Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The History of Orange

When Peter and I got married it was two separate, individual, selfish, and independent worlds colliding.
I was a 27 year old single female with a successful job (in financial planning, managing about 5 million in assets, HEY! That is great for a 2nd year advisor!). I had a condo, a car, and a lifestyle of travel and leisure, planning get-aways with friends and having a constant stream of house (condo) visitors.

He was a 27 year old single male. Had been living on his own in Seattle for several years, doing school and dabbling in the Seattle grunge band scene and trying to find his way in life. He eventually decided to enter the family business (hotel management) and was managing a hotel in Renton, WA, doing his own thing, and attending a very small singles branch.

His taste was strictly modern.
My taste was strictly my own.

We clashed in many ways (and sometimes still do) but when we moved in together after dating only LONG DISTANCE for 6 months, it was a clash of the TITANS! We both had our own furniture, and we moved into an apartment in Eugene, OR. He was working, and I was newly unemployed. A position I had not been in in several (if ever?) years. I was ready for a life of wifehood. As much as a 27 year old strong minded, independent woman can be. I was NOT ready for compromise.

I figured our house would be MY own, and I determined that I would make it that way as soon as possible.
For the most part, our things meshed together in a sort of cheap eclectic way. I had my favorite items. He had his, but since we moved frequently, things, and pieces of furniture were constantly shifting, and where I could, I would banish the unsightly (to me) pieces of modern furniture, and conveniently replace them with things of my own choosing.

Peter, for the most part, relented.

He even told me that our house was my office, and I could do with it what I want.
However, there was ONE item that I was forbidden to get rid of. 

The Orange Plastic Ikea Table.

It's first home was by our couch.
It's second home was in Peter's office.
It's home right now is in our garage.
And I am pretty sure it's next home will be to the dump. (JUST KIDDING HONEY! I WOULD NEVER!)

When I started painting my kitchen table orange a few days ago. Peter was bemused.
He chuckled, "An ORANGE table? I thought you didn't like those!"
Turns out, I didn't.
Turns out, I changed my mind.
I can remember a time where "orange" would have been a color I hate.
And now it seems, it is a color I cannot live without.

Maybe it is because I live in California now? And everything is sun and oranges? I am not quite sure what possessed me, but I am QUITE sure, I love it.
However, I am also quite sure I still don't love HIS orange table.

 But I sure do love mine.
Probably his biggest gripe.
My "florescent orange urn"
Peter can't stand it.
Or rather, just can't believe it.
He is wondering what happened to me.
And to be honest, I just don't know.

But I love it.

Click HERE to see my kitchen BEFORE it's transformation

Monday, February 20, 2012

A promise is a promise

I don't miss the snow. I don't. I DO however miss skiing and the fun I had with my kids when skiing. To be honest, the only kid I ever really skied with is Abby. When Peter was working at Schweitzer, we all had season ski passes and we could put Abby into daycare for 1/2 price. Day care = Ski school! It was a win win for everyone.

I even had a group of girl friends who would all get sitters on Friday morning and we would all hit the slopes together.

It was dreamy.

I miss that part of it.

I don't miss living in the snow for 6 months. Not at all.

I promised Jaxon I would take him to see snow, and so, when the groupon/spreebird deals would pass by I would keep my eye out for that special deal to make good on my promise. Sure enough, one came up. To Mt. Baldy.

A quick google search would indicate that it was an easy 1 1/2 hour drive from our current digs. One would think that snow would be pretty inaccessible since we live so close to a beach, but au contrare! One of the beautiful things I am learning about Southern CA, is that it is very versatile. Even Shawn White would tell you that! (He grew up snowboarding at Big Bear) So, our snowy dreams have not TOTALLY vanished.

I actually got excited about our little snow adventure. Even though I have the starts of a sinus infection and would be going this trip solo, I was excited to pull out the two sizes too small snow gear and head on up the mountain.

The drive was spectacular, and had the hairpin turns I would expect of any great mountain. Even a few tunnels.

We arrived without incident, and I was excited to hurry up the hill as our time slot from 11:30 to 1:30 was narrowing. We pulled in at 11:20. Little did I know what was before me!

Riding up the SUPER scary ski lift.

The gaps in the VERY worn slats on the seats. 

An example of a SUPER SCARY seat.. Some were even missing slats!

That first one wasn't scary enough? How about THIS ONE!

I tried to stay focused on the cute girl I was trying to save. 

Wade passed the time making snow angels in the packed ice. . . Whatever.

The little snow hill and  my kids going down the hill!
The super big slats on the ride back down......her little bum could have slipped right through that crack! And to think Wade and Jaxon were on those scary chairs WITHOUT ME!

The chair stopped twice on the way down, and I am pretty sure my heart stopped at the same time.

Over all it was a pretty great trip, and California Mountains are just as beautiful as the next. However, i can't wait to get my rear on a chair lift that I am not scared to lose my life on! I decided two things. 
1- I really want to get my kids back into skiing next year and 
2- I really don't think I will ever be going back to Mt. Baldy!

I think they enjoyed themselves!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I have a minute.

I know, I haven't blogged about Jamaica.

There is a perfectly good reason for that.

I don't have hardly any pictures.
Okay, I have a "few" pictures.

But if you are a facebook friend of mine, you have already seen them.

 Here is a beach butler. He would get a pina colada into Peter's hand before he could even ask for one. As Peter said, "It is hard to not get attached to someone who is constantly bringing you cold drinks without being asked."

Truer words have never been spoken by my husband.

Was Jamaica great? That is an understatement. However, I don't know if it was a much the island, as it was the butler service. Because who doesn't want to be waited on all day.

I thought it might be awkward, but honestly, it was fabulous.
 It was partly cloudy and even rained one day, but I didn't care, because I was so incredibly relaxed, it's hard to care about anything in that environment. And everything in Jamaica is positive. "No problem, mon." "Liquid sunshine, mon." "Everything's alright, mon." Honestly, I think we all need to adopt a bit of that mantra. NO PROBLEM, MON.

It just makes everyone happier.
And here is my Island hair. I have to admit, having a crazy mane was kinda fun for a few days, until it started to turn into dread locks and be completely unmanageable. Then, it was a problem, mon.

Honestly, it was the trip of a lifetime. It is amazing to sit with your sisters and talk uninterrupted by things like requests for sippy cups, or kids drowning in the ocean.

I highly recommend it for anyone who is mildly considering it.

Unfortunately, now I have rather high expectations for "vacationing" and I fear that no plans in the future will ever quite stack up. However, it was a fantastic time... and for 50 years of marriage, my parents deserve that kind of trip!


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