Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hope Floats

*Pictures taken by MOI. Yesterday.

I started to HATE the phrase, "Everything happens for a reason". Because when you venture out on your own, and then, lose everything, it seems like a slap in the face.

I mean, you are SUPPOSED to lose everything "for a reason"? Have your hopes and dreams dashed for a "reason" and then, like, be happy about it?
And then, be stuck away from family, friends and everyone else and dealing with the biggest struggle in your life?

Cause, that doesn't seem quite right. Especially for people who tried hard, gave much, and did their best to choose the right. It is not like we were perfect. But we tried.
But, then again, there is Job.

But, sometimes, when things are going the OTHER direction, the phrase, "Everything happens for a reason" is a lot more hopeful. Because maybe there was a reason my husband had a break in his master's program this month.
Maybe there is a reason he met someone's husband who is out of work.

Or maybe even a reason we didn't get that job promotion we wanted. I mean, could there be a good reason for that?
Here is to HOPE.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


A little while ago I posted about my room re-do. Ok, well, I didn't re-do it. Just spruced it up a bit. . . It needed a facelift, and I STILL love looking down the hall way at it! It got my creative juices flowing SO MUCH that I have been BEGGING people to let me help them spruce up their homes!! (Any excuse to go to Home Fabrics!)

My friend Wendy finally took pitty on me (Did you see my button for her website here?----------------->) and let me go with her to Home Fabrics last week. She didn't need my sewing skills (she has them in spades) so, I just assisted in some spending money. . . I mean, picking out new fabric for her home! We had so much fun oooooooohing and aaaaaaaaaaahing over fabrics in the store. (We are easily entertained) and I had the VERY guily pleasure of helping her go from THIS:


oh sorry, that button is HERE!--------------------------------------->

We went a little bold but it sure paid off! Her new look is FANTASTIC! And I had waaaaaaaaaay too much fun convincing her to GO BOLD! (Check out that green and brown check!) Love it Wendy! And thanks for letting me go to the fabric store with you! (See MORE of her make-over here!)

Now, who is next?
I need another trip to the fabric store!

(I even offered to sew for you people!)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mud Rat (a new term similar to "Rug" Rat)

Sometimes when yer baby is drivin' ye crazy,

The only thing ye can do is let 'em do what comes natural.

Which, I guess for Kaylie is playin' in dat der mud.

And the joy the comes from it, I guess, is jist kinda indescribable.

I guess.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Mini Obsession

I have created a monster..

And that monster, has re-created me...

Because I introduced my bloggy friend Stephanie to Mini's when I was in Utah... and then she went out, and made her OWN.

And now, I have yet ANOTHER obsession with my favorite food, but now, it is in a different form.

A Mini.
(Curse you Stephanie)

So, now? Since they are pint sized? Can I eat like 10? Does that make it count as 1? If not, I have 48 new problems around the house. I'll have to see who I can pawn these off on to. . . any volunteers?

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have seen a few blog posts about Team Coco this week... I'll be honest, I didn't care. I don't watch Leno, or CoCo, or Letterman.. well, sometimes I watch Letterman because my husband DVR's it and wants me to watch a clip, but for the most part, I just don't watch late night TV. [Because I have a DVR that is already busting at the seams with recorded shows and somethin's gotta give mkay?]
But, I decided to set a recording for last nights last episode because I was SURE something monumental would happen or be said, and, I was right. But it wasn't what I expected.
Conan surprised me and said that he is not a cynic (I thought all comedians were by nature). And that you get places in the world by being nice and doing good.
To be honest, I was completely caught off guard by this message from someone who was being canned on a 10 year contract after 7 months. To say the least, I was impressed. Impressed that someone like him could actually say something positive and encourage OTHERS to be positive and tried to instill a sense of goodness in the world.
Kudos CoCo. Way to stay on a high note.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Animals are Acting Up Again . . .

Looks like we are having ANOTHER problem with the animals in our house. They get OUT OF CONTROL from time to time. Right now, seems to be another one of those times... they are rough.

I would feel bad for 'em, but this one musta done somethin' REAL bad.

This place is a ZOO!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A new Look.

I posted my latest obsession in decorating... and my "makeover" came back to me a little sooner than I had thought! Meet: MY NEW LOVE.

Remember her before?

Well, this is her, AFTER


Doesn't she just look a whole lot happier?? That is what I hear anyway, after people have their "procedure" done. She definitely looks like she has gotten a LIFT.

And now, she looks good at ANY angle.

And isn't that what we ALL want.

Now, when she is in a room, it really adds some UMPH!!

I even like staring at her from down the hallway... she looks so good.

Now, there is just one thing in that room that doesn't look so hot...

My $100 piano.. .and although she isn't very good looking... I still love her. But I still think she would look better with a little make-over too... How about a BUTTER YELLOW?

Check back. :)

Bachelor Re-cap

Did anyone miss my bachelor re-cap last week? I kinda did, but Jeanelle more than made up for it. Believe it or not, you almost didn't get one this week either because my DVR didn't record it! GAH!

It always happens once a season with a show that I love when the priority isn't set just right... So, I had to watch it this morning on-line... which is so not fun. . Anyway, here is my take on Jake.

VIENNA??? Seriously? I just don't see it. Although I will state a few things I am noticing about Vienna.. A- she is not as bad as her "package" was.. in her package she was very "Elle Woods" from Legally Blonde and I didn't think I was going to like her from one second. I still don't particularly think she is AWESOME (hi Ali!--But quit complaining k?) BUT B- I don't really think she is as bad as the girls in the house think she is either!!! I mean, I have seen plenty of girls in other seasons talk about their dates and no one gets as bent out of shape as these ladies!

And Jake.. I know he has been getting a lot of crap.. people don't like him, say he is weird and I don't even know how else they describe him, but seriously, he had some serious cajones last night for calling Michelle's bluff. (Seriously girl? You can only pull that kinda thing once, mkay?) And walking her crazy hiney ho right out the Do'! THANK HEAVENS!

And he did it again when he kicked Elizabeth out the door... A guy doesn't like a tease.... Ask my husband.. too bad we are already married!! Note to Elizabeth.. save that stuff for AFTER marriage... guys don't like it before-hand. Oh wait, they don't like it... EVER!!!! DUH! She got what she deserved.. but honestly, if she didn't get to go out that way, she couldn't have shown her "cry on screen" skills. Let's be honest, she probably had a boyfriend back home and she told him she wouldn't kiss the bach if he let her come on to improve her career... Ok, Nanny from some dull place who currently resides in L.A.!!!!

That is all I got for you this week, besides... Who the heck was VALISHA?? I swear, I never saw her until she got a close up for NOT getting the rose!


If you wanna read more funny re-caps, visit my friends! Jeanelle, and Hollyween!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Making me HAPPY! + DEAL FOR YOU!

A few years ago on my blog, I did an ODE TO YELLOW and a demo on making the cutest Spring Wreath. I haven't felt so "domestic" since I have lived in AZ. Don't get me wrong, I did do a little something to spruce up Kaylie's room before she arrived, but, since we have been here, I have just been in survival mode. . . just. keep. head. above. water.

I love to be crafty and I love to make my home a better place to be, and I have learned, from moving so many times, that you can make ANYPLACE feel like home. I rejected doing this for a while in our latest home because, I will be honest, it is hard to feel all "homey" when you are renting.

But, since I unpacked not too long ago, the "creative" juices have started flowing again and it feels good. I like to be "working on something"... not just to keep busy (I am still kinda house bound with two napping kids at home) but it makes me feel accomplished... in a weird sorta way.

You KNOW the sewing machine is going to make a debut when my MIL is in town. And, it did. We visited a store called Home Fabrics in Mesa.. It is a discount decorator fabric store and the minute I stepped through the doors, the juices started flowing. It has been too long. Really.

I found two amazing fabrics.. one that would be PERFECT in my living room. I have had my drapes done for a long time, but have wanted another fabric for throw pillows. . It was $4 a yard, and if you know decorator fabrics they are anywhere between $18 -$25 per yard, so, this was a steal!!! (All the fabrics there are deeply discounted)

this is totally me. . .
and I am in love with it.
I pretty much had to make pillows for my couch on the spot... I look in this room now and it makes my heart go pitter-pat. (Ok, so, I get excited about fabric. Weird, I know)

And see this lonely little chair? I think it needs a new look.. Something a little more splashy.. Don't you think? I will show you its' make-over soon.
Now, I didn't want my family room to feel left out... and I couldn't resist when I saw this happy flower fabric that I knew would just blend right in... and if you don't think a few little throw pillow will make the difference, I beg to differ... here is the proof.


boring. ho hum. blech.


Your eyes go straigh to the cuteness, don't they?? And doesn't it just bring a smile to your face?

Well, here is my offer... If you are looking to spruce up your look, I will happily go to Home Fabrics with you and if you don't know how, I WILL MAKE YOUR PILLOWS! They are easy and fast and if you take me to lunch I will consider us EVEN. Deal?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Snowbirds. . .

We have snowbirds that come to live at our house. They flit about the country anyway, but sometimes they land in our neck of the woods. My kids have named them, Nanna, and Poppa.

They come from time to time when it is too COLD in their neck of the woods.. which would pretty much be now until June, which is, coincidentally, when we like to go THERE.

We love having them. The kids love them here, and they love to spoil us. I would say it is a Win/Win. For those of you that know them, this isn't hard to imagine. They are spoilers by nature. When the spoilers are here I like to show them around. I am still pretty new around here... so, it is kinda fun for me too!

This time, Nanna showed up sick. :( But we still had LOTS of fun with Poppa. We went on bike rides, and checked out the new park and showed them around a bit (see above link) and then, he took us to a show. . .

Disney On Ice to be exact. . Poppa asked us if we brought our binoculars. . We OBVIOUSLY didn't need them. . .Jokester.

We had three thrilled kids. Wade had NO idea what was coming, but let me tell you, when he saw this.....

He was MORE than a little excited. I don't think he moved through the whole "Cars" part of the show.

Of course we had to get him a "My Queen" hat. . . which daddy seemed to want to wear more.

And, the great thing about Jaxon is... if you don't get him a hat, you can always convince him the cotton candy bag is ACTUALLY a hat. He is easy like that.
Poppa made up for it later by getting the Ta-mater hat too... notice how the BIG boys ended up with the hats and the little boys ended up with nada.
We had an awesome time!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Ok, because I love you I will give you yet ANOTHER post today because:

1- I didn't blog about The Bachelor this week. . . wanna know why? Because I read THIS post, and it was so stinkin' picture perfect in every way that I couldn't even give it any competition... (not that I want to compete). . Check it out.


2- Because it is national De-lurking day!!! Did you know that?? I didn't either!!! But because I am a HUGE fan of de-lurking.. come on. Today is YOUR day. Say hello!

Are you a regular reader?
Who sent you here?
How long have you been reading?
Do I know you?

SAY HI! (It means a lot)

Family Newsletter

My Dad's family has a family newsletter. It is big... Like seriously big. Like, I can't even tell you how many people have to contribute to this newsletter, but I know that every year I get a copy of the "newsletter" and it has more than 100 double-sided pages..

I am amazed that someone has the time or energy to put it together, and I seriously want to take a poll on who reads it, because I only read my own families' letters... sad huh? I need to get the family newsletter to see what they are up to? Just kidding. I mean, I know what they are up to, but I like to read what they wrote. . . Ok, on occasion I will read my cousins' newsletters, but that is about it. Maybe this year I will scan for members of my extended family that live in AZ. I know there are some here, but I have no idea who they are!

I was dutifully writing my letter to contribute when I realized that I hadn't really given a family update here for a while. I have been meaning to contribute an "update" on each child individually, but maybe, for history, I should include the family newsletter. I am sure there are those of you who were thoroughly disappointed when your Christmas card came without one. Sorry! That is what my BLOG is for! You want to know what I am up to? READ MY BLOG.

But, for a little update on the kiddies.. here is one for you.

Finally! A new year! This year seemed to drag on a bit for the W family since we have had many challenges since our move to AZ in 2008 (understatement of the decade). We were hoping for a better year in 2009, and it is slowly, but surely getting better (It is, for the most part). The good news is, Peter found work (YAY!)with the University of Phoenix here in AZ! Currently, he is working as an enrollment counselor, but is getting his MBA-IT at the same time and hopes to put his Project Management and PMP designation to work soon (that would be lovely since he is QUALIFIED for a better job)! We are looking for greater opportunities within the company. Hopefully, that will happen this year! (We are Really, REALLY, hoping for this one!!!)

I (Lindsey) have been trying to hold down the fort by accomplishing yet ANOTHER move in June (Seriously, it is sick how many times we have moved). Really, someday we will settle down and not move so much! I swear! Someday it will happen! (I really truly honestly believe this.. I don't know where we will be, but it will happen) We hope sooner than later. I almost protested unpacking the house this time because what is the point?!? I still did, and we are feeling more settled. Kaylin was born early in 2009 (Feb 4th to be exact) and having a new baby in the house always comes with it's own set of challenges. We are pretty certain she was ABSOLUTELY meant to be in our family (there was literally only ONE time it was HUMANLY POSSIBLE, and we got pregnant-- is that TMI?), but, she has definitely come into our family with her own set of DEMANDS! My life is kept very busy keeping her out of trouble and making sure the rest of the family gets fed and gets clean clothes.. I am hoping that someday this "phase" comes to a wonderful . . . CONCLUSION! (please let it end) In my spare time (What is that anyway), I like to blog (did you know that all of those OTHER colors are links to my actual blog posts!! COOL HUH! )(just kidding) to keep my family and friends updated with what I am doing and I just recently started selling Pampered Chef. I LOVE THAT STUFF! I am hoping to build my business, so, if you have any friends in AZ that need some Pampered Chef stuff, let me know! Now, on to the rest of the family! (Yeah, let me know!!! I need to book some parties!)

Abby (8) was baptized in August of 2008. I really can't believe I have a child who has been baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! What a wonderful experience for everyone! She is a great helper with her little sister and loves to play the piano, (we just found one on Craig's list for $100) (She just started lessons this week and dutifully plays her songs every day without me even having to tell her.. I love it! I love that SHE loves it! Best $100 I ever spent!) and she loves to do Theater and is in her theater group at school. When Kaylin gets a little older, I hope to get Abby into a Theater Club but there aren't very many close by and I am not ready to drive a screaming one year old all around town(never in a million years would I do that right now... never).. Maybe in 2011! She does great in school and LOVES it! She started Tennis lessons last year and loves trying any thing new.

Jaxon (6) is doing very well! In 2006, Jaxon was diagnosed with PDD-NOS and is on the Autism spectrum. The services here in Arizona are amazing for him and we have concluded that even though life have been rough for mom and dad since the move to AZ, it has been great for JAXON! He gets amazing therapy and services that we would never have been able to get him before. It is great. He has learned to read (Major accomplishment) and is in a mainstream Kindergarten class at school! We are so proud! (Except for when he comes home without a Happy Gram, which means he punched a kid... which happened at least 3 times last week. :(

Wade (2) is pretty much the light of our lives and I let him get away with just about anything (I really do, and it infuriates my husband). I never thought it would happen, but, it is true (I am a type A -never bend parent.. unless I am dealing with Wade and then I am just a big pile of goo). I don't know if my defenses have just finally been worn down, but I will let him have/or do just about anything (within reason of course) because he flashes me a smile and tells me he loves me... without prompting! (I heart him) It is awesome. He is a great buddy and is a pretty go with the flow sort of kid. A GREAT addition to our VERY crazy family (I thank my lucky stars for him every day). He helps me throughout the day and loves to play with "babygirl" his sister Kaylin. He is potty trained and turning 3 soon! We are going to try to get him into pre-school in 2010!

Kaylin (almost 1) notice how she kinda infiltrated everyone else's update? That is just how she rolls. She is into EVERYONE'S business! But we still love her. SHE however, mostly loves her daddy, and when we met him for lunch just yesterday, she saw him walking through the parking lot from 200 yards away and started screaming and kicking her feet with joy at the sight of him.. Yes, it is love, true love, and I am soooooo grateful for that break at the end of the day! (the love she has for him is completely un-real and I am so not jealous because I can't WAIT to hand her over at the end of the day!)

We feel blessed and know we are not alone in our trials. (If you ever need a shoulder, I have two.. I know there are a LOT of you out there who are looking for work right now, and I am thinking of you!) That we are watched over and that many others are suffering through trials as well. We feel for you, know your pain and hope and pray that things will get better for ALL of us! Best wishes on a truly great new year! (It can only go up from here!)

Lindsey and Family.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You gotta go HERE

*Image totally poached from their website.

I like to check AZ central for all things : Best of. I call upon my self to entertain my in-laws while they are here, and for the most part, I think I do a pretty good job.. One time, we took them (I mean, they took us) to dinner HERE. It was seriously the best Mexican food I have had. . . LIKE. . EVER!

If you LOVE you a good Mexican place with a fine dining flare.. you have got to try this place. It is not el-cheapo, but if you are looking for some good food and maybe a special occasion, try it.

Yum o! My gosh.. it was good. . anywho.. I always try to find some sort of fun little place. They are adventurers.. they like to tread off the beaten path and if I can help them, I WILL!

We also visited this little place called HIGLEY HOT DOG HUT it is supposed to be the best Chicago Style Hot Dog in town.. I have no idea what to expect for a Chicago Style Hot Dog, but, I thought they were awesome... They are cash only.. and you know, if you are going to take the time to try out a HOT DOG HUT because you are a fan of hot dogs, or because you tread off the beaten path too, well, ORDER THE SPECIAL which happens to be "The Works" if you have EVER been to a so called "greasy spoon" before you recognize quickly that they have a specialty, and it is usually what they are famous for.. so, for the good love of a hot dog. ORDER THE SPECIAL! (or you might be disappointed) mkay? If you do go to a greasy spoon and Don't order the special.. you get what you deserve! PUNK!

Moving back to Organ Stop Pizza. It was voted on AZ Central by the critics (Please don't listen to the public consensus! The only taste they have is in their mouth!) as best Family Restaurant. I had no idea what to expect, but was ready to put it to the test. Plus, it boast a gigantic organ in the walls of the restaurant which sounded interesting/fun/and loud which are all pluses when your last child get scream louder, longer and higher than Mariah Carey.

Peter met us there after work (it is right by his office) and when we got there, I asked him if he had been inside yet. He said, "Yeah, it looks like Senior night.... like EVERY night is Senior NIGHT!" Don't let that deter you though.. Since we had a senior with us (SORRY GRANDPA! --He can't figure out how to read this blog, so, it is ok) it was ok. . . It was WAAAAAAAAAAAY more entertaining than I thought it would be because at 5:30 on the money a 30 minute show started that was. . . to say in the least. . spectacular. If you don't want to hear The Phantom of the Oprah screaming from the walls of a pizza joint, don't go. But Abby and I didn't want to leave!!!! The pizza isn't cheap, but if you get full on entertainment, I say it is worth it... or take your sweet senior, who will STINKIN' LOVE THIS PLACE and enjoy (and have them pay).

Plus, the amazing, awesome organ player takes requests... and she is good. How about a little Mama Mia on the organ or the Star Wars theme??? AWESOME. Go.

Friday, January 8, 2010

This is ME: right now.

Stie, Ilene and Jessica think they are so, so, so, brave... Girls... say hello to how I look EVERY DAY!

yes, I purse my lips like that all the time.. don't you? They are all part of a blogger movement called, "Keepin' it real".. However, the thing is.. I really don't know how to not. I do not always post roses and sunshine. As a matter of fact, I actually have labels on my sidebar named "UGH" and "RANTS", why I need two separate labels for complaining, I will never know. [Oh wait, ask my husband] and from the looks of it, I would say between the total of those two "categories" it adds up to 34 if you are playing along.. the only other labels that add up more than that are "confessions" and . . . you guessed it. . . FOOD. (Oh, and funnies, because my life is so stinkin' hilarious)

That is what I am all about people. Really. If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you already know that.. and although I like to spread joy and sunshine as much as the next person, I know that is not what my blog is all about, and actually, I hope that is why you read it... because it IS REAL. (oh, and because I write notes to celebrities and talk about reality tv)

But, I want my bloggy sisters above to know that they are not... ahem... alone. As a matter of fact, I am RARELY caught with both MAKE UP AND HAIR DONE at the same time. (ONLY AT CHURCH) and I am just lucky if I can get one or the other done... and you might ask, "Why, if you took that picture just now, Lindsey, does it look like you just took a shower?" And I would say, "Because I did. It is 9:45p.m. on a Friday night, and I DID, IN FACT, JUST, Take a shower" And believe it or not, I was among the general public today with NO shower and NO make-up. I went to In and Out with my husband (poor guy) and Walmart (where I was generally accepted as looking GREAT) and Toys R Us. . . Oh, and the Costco gas station and then I cleaned my house like a CRAZY WOMAN because my in-laws are coming into town tomorrow and it seriously looked like an A-bomb had gone off in my house... because. . .

Since coming home from the holiday Abby has had Strep, Peter, myself and Abby had the Stomache Flu, Wade had impentiago and Abby also had an allergic reaction to her antibiotic. Not to mention "CHRISTMAS" arrived in boxes this last week and I had LOTS of help getting it unpacked, but not so much help getting it put away. Not to mention 2 weeks of held mail... and we ALL know how much I L.O.V.E. mail.

Anyway, I needed a reason to get it all put away, and now that it is, I can breathe a sigh of relief and look around at my clean house and wonder why it took me so long to get it that way. . . Girls, I am just saying, THAT is keepin' it real.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wings of Love

* pic courtesy of

Anyone have that song stuck in their head today??? No? Just me?

Alright... wouldn't be the first time.

To those of you who watched the Bachelor last night the only word I can think of to sum it up was...


Wasn't it?

Was it Jake? (I know there are a lot of Jake haters out there... don't hate him because he is awkward--think of a better reason)

Was it the HORRIBLE, GOOFY, STUPID (I hate that word-- and for the record, I hate the word hate) ONE liners the girls were coming up with. I mean, I have never heard worse in the HISTORY of bad opening one liners!!!

Moving on...

Ed and Jill: We get it, you are still together... but I have to admit, I was watching Ed like a HAWK for any slip ups... looking too long.. looking down... looking at all... it was distracting.

Ali- She is my fav right now... She was fun, not too attached, cute, and really tried to make the best of it, even though she was sick and didn't play the "I'm sick" card as hard as she could have.

Elizabeth from NEBRASKA??? Puhlease! How 'bout Elizabeth from LA who is trying to jump start her career. I am not going to say I didn't like her, but, I think her intentions were CLEAR.

Christina- Jelly Beans? A little too much on the I'm gonna show you side. Don't you think? Too much.

Michelle- Too weepy.. Especially for the first night,

and Rosyln-- Too model-y.

In the end, I think Jake might surprise us all and pick... NO ONE? Maybe... if Bachelor would, it would be him.. Not because no one is perfect enough (HI BRAD WOMACK) But because he really is just a good guy, lookin' for a good girl and there wasn't one who answered the casting call.

We will see!


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