Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Spring Break Aftermath

Wow. I am trying to recover from our Springbreak. I am not sure what happened, but it really seemed to throw me for a loop. I sat on my couch last night unable to move and looking at the disaster that is my house at the moment, and for some reason, I can't imagine getting back on top.

I blame sugar.

Because I have been eating it.

And I think it really has been affecting me! I feel totally bottomed out.

I am going to have to find someway to create a happy medium with that in my life, because right now, whatever it is, it is NOT working!

I also spent the week off of going to the gym. Kaylie and Wade were both deathly ill, I am sure from attending the gym daily for weeks on end. I think they are on the mend, but I am having a hard time getting my back side back in gear.

My in-laws came and we packed in as much fun as humanly possible. But, I can't even seem to remember what we did! I know that we saw "How to Train your Dragon" and had a birthday party for Wade. We went to a fun water park, but that day completely put me out of commission. Taking a 1 year old to a water park is always more than what you want, expect, or need in your life. That is for sure!

What I would really like is to have a nice little "vacation" with my family. Like a REAL vacation. Where we leave the house, and go someplace fun for all of us and get away from it all . That has not been a reality for quite some time with our constantly evolving drama. But I hope someday will happen.


A person can dream, right?

In the mean time, I will be picking up the 10234 pieces of clothes that are laying on my bathroom floor (Why is MY bathroom floor the dumping ground for EVERYONE'S clothes?) And trying to re-claim my life meanwhile having the LONGEST WEEK OF MY LIFE, while my husband waits for a call.

In better news: I made $900 with The Pampered Chef in the month of March. Ah, I knew it was going to be a good month. Maybe my dreams of a hotel on wheels will come true. :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Kate

*thank you

Dear Kate,

You made me feel COMPLETELY uncomfortable tonight. I couldn't even watch, it was so uncomfortable. It was painful. And sad. And, if you really knew you had no "dance" ability, maybe you shouldn't have come on this show.. Even though you "need a paycheck" to "support your family". We get it. You are a single mom. That is tragic. But, maybe this was just a bad idea. You kinda ruined my TV tonight.

Not only that, but, you made Tony Dovolani, Mr. NICE. Quit. That is saying something Kate. Seriously. That Tony doesn't have a mean bone in his body. So, maybe you should look at that and think about it. I know I would.

Dear Tony,

Sorry. Hugs to you. I felt VERY badly for you tonight. Hope you get a good nights sleep. You looked like you needed one.

Dear Pam,

You and your partner just need to get a room.

Dear Derek and Pussy Cat Doll,

You guys are cheaters. And you are SO good, it make things anti-climatic, because we all know you are going to win. NO ONE gets a 10 in week 2. NO ONE. Stink a little more at your dance next week.

Dear Ashly,

Did you really have to name your two little boys Ammon and Enoch? Just wondering, because with names like that in Hollywood, they could live very un-happy lives. But I guess in some ways it is better than Pilot Inspektor. (Or whatever that name is).

Dear Maks,

I think you have biceps. You two are so weird together it is cute.

Dear Louis,

I used to think you were the most stodgy and difficult DWTS pro. Now, I just plum love you. But I don't think it is just me. I really do think you have loosened up a bit and I think you can thank Lisa Rhinna. I like it when you are nice to your partners.

Dear Cheryl and Chad,

We get it Chad, you like Cheryl, but maybe next week you should focus more on your dancing. We saw how painfully disappointed you were in your scores. Keep your head in the game man.

Dear Jake,

I seriously don't know if I like you or not. What happened to your thumb? I saw you icing it (baby). I know you "tried hard" But I still can't decide if you actually did a good job.

Dear Soap Star,

You have a really big head. But your really big head is a good looking big head, but I am just saying. Don't give poor Edyta so much crap. She is just trying to help you. I think she make have punched you intentionally. Just because she could.

Dear rest of the cast: If I missed you, you weren't compelling enough to write about! Sorry! Better luck next week.


Dear Brooke,

You bugged tonight. You asked stupid questions that were already answered in the "package". I think you can do a good job, but ask about something OTHER than what was already shown in the package, your questions were awkward. Esp. The ones to Buzz, because he didn't get your joke,

Dear Tom. I heart you. As always.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Born To. . .

When I was 16, my dad bought me this.
*Not an actual picture of the car I owned. I can't find one!

A 1969 Ford Convertible Mustang.

Believe it or not, I wasn't thrilled... it needed work. And my sister's got the the ultimate chick convertibles, the Fiat Spider and the Volkswagon Cabriolet. Now THOSE were hot convertibles. At least that is what I thought until I got behind the wheel.

That piece of machinery was my first foray into complete and total car love and snobbery. Which is why I have such a hard time admitting to THIS. Anywho. . . If you really want to know why on earth a guy with 5 daughters would buy them convertibles to drive you are going to have to ask him personally. I don't know, I didn't ask questions. Would you?

Moving on. . . I wasn't a huge fan of the car at first. I mean, it wasn't the "classic" 65 model and it felt a little retro. (Even back then) I didn't LOVE the body style but when I got behind the wheel, it didn't matter anymore. That car had a 4 speed. For those manual car drivers that means that you can pretty much hit close to 50 in 1st gear, without shifting.

I burned out four or five clutches. To this day, I swore to my dad I had NO IDEA why I was burning out clutches.. Old car I guess? ! !? Um, no. It is because I had a new fondness for the speed and power of a fast car. A fast CONVERTIBLE car. And because, I couldn't help but smoke someone off the line at a stop light. Especially when they were revving their engine at me. I mean, come on. You would. If you could. You KNOW you would. People couldn't resist the temptation to want to race me because it sounded like they were pulling up next to a boat. Wob, wob, wob, wob. That is how the engine sounded in idle. . . and it was LOUD. I am sure they were just dying to see the speed. . . eat my dust. . . they begged for it. I gave it freely.

I got several tickets in that car. You could punch it on the freeway going 60 and it would still throw you back in your seat. You don't understand the power of a Boss 302 engine until you have driven one. I don't even know what that means... I have just driven one.

Ever since then, I pretty much considered myself born to drive a convertible. Yeah. I was. I look good in one. Someday, when I don't have to tote kids around, you might find me in one again. And I will look something like this. . .

I am a serious car driver. And an even MORE serious sports car driver. Because when they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up during 8th grade spotlights I said, I wanted to be a race-car driver. Danica Patrick, eat your heart out. I TOTALLY had the jump on you. You are SO NOT the first.

However, for today, I had a friend. A friend in the back.

That is ok. She likes loud music.

She had to, because she was planted right next to that sub woofer.


TONIGHT! At 10:00.
Me, my kitchen and my crazy kids.
(Don't you just LOVE how kids act when they know they are on camera?)
Yeah, me niether.
Watch for the cooking segment!
Link to Story HERE
Not sure if video will be on-line.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Stage Was Set

If you read down far enough on my last post, you would have noticed that it said, I AM GOING TO BE ON TV!

A few days ago I got an e-mail from a friend who said they needed someone to do a "try it" segment for a news story. She thought I would be good because I cook in front of people all the time for The Pampered Chef. She was right. I loved it! It gave me some aspirations of doing my own cooking show... But we all know THAT isn't going to happen!

It was still fun though, and I had all the intentions in the world of giving you the play by play in pictures.

Here is the immaculate kitchen. I am pretty sure my kitchen has NEVER been this clean since I have moved in. I when I say clean, I mean, with everything put away. I always have endless piles on my counters!

The stage was set. Everything in it's place.

Looks like it is that way all the time! Huh! NOT!

I did Kaylie's hair all pretty,

And of course she pulled it out before they even got here!
I wish you could have see the camera and the lights, but instead, you can just watch it! Friday, ABC at 10 pm!

PS- I had a VERY strong inclination to blog about DWTS last night. Boy, there was sooooooooooo much to say about that show! But, then I wonder if you guys get tired of my re-caps of TV shows I watch... so, let me know? Do you want my take on DWTS? ----------------> VOTE!

*See top of my sidebar.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Here we go with random thoughts again....

  • I had a dream last night that someone borrowed our Harkin's cups and threw them away after using them. I was SOOOOOOOOO mad. (Shows what is important to me, eh?)

  • Peter told me one of his favorite things that Jaxon says when you give him something he wants is, "COME TO POPPA!" Yes, my child says, "Come to Poppa" and I think it is equally hilarious.

  • I am tired. VERY tired. No one is sleeping around here and it is making me grumpy. VERY grumpy. Not good when you have kids home all day on spring break.

  • I have piles and piles of laundry to fold.

  • My sugar challenge is almost over. (Wednesday night I will be eating my chocolate eggs at midnight, ok, maybe I will wait until morning)

  • I have lost 9 lbs. so far. Not bad. I plan on doing more no sugar stuff to meet my goals. But will celebrate my month without by having Easter candy.

  • I have lots of work to do. In-laws are coming in on Wednesday.

  • I got my old computer back.. you know, the one that had the "t" problem. I love it. Ahhhhhhh so glad to have a nice computer again. That was a long 4 months.

  • I am going to be ON TV on Friday! Stay tuned for more details!!

  • Pretty excited for DWTS tonight. I need some entertainment.


Friday, March 19, 2010


Congratulations to JULIE!!!

She was selected by RANDOM.ORG to win my mini spatula! YAY JULES! It sounds like you needed one! Let me know if you need anything else!

True Random Number Generator

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Max: 9
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Please e-mail me your mailing address and it will be on it's way! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010



We are surviving week one of spring break, thanks for asking.

It has been pretty much touch and go. I really would rather be out of town for Spring break, but when you live somewhere where the weather is better than most places you would visit for spring break, you suddenly feel inclined to stay right where you are.

And plus, I don't have my ultimate travel with kids machine yet. So, I can wait to road trip it for now. . . come summer.. I am going to NEED it.

I made sure the kids were enrolled in various morning camps. That makes actually getting things done a little easier. Abby was in Volleyball camp (of course) and Jaxon in basketball camp (of course) and if there was a camp for Wade and Kaylie, they would be there. Well, Wade now thinks the "gym" is his camp. He loves it there. Kaylie... not so much. Poor ladies who watch the babies at the gym. I should do a blog post about them. They are so cute. Anywho.

The afternoons are a little more rough in the entertainment department. Wade's "quiet" time is not so quiet with other kids around and Kaylie seems to want in on the action too. We have hit the pool a few times this week, but the problem with that is that it exhausts their momma as much as it exhausts them! It is a dangerous territory. Esp. because Peter is doing his master's classes pretty much every night of the week.. which means, I AM TIRED. (and grumpy)

We did take a nice break to the mall one day. I had to get my celebratory chocolate ready. And if you aren't careful, they will sell out of those babies before the big day (Easter). Really, you haven't lived until you have tried one of those mixed egg boxes.. Just trust me, go buy one.

One of my favorite things about going to the mall with four kids is. . .Ok, there is NOTHING I like about going to the mall with 4 kids. But, sometimes, it is inevitable. The one thing I do like is their duck formation. Yes, I said duck.

One duck figured out what I was doing and smiled for the camera. She is a smart duck.

Does anyone else's kids walk BEHIND their mom? Quack.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Wade is a total and complete joy in my life. I would be lying if I said any less.

I have always said, if I could have all "Wades" I would have a lotta kids.
Kaylie is our last. Most definitely.

To be honest, I am not exactly sure what it is that I love so much about him.

His happy nature?

His exuberant personality?

This is what I look down and see, every day, a hundred times a day. . and. .

I love it.

Thanks for being my buddy Wade. Happy 3rd.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

No Shugs--Week Two

It has been two weeks since I stopped eating sugar. And honestly, its no big thang. Now, in week one, I would have never said that. And I am not saying that there aren't times when I WANT sugar, because there definitely ARE. But, I am getting SOME I am sure. Like, in my yogurt, in my fruit, in my juice (pure juice only). And in my honey. HONEY... mmmmmmmmm... My new best friend. And I still drink a diet coke now and again, because a person has got to live people. When I am really craving that DOUGH texture in my mouth. (Because sometimes I really do just want the chewing goodness of raw cookie dough in my mouth) I get a spoonful of peanut butter. It works, in a pinch.

I seriously am not in dire straights. But don't let me fool you. I think about this box of candy I am going to eat in its entirety on April 1st.
And NO, I will not be sharing. And if you try to get in my way, I just might bite your finger. Please avoid me on April 1st. Thank you.

So, who is with me? How do you feel?

PS- CHECK OUT MY GIVEAWAY! YOU NEED IT FOR BROWNIES! (let's just put it that way)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Let's Giveaway Something

You know, I LOVE giving away stuff! SUPER FUN! So, why not do it again... to celebrate!

What am I celebrating?

The start of Spring Break.

Why would I celebrate that?

I don't know.

But, it makes me feel better about 2 weeks at home with the kids. Mkay?

So, for today, I am going to be giving away the most requested item so far from blogland.

Do you love the super jumbo size of that picture? Yeah. Me too.

So, here are the rules.

You get 1 entry for commenting. Please comment about WHY you love the mini-serving spatula, OR what your favorite Pampered Chef item is.

Another entry for becoming a "follower" (not already being one! Sorry Danika!)

Another entry for putting my Pampered Chef link on your blog (Doesn't count if you already have!)

Another entry for posting about my giveaway on YOUR blog.

Kapish? (Look it up)


Ps- Let's all hope I survive Spring Break and I can mail this out to you... CONTEST ENDS NEXT FRIDAY!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What are my options?

For people who know me, they know that I would never, in a million years be caught dead in a mini-van. I am not sure why the repulse me so. Maybe because they have no character, no style... no. . . somethin'. I have been driving a Honda Pilot since 2006, and I love it. It is a great car and I think it is CUTE.

I know.


Yes, cute.

I love it.

I have never thought of replacing it. Well, not really, I mean, I know at some point Jaxon's legs are going to get so long that they will be touching his chin if he sits in the back seat, but I figured I didn't have to deal with that for a long. . .long. . . time.

Then yesterday, I went to a dealership. I was working. (If youknowhatimean) And I had to ask about a car. I asked about a Mini-van.

See? Even if you put it in front of a cute Cape Cod style house. It is STILL ugly.. With that square back. Ugh.

But then, I looked inside.

Double video players (that can play two different videos)

Ambient Lighting that can be on while driving- Like a limo.

Wireless Headphones

All the windows roll down.

All the doors open and shut with a click.

It had a sunroof.. for me.

It had a back up cam.

Fold down seating.


32 G Hard drive (it will load up any CD you put in there including movies)

Ipod compatible.

It streams live tv channels.

It had heated seats.

And you could plug things in... INTO REGULAR PLUGS.

It is like driving a hotel room around. . .which is one of the reasons I hated it, but guess what?


You will probably find me dead, in my mini-van.

And no, I can't believe I just typed those words.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"The Wedding" Recap

Jason and Molly's wedding was last night. Ok, it was really February 27th, but it "aired" on TV last night. Of course, I didn't watch it until today and boy, did it make for some great entertainment.

If you are keeping track, that is a mere 4 days after the "finale" of flying' Jakes show. Did you love the re-cap of how "in-love" they are? (Oh don't try to pretend you didn't watch it.)
To be honest, the thing that struck me most is that Jake DID TRULY act like he was in love with Vienna. And when he said, "I have no doubt that we will be getting married someday" I believed him. And then, when she looked at him, smiled and said, "Yeah" and patted his leg, I so DID NOT believe her! Was that just me? Or was that vibe as 'bout as clear as crystal?

I love the, "where are they now" segments that the Bachelor does. It is like they know they have a bad wrap for not having successful relationships so they just have to pound it down every one's throat that INDEED they have a few couples together, but Charlie and whatshername? Please. They are as 'bout as solid as. . . their house they are going to buy. Just not very. I mean, I would like for them to stay together, but from the looks of it, not so much. I give them a 30% chance.

Ed and Jillian. I just tried to find a post from their season, and guess what? I can't! How weird is that! I know I posted about Ed at some point, but when I search for ed on my blog, it comes up with every ending of a word. Crazy. Well, anyway. Good for them. I am still not sure on the commitment level. It seems a little sketchy, but I am glad they got past the whole "scandal" and actually seem like they maybe still like each other. I was rooting for Ed anyway, so, it is nice to see they may have made it through the "drama". Time will only tell, but I give these guys, 50/50.

Deanna? Deanna Pappas? Is that you? With the break-dancer's BROTHER???? Did anyone else think that was a super weird match-up? But you KNOW they met on one of those "cast parties". Whatevs.. if it works, it will be a miracle. I give Deanna and crazy break-dancer's brother (who I actually really did like, but just thought he was too young) a 10% chance. For that exact reason... if he was really young, so, is his TWIN brother... and Deanna? Just a little too much woman for him.

Did you see Kipton sitting next to the Jason Mesnick cast off? They didn't show her with him again (the girl with the crazy sideburns) so, it was probably just to create buzz... Ok, you sit here.. with him... and good... now we will get the shot... and scene.

And Molly and Jason. Ok Jason. I know I thought you were seriously scum of the earth for doing that. But I can honestly say now... I guess it was alright. I mean, you made up for it in the end. Do I feel bad you got called names? Naw. You probably deserved it for a while, but it's all good now, right? You and Molly can have babies that inherit her LARGE EYES that you love and all will be well. Happy days. Thanks for making the "Bachelor" a success... hahahaha.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Low Down on Sugar

Well, it has been a week.

A week since I gave up sugar for 30 days.

I had a friend write me and ask where I have been since it has been three days since I posted.

I would like to say, I am in a lack-of-sugar coma.

But here is the thing.

I am NOT.

Actually, it hasn't been that bad!

Except for the few times I have forgotten.


Like yesterday when my daughter offered me a bite of her Tiger's Blood sno-cone and I said sure and took exactly ONE bite and then realized what I had done.

Or the time when Peter and I went out to dinner (I was doing a "secret shopping" mission-Really! I do those!) and we were required to eat a dessert and I felt morally obligated to take a bite so I could review the taste. (Ok, morally obligated is a stretch, but I did take one bite)

And I know there was one other time, but I can't think of it right now. Ok, maybe there wasn't.

But overall, not bad for a first week I think.

And let me tell you what it has done exactly.

By day 3, I was pretty much over it. And although I hate it when people say this, but a piece of fruit actually did cover it if I was having a craving. But, when you are eating NO SUGAR, a piece of fruit really does do the trick.

I cried a few more times this week than normal. I mean, what I am saying is I normally don't cry every week. But this week I cried a few times. I totally think it was because I was off my natural medication mood levitator (sugar).

Here is the other thing: Sugar has a best friend in my house, and that best friend is: BUTTER. Cuz see, I don't just down a bag of cookies, or eat a pop tart. (I don't keep that kinda stuff in the house) I BAKE. And baking requires BUTTER. Sometimes, LOTS OF BUTTER. So, consequently, my butter intake has decreased dramatically. And even more than that, making cookies turns into 3 (or 4) hunks of dough in my mouth plus one or two warm cookies. FAR MORE that the daily recommended amount, I am sure.

And then there is usually some form of chocolate in my house. Which there is not right now. (Due to this diet).

And I did have pancakes one or two days, but they are a whole wheat pancake that I make for my family that I LOVE. I love it because it is healthy for my family and the OTHER reason I love it is that I can make 10 cups of it and it sits in my fridge (in non-liquid form) and I can use it just like a pancake mix. Turns out, they are great with honey on them.. and honey is totally legit.

And if you are playing along, you read the original challenge that I took. She said no fake sugar, but let's face it I can only take one challenge at a time. So, I did not have any diet cokes at my house, but I did have them when I was eating out (sensibly).

The funny thing is: I dream about sugar. I totally dreamt about making chocolate chip cookies last night, and I know I had at least one other dream about sugar this week. Funny what your brain does.

Now, for some, a diet like this doesn't work, because they can't stand the deprivation of that item and it makes them all that much more upset or makes them crave it that much more. My husband for example, just lost 40 lbs. BY SHEER WILLPOWER. Just ate everything in moderation and counted calories. That is it. He didn't even work out. I have done that before, and yes, it totally works, but for some reason, I just couldn't do it this time. I had to take the bull by the horns and I know it is totally humanly possible to cut sugar out for 30 days.

It is not forever.

It is just 30 days.

And I know I can do that.

And maybe I will be more able to "control" myself in moderation after this.

I know most definitely, I will be healthier.

Because I lost 3 pounds this week.

YAY me.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Forced Lent

Sometimes it is necessary to FORCE people to give up something. Especially when that something is: A BINKY.

Wade has really enjoyed his Binky and about the time he turned 2, we decided to tell him he could only have the Binky when he was in BED. "Binkis are for BED Wade" was our mantra. It worked for the most part, but there would be times in the day when Wade would "disappear" for a while downstairs.

Typically, when I would walk down the stairs to see what he was doing, he would literally spit that Binky out so fast and stuff it under something it was a complete blur. I have to admit, I knew he was doing it but I didn't care... much..

It is like a secret habit. You know, the one you are ashamed of?

I didn't feel like I he needed to give it up.. I mean, as long as it stayed at home.

Last week, we arrived at the grocery store. Wade had insisted that he take his blankie to the store. Something he had never done before. I thought it was strange, but complied.. not wanting a battle right then. We got to the store and I told him he would have to leave the blankie in the car. He complied (we are so good like that) and left it.

He hopped into the little "car" attached to the cart when I heard it. I heard the Binky hit the ground. And there it was staring at me... the Binky. I looked at Wade and he stared back at me. I could see the fear in his eyes. He KNEW I was going to apprehend the Binky. I took it, and stated, as always, "Wade! Binkis are for B.E.D!" Instead of just giving up and being "caught in the act" he decided he was going to put on a act. LIKE A SCREAM THROUGH THE STORE ACT.

* Actual picture from the day of the "incident"

Now, I know, it was nap time, and he was tired, but I was incensed that he had snuck it to the store and then INSISTED on having it while we were in the store! If you push me, I'm gonna push back. He continued screaming all the way through produce while all the silver hairs looked at me like I was killing the poor child even though he was safely encased in plastic.

And then, I did it. It was time to be DONE. VERY DONE. I did NOT want this battle anymore. I marched over to the floral area and asked them to SNIP THE BINKY. She looked at me like I was 1/2 mad for a second and then did it.

I gave it back to Wade, and continued on. He was quiet. VERY QUIET. Almost as if going through a deep mourning, until I heard it. I have never quite understood it before, but now, I do. It is the biblical term, "Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth". Seen it. Heard it. Done it.

I had thrown down the gauntlet and Wade was going to be sure to let me know that he was going to come out the victor!

But you know what? He didn't. Because I scored him a cookie at the bakery. . and miraculously, the crying stopped.

Now all we have to deal with is him falling asleep in random spots because he won't nap without his binki. He even almost fell asleep at the dinner table.

Oh well, at least we are BINKY FREE! Give one more up to LENT!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Bachelor Re-cap

Well, we all knew it was coming. I held out a very small hope he would choose... no one. I mean, I would have rather he chose Tenley IF he had chosen anyone, but if not, then NO ONE PLEASE.

It is the classic case: did you hear it? It was Deanna Pappas all over again. (ugh, she bugged me) Did you hear him explaining it to Tenley? I wish I would have kept the recording because I would quote it directly right now, but in essence it was this:

"I think I know what has gone wrong in all of my past relationships. I always go for the crazy passion and it never ends up working out. With you (speaking of Tenley) there is everything else. Values, same demeanor, same interests we are just so much alike in all those ways and it just works!

Okay, so, that was Jake trying to convince himself that Tenley was a good choice for him, which, he actually ended up talking himself out of because they don't have enough 'fire'. Or whatever, but did you hear it?? Did you hear him say that NONE OF THE OTHER RELATIONSHIPS HAVE WORKED OUT? That is because, a fire dies baby, and you gotta have something else to carry it on. Knowwadimean? I mean, not all fires die, but I think that thrill at some point dissipates, or goes away and may even come back at some point, but then you find yourself questioning why you did it!! You have to have MORE than that to back it up, and Jake. . . poor straight shootin' Jake, just couldn't get his brain out of his pants.

Did I just say that?


That wasn't very PG, but you know what I mean. Tenley even proved she had the spice several times (like they showed in the flashbacks) but because she wasn't a diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirty girl, he just looked right on past it.

Better luck next time Jake! Get ready for the "I told you so!"

In other news: Jake the dancing pilot??? Ok, I am game.

And interesting move by Kate Gosselin. I wonder if we will like her more? Or hate her more? I hope she gets Maks as a partner. That is BOUND to make some serious reality TV sparks with their hot tempers. SET YOUR TIVO!


Monday, March 1, 2010


When people (Mormon) would say they were giving something up for "lent" I would snicker and think to myself. WHY? Why on earth would you do something like that!?!?!? Seemed like a completely PREPOSTEROUS thing to do. Ridiculous. Crazy. STUPID.

Now, I find myself staring down a 30 day sugar free challenge.

I know.

I can't believe I am doing it either.

My husband can't.

My children can't.

I am sure when my mom reads this, she won't believe it.

or my sisters.

Pretty much anyone on the planet who knows me . . if they are reading this. . .they won't believe it.

Why? Because I pretty much base my entire existence on when I can have more sugar.

You heard me right.

I love to bake and eat and bake and eat and bake and eat some more.

But, here is the thing. I wanna lose some of this baby weight. (YES I CAN STILL CALL IT BABY WEIGHT BECAUSE I HAVE HAD IT SINCE I HAD HER) But anyway, for those of you who are counting, that has been a solid year. I have a million excuses, but the most important being, Kaylie is STILL waking up in the night, but know what? I am over it. I am over using it for my excuse, (although I think it is a darn good one).

I have joined a gym, that has a day care, I like the classes, I have been going regularly (until I got my leg operated on last week) But since I have been given the go ahead to exercise again, I figure, I needed an extra little push in the right direction. Cuz see, even if I am exercising, it doesn't help when you are shoving M&M cookies that you just pulled piping hot out of the oven into your mouth. Going to the gym just can't over come that. Just can't.

So, I am going to do it. For 30 days. I guess I should clarify (cuz I had to to my husband) this means no TREATS. Not no bread, or salad dressing or anything else that has some sugar in it. Although, I do eat pretty healthy.

But I am going to cut out those hand fulls of choc chips at 2, 3, and maybe 4 in the afternoon.
No late night cookie or brownie binges. No candy at the movies. (This one might kill me) However, I CAN have a GOOD OLD DIET COKE. (However, I am going to do my best to stay away from that as well!)

So, who's with me?
Ps-I can have cake on Wade's birthday. amen.


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