has been the BEST WEEK EVER! (In recent and long term memory)

FIRST: I got some clothes that I ordered from Old Navy- There is NOTHING I love more than a Spring Wardrobe, and I know some of you are suffering from the coldest/baddest winter in a long time, but here in AZ, spring starts February 1st. And I am ready. I wore this cute top, with a cute matching sweater today with a pair of jeans (not capris as show) rolled a titch at the bottom. I am not gonna lie, I looked good! I LOVE that I can do my clothes shopping guilt free thanks to my Pampered Chef cha ching. It is the best. But, I also love scoring a deal. I got all of these 30% off, and had a $10 reward card to boot. (It pays to be a card holder at Old Navy)

Last night I wore this cute new sweater with the fun tank and capris below them. Yes, I know, it is January, and I wore capris. I couldn't resist. It was freezing, but I liked it.

And I also got this shirt. I am not sure what I will wear it with yet, but I love it. And it looks great on!

THEN: A special package arrived. Three years ago I bought a trampoline on-sale for Black Friday for $150. It used to look like this. (HI HILLARY!)
Now, it looks like this:

Believe it or not, I have already replaced the trampoline once to the tune of $100. Just buying the new trampoline part was almost as much as the whole thing! Trampoline, frame, mats, and net included! I figured since it was so cheap, that is just how it would go. HOWEVER, I called the EXACT same customer service number to replace my trampoline, again. She asked if I still had the receipt. I said yes, and that I had already submitted it once for my prior replacement and asked her if they still had it on file. She asked me to send pictures, so, I did. I told her I would need all the replacement pieces. She said she would get back to me. Within the hour, I received an e-mail that she would be sending me everything. . . . FOR FREE.

I am not sure why they changed their minds about the charge this time, but since it would have cost me probably about $300, I'll TAKE IT!

THEN: I closed 4 Pampered Chef shows over the weekend which would allow me to buy the bedding set I have been wanting to buy! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Stay tuned for a room re-do update. I can't wait. It has been a LONG time since I have "updated" my room, and I am super excited for it.

THEN. . I went to Pier 1 for my room re-d0 to look for some bed side tables, found 'em. (got them for 30% off) AND found an amazing steal. I got ALL these necklaces for around $5 a piece. AMAZING. And they are great!

The earrings were only $2! I LOVE a great deal. Especially on hand made jewelry. The great part is, I can always take it apart and change it if I don't like it! (Sorry, I can't get the picture to turn around)

And the LAST thing is:

I dropped off a nice down comforter to be dry cleaned in March 2009. I got a phone call saying they still had it. . . AMAZING. I went to pick it up today! It is all ready and clean for my new bedding YAY! Can you believe they kept it for almost 2 years???? I can't. I really, really can't.

I will be available tomorrow for "lucky dust" at $5 bucks a pop.

But let me just say, I am blessed. I was blessed BEFORE this week, but it is always nice to have some things going your way. NO?


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