Friday, April 30, 2010


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Thursday, April 29, 2010

I have always loved baby toes.
Even dirty ones.

For some reason, they look especially cute when they are sticking out from under a skirt.

I didn't dress Abby in skirts a lot when she was small. I personally didn't like wearing dresses when I was small. Those Gunny Sack dresses were... not comfortable. So, I rebelled. But then, Abby started wearing skirts all the time. Like all.the.time. so, consequently, Kaylie did too.
And I think she likes it.
And I like her toes sticking out at the bottom, oh, and that smile.
Good thing she's got those big brown eyes and that smile. Oy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The BIG 7-0.

Sorry for the absence! My birthday has come and gone, my 500th post (which announced my winner for the Trifle Bowl) has come and gone and so have 4 house guests and my entire family. I had a few friends taking over my house. And when I say friends, I mean, family but it was so fun, I want to say FRIENDS!

My sister Hillary and her two girls came to visit for my Dad's 70th, and as you can see, Trevor became a very POPULAR person in our house. Namely, Kaylie's other daddy. Which I loved, and am now suffering severe backlash from.


The PLAN: Get the whole family into town without Dad knowing and bring him to a D-backs game where he will be surprised by all of us in the APS Luxury Suite. (Provided by Lori).


Sweet decor by me and Hillary. The d-backs stadium is like Fort Knox.
We did what we could.

Waiting for the BIG MAN.

Did I mention it was exactly over home plate?
Yeah, it was.

Look! There is my whole family watching the game. If there is ONE thing Stewart Women love more than anything, it is hanging out with each other. Eventually, we all ended up in the chairs in the middle, completely un-aware of the game, which the d-backs miraculously won.
Anything for YOU Dad!

Of course, a Birthday wouldn't be complete without a schwanky dinner at Ocean Prime (no pix, sorry) and a Sundberg Swim Party. With most of the grandkids. The greatest part about this weekend?
It felt like MY birthday party too!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Paula Michelle!

Oh, and thanks for wishing me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

It was.

Congratulations Paula Michelle!

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Come back again soon!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Burning Questions- Day 3

Anyone having fun yet? I know the people who have entered my giveaway for the Trifle Bowl are! I will be choosing a winner on THURSDAY! So, just a few more days left to enter!

I have had a few more "burning questions" trickle in, and one had to do with my post from the other day about Jaxon, my child with Autism. This one came from my friend Jessica. (I have a LOT of Jessica's in my life) She reads my blog regularly, but only comments on Facebook. She more had an inquiry about WHAT to teach your children if they are in a situation where they have to interact with someone who is different.

Well, Jessica. FABULOUS inquiry. To be honest, I am not going to pretend that I am the be all/end all on the subject, but I know what I try to teach my own kids. Believe me, it is sometimes even hard for Abby to be nice to Jaxon.. So, I feel like I totally understand both sides of the situation for the most part.

I think the main thing is: be a good example, and answer children's questions honestly, but kindly. Let's say we are in the situation and Jaxon is at the park and he decides to get aggressive with your kid. OBVIOUSLY that is NOT OKAY! And I am NOT asking for a FREE PASS, because Jaxon still needs to learn that it is NOT OKAY to be that way with other kids.

First, hear me out, and try to understand the situation from Jaxon's perspective. Jaxon may have gotten aggressive because he is being, chased, taunted, excluded, or feels trapped. Once he got trapped in a slide and instead of saying, "Hey! Let me out!" He just started to attack kids until he got out. Other people were upset and rightfully so, I made Jaxon apologize, of course, but then explained that he was trapped in the slide and wanted to get out. Instead of going straight to using words, he gets aggressive, pushing and shoving in attempts to GET OUT.

You can tell your child, it was NOT OKAY for Jaxon to push, or hurt you. But, Jaxon doesn't always know that he is supposed to use his words to get help. Or, Jaxon doesn't always know what the right choice is. Or, Jaxon sometimes doesn't know how to control his body when he gets mad.

I hope that those kinds of explanations don't EXCUSE the behavior, but rather, EXPLAIN the situation and then the child is more apt to dealing with the situation the next time they might be there with Jaxon. They may even defend him, or say, 'HEY! LET HIM OUT!' Or offer whatever kind of help he might need.

He is QUIRKY, there is no doubt. Sometimes he even acts like a cartoon character, which makes kids laugh, or try to get him to do it again. Sometimes he can just get too wound up. Maybe an explanation to your child would be. EVERYONE is different. Jaxon is different too! He likes to express himself in different ways, and it may not always be LIKE YOU.

I think in general, this is a healthy way to describe someone else. They are different, and they are not LIKE YOU. This doesn't make them, BAD, or NOT FUN, or NOT YOUR FRIEND, it means they aren't YOU. But, we can still be nice to everyone and treat them nicely, even if they don't act like you, or, don't do the same things that you do. If they don't make the right choices it is because they are LEARNING, and maybe haven't learned it as well as YOU. This would be a good opportunity to focus on YOUR child's strengths and abilities and foster the ability to be of help to kids who don't do it as well as them! Say, "Hey! Next time, why don't you tell Jaxon that he needs to be nice to his friends! And ask him if he wants to play a different game that might make him more happy! He wants to have fun, but maybe next time you can show him that being nice is MORE fun." Communication is key.

That seemed like a long drawn out post, and may be over-simplified, but I hope it helps. The best thing to do as a parent might be to think, "How would I want MY child with special needs to be treated?" You might not have a child with special needs, but I am SURE you could understand how devastating it would be if you did, and how you would try every day to help that child out.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Burning Questions- DAY 2

Jessica asked my second "Burning Question" ---What are the top three things I have done to meet our budget requirements?

Well, the list is/was lengthy. Do I really have to keep it to three? Since it is my birthday, I am gonna say NO! :)

THE FIRST THING: I started doing was COUPONING! There was definitely a learning curve when it comes to couponing. First, I thought I had to pay for a service to tell me how to get the best deal out of my coupons. THEN I found a wonderful FREE site that does pretty much the same thing. The information I found most helpful as to WHY you should coupon and HOW to coupon came from the short tutorial on It didn't take long to read and it really made sense! AND was a compelling argument as to why you should coupon whether you need to or NOT.

I could go on and on about couponing, but, those are the biggest things about it.

Now, when I started couponing I felt pressure to run out and get EVERY SINGLE DEAL! But then I realized that I was probably not saving a whole lotta money. I had MORE for my money, but I definitely was not saving money. However, my pantry had never had more food storage. So, look at is this way: for the amount of money you are spending now, you could TOTALLY build your own food storage by couponing with the same amount of money you are spending now.

Since then, I have decided I save more money if I don't shop! Going to the gym has helped that predicament because now, I go to the gym, I come home, take a shower, it is lunch and then nap time and I don't even have time to go shop. I do. But it is less often now. Going to the gym I guess would be an expenditure, but Pampered Chef has covered that.

THE SECOND THING: I did was try to cut back bills or combine bills. I combined our cell phone and home phone bills, (probably saved $20). I cut back our cable, Internet and several other bills as well including re-analyzing insurance, which is a pain, but it did save us quite a bit of money. I think by the time I had analyzed all of our bills I saved us about $200. Not bad for a few minor adjustments. I also started doing some "secret shopping" which really deserves a post of it's own. But I find that a major money suck is "date night". However, date night is currently saving our marriage and our lives because the stress that is upon us is so severe that if we don't take the time to go out together we both really start to lose it. REALLY. So, we ask for gift cards for our birthdays and holidays so that we don't have to spend lots out of pocket, and buy the discounted movie tickets at Costco. When I started doing secret shopping we got to eat meals at places that we didn't need a gift card for. The snafu is: You have to buy your dinner, and they don't pay you for 30 days, or sometimes LONGER! If you do it every month, it starts to even out, but if you REALLY don't have it in your budget, it won't work. We can sneak it in and float till we get the money back. Consequently, we have had some GREAT dinners out of it! (Nice restaurants).

And the THIRD THING is: wait, I can't really think of a third thing. Really, between those TWO things: Couponing and re-evaluating bills I bet you could save about $500/month right off the top. Don't believe me? Give it a try. If you have additional questions about it, be sure to leave them here so I can answer them. Does anyone else have great budget saving ideas? If so, I want to hear them, and so does everyone else?

Just out of curiosity, what do YOU do Jessica?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Burning Questions Week- Day 1

WOW! Your burning questions were so overwhelming! NOT. Either you think you already know all of my opinions, or you are boring. JUST KIDDING!

A little while ago I invited readers to ask their "burning questions". I always have one or two for the blogs I read. Especially if I have never met that person before. But, I did get a few, and maybe throughout this week, I will get a few more. But let's go back to the original post.

We will start with Leah's question. (Hi Leah! Love you!)

"My question...what are your thoughts about cosmetic procedures?! Botox? Face lifts?"

Here you have it Leah. I think that this has a very fine line. I have enough stretch marks and sags on this body to definitely NEED an intervention, that is FOR SURE! I recently got my Varicose Veins done in an outpatient procedure. (I totally have pix of the procedure, but never posted them) Remember the picture of them? This is where I wish I had photoshop, because I would draw a lovely circle around that big bruise like thing and say, "NOW GONE" and then I would draw little arrows to the tiny purple veins and say, "STILL THERE" and then I would draw little lines to the small incisions (oh wait, that would require a new pic) anyway, for all intents and purposes, I am EXTREMELY happy with the procedure (totally covered by insurance). NOW, all I have are those (stillnotverypretty) little lines and I am looking into getting them removed as well. (NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE- But possibly covered by PAMPERED CHEF) Anywho. . .

As far as touching the face, I would ask BURT REYNOLDS,
Little more sketchy on that end. I will do facials, facial peels MAYBE fillers (but the side effects and possible bad results scare me to death-- not totally convinced yet, but Courtney Cox looks pretty darn amazing for her age)

However, UNDER by clothes you better believe I am planning on a full tummy tuck and lift (You know where). I am doing my best right now to make it totally worth my time and money (Down 15 lbs!) But, I am not there yet. Once I get there, you better believe I will start saving my pennies. But don't tell me how much it is, I don't want to be discouraged.

What do YOU think about plastic surgery Leah? You definitely are the LAST person on my list who would need it, but, I am curious as to what YOU would do?


Thursday, April 15, 2010

From One Mother to Another

I am guessing it is mostly women that read my blog. Prove me wrong.

So, I just wanted to take a minute to talk about m'boy Jaxon. (On the left)

Most of you know, he is Autistic.

Unlike other Autistic children he LOVES being around people.


The problem is, he doesn't always know how to act or what to say. Or, worse, he might say, or do something inappropriate.

If so, I am sorry.

VERY sorry.

I wish I could change it.

Believe me.

I wish I could.

Please accept my apology if he does something not appropriate.

But, will you do one other thing for me?

Talk to your child.

Talk to your child about children who are different.

He didn't choose to be different.

Tell your child that even though he is "different" you should still try to be nice.

Tell your child that even though you might think he is "weird" there are people in his world who love him. Dearly.

Tell your child that if they don't want to play with him, that is ok. But, try not to be mean to him.

Because, he still has feelings.

And he still wants to have friends.

Tell your child, especially your older children, to never hurt anyone physically.

Just because they might be bugging you.

Chances are, they are younger than you think they are and they don't quite understand what they should be doing.

Because his mom can't stand guard his whole life.

Sometimes, he is going to be on his own.

And I worry about him.

So, please tell teach your children about TOLERANCE.

For me.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Alright, it is time.

As you know, the Pampered Chef Trifle Bowl is on sale this month! YIPPEE! $10.50 off! That is a savings of MORE than 25% off. Normally, the only people who get discounts with Pampered Chef are the HOSTS! So, take advantage of it while you can. It is a great idea for Mother's Day.

But, just for fun,
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I will post the winner on my BIRTHDAY! (April 22nd) So, now is the time to enter!


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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Truly Disappointing Pictures of a FANTASTIC night.

April 8th, was DEFINITELY a night to remember. A few years ago we decided that we would take turns each year planning our Anniversary, because, after THIS ONE, I had to start doing some payback.

Peter always seems to get away with the most extravagant experiences though. And I HATE SURPRISES. Seriously. All kinds. The "life" surprises, the "fun" surprises, the "un-intentional" surprise. Seriously hate. I might be the only person on the planet, but it really grates against the control freak side of me. So, I don't like surprises... Good or bad. However, Peter INSISTS, on the most part, to always give me "Surprises" and then he relishes in my contempt for the Surprise. We have a great marriage, no?

It is kinda cute of him though, to go through so much effort and be in so much complete bliss because he is surprising me. Anywho, he pulled off another biggie and tried to make up for the fact that we had been planning for the past 5 years to go to Japan on our 10th anniversary. But the events of the past two years kinda put that one on the back burner.

It seems as though Peter and I cannot pull off any flattering pictures when we are on our own. Think that might be due to the close proximity of my arm holding the camera? Maybe.

Peter chose Roka Akor in Scottsdale as our dining destination. This would be the sister restaurant to Roka in London, Hong Kong and Dubai. Of course. Only the finest. Only.

I must admit, our eating experience there was out of this world. We even had Saga Beef. Served right there in that big 'ol leaf. With smoke coming out of the base and 4 kinds of salt to be used in lieu of soy. Soy.... so, overpowering, so, not good enough for the food we were eating. We had a Black Salt from Hawaii, a Green Tea Salt and a Himalayan Sea Salt (which I actually cook with everyday. Yes, it is THAT GOOD people) And just to give you an idea of how good that beef was, it was 1/2 the price of our meal ticket. THAT GOOD. And totally worth it for a once in a lifetime experience.
Peter can't open his eyes in pictures. Unless it is forced. Just look at the beef.
Then he took me to the Hyatt to ride on the Gondola. Que romantique. Our gondolier even sang us an Italian Aria.
Then, to top off the evening, we went to The Melting Pot. We decided long ago that dinner at the Melting Pot maybe wasn't worth the hype. But the dessert. . . the dessert DEFINITELY is. Order the Bananas Foster. Oh momma. I could bathe in it. And check out the privacy! Drapes? We made good use of them. And then I swore Abby would never be allowed on a date to The Melting Pot. 'Nuf said.

Thanks Peter, it was a magical "surprise" of a night.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


We weren't young, but we were, shall we say, unaware.
Unaware of all of the challenges life might have in store for us.
I have to admit, there have been more than I ever thought there would be.

Some of them have been daunting.
Some of them we will deal with for a very, very long time.
Some of them have arrived recently.
And have been sticking around.
I knew he was good then.

I didn't know he was quite so strong.
I didn't know he was quite so long suffering.
I didn't know he was so forgiving.
I didn't know he was the love of my life.
I didn't.
But he is.

I love these pictures.
Because they aren't posed.
Well, they ARE posed,
but more like you are getting a glimpse of a special and private moment.
It was a special and private moment.

It was quiet.
And a stunningly beautiful day.
It was picture perfect.
Eventhough life is not.

And again,
We were unaware.
Of the blessings we would have.
Of the joy they would bring.
Of the happiness that could be ours
after we got through all the bad.

We are working.
We will always be working.

It is a road.
But I am blessed to be on it,
with him.

Happy Anniversary Honey.
I love you.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Dearest Natalie, one of my most valiant fans, actually took the time to go BACK to my TV story and see if they posted the video of my spot, and, THEY DID!

I am here to tell you that the TV REALLY does add 10 lbs. Because I just LOST 10 lbs when I was doing my NO SUGAR thing.. and yeah, well, after I saw myself on TV, I was like, WAIT!!! I TOTALLY LOST THOSE 10 lbs! I should have consulted with someone on what NOT to wear when being filmed... i.e. white shirt. Mkay?

But since I love ya'll. I am going to let you check out the video anyway.

You can click on the link from my original post, or you can CLICK HERE.

Once you are there, click on the little (tiny) video icon below the story line and it will let you see the video along with ALL OF MY CHILDREN in their finest "acting" mode. Why can't kids just be natural? WHY? WHY? WHY?

And I also want to mention that I am a TOTAL VICTIM OF EDITING. Because my kids ALWAYS LOVE WHAT I MAKE! (ok, but they rarely dislike it) But they asked Jaxon what he doesn't like and he said, "Burned Pineapple" Which would mean, when I put pineapple, one of his most beloved foods, on the BBQ. He obviously doesn't like it when it is BURNT. End of story.. You watch the edit for yourself! :)

  • MY ANNIVERSARY (tomorrow... 10 years, thank you)


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DWTS Really?

Was anyone just missing plain old entertainment last night?


It seems like ALL the performances were a little heavy handed in the DRAMA department last night.

Really? Is DWTS the place to show your firm conviction of same s*x marriage? If it is, I wasn't feelin' it. Because, if you didn't notice, Niecy and Louis are NOT the same s*x, FURTHERMORE, their dance of "forbidden love" was. . . Far from that. And her sour face was not so fun.

Then there was Chelsie and Jake's dance. Is it just me? Or do they seem thoroughly annoyed with each other. It is obvious that Jake has problems taking direction from a 19 year old girl. But Jake, let's get real for a minute. You may not like being beaten down by a 19 year old girl, but she IS the PRO. If you were teaching her to fly a plane, and she wasn't doing it right, would you get on her about it? Yeah, you would. Don't go too much further Jake, or I am going to think you are a P.I.G. an not the animal kind.. the chauvinist kind.

Ashley. Speaking of heavy handed. It was driving me BONKERS that you were talking in Buzz's ear during the judges critique. What the heck were you saying? Was is REALLY that important? It is a dancing show Ashley, and, Buzz isn't that good and it is the judges job to say so. Just give him a hug and get that chip off your shoulder GEEZ! EVERYONE had a chip on their shoulder last night!

I really cannot even respond to Tony and Kate's dance. The judges totally called it. Pedestrian. I would call it more stomping around, but pedestrian sounds more nice. Tony, if you want to know what to do, please read Ashley's instructions above. Just give her a hug and call it good, cuz she stinks. Oh, but Kate? On a personal note, PLEASE don't wear your super curly hair all pulled back in the banana clip and pull your bangs back again (hair-dressing WTH?) it is REALLY not a good look for you. Seriously.

DWTS- Next week, can you please lighten up? What is going on over there? For the "best cast EVER" ya'll are kinda stinkin' it up!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Burning Questions

My birthday is coming up.


I can hardly even stand it.

I have never really cared about birthdays.

I mean, they are fun, and are a great excuse to eat my favorite thing. . . CUPCAKES.

But, I never really cared about the whole "another year older" thing.

Until this year.

I just don't like it.

I honestly don't feel a day over 27! I mean, if you could choose an age that you feel stuck in, what is it?

I don't feel any older.

Don't feel much wiser (ok, maybe a little wiser, hopefully)

My body feels older. . kind of.

So, I am finally starting to feel torn.

Like, I don't get it.

Getting older.

When I am talking to my 8 year old daughter it feels like she was a baby just a couple of years ago.


Anyway, back to burning questions. . .

Do you have any?

Because I am an open book.


If you ask, you shall receive.

I will post some answers to celebrate my 37 years.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Never too Early

It is NEVER too early to be ready for Mother's Day. Pampered Chef is giving you an opportunity to not only be prepared, but to get a great deal! Pampered Chef is giving you the Trifle Bowl for $10 off!

Pampered Chef RARELY gives a discount to anyone other than a host! So, this is a great opportunity to get a great deal.

I am going to make the deal a little SWEETER by offering FREE SHIPPING! If you order the Trifle Bowl from my website and enter FREE SHIP as the Host name, I will send you the Trifle Bowl for $10 off and with FREE SHIPPING! HOORAY!

This offer is not available at parties, and is only good on web-orders submitted in the way that I have outlined!

Need some ideas on what to put in your Trifle Bowl? Look no further!

These are just a few ideas! How about a gigantic Ice Cream sundae or you Mom's Favorite Candy! How about a few other Pampered Chef items! You choose! The Trifle Bowl is fantastic because the base is removable and you can store it right in the bowl. That makes it easy to store and easy to transport your Trifle for special occasions. It also had a lid to make sure it doesn't spill!
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