Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Miracles Do Happen

I ACTUALLY downloaded the pictures off my cell phone today. Yup. I did. Like just now, and it is a big deal people, because it was seriously hard to figure out. And if you are like me, 1/2 the pictures that you take of your family are on your cell phone and what good are they to you if you can't get them off.
I ask you.

What good are they?

Screen saver on your phone good, and that is about it.

Now, I know this is old news, but since I now have new pix, I might have to back track a little in my life. Not because I am making a "blog book" cuz, I am not, but rather, because sometimes, the most fabulous pictures are taken on your cell phone, where there is no other hope to capture the moment, and thus, it is.

This is Kaylin, playing on the shores of the Spokane River where we spent a couple of weeks this summer. . Isn't it a great pic? Circa 1978? I don't know what it is, but the coloring and lighting make it look like just about every picture I have of myself when I was a kid.

This is my study on trees. I wanted the tops, and I wanted the bottoms, and I wanted the flowers on the ground in the shot too. Not quite there in this one.

Better in this one,

And this is best. Although my camera doesn't do those flowers justice, they were beautiful beyond measure.

And this is an iridescent picture of one of the weirdest nights of my life. Kaylie and kids were playing on the couch one minute, the last night of our visit to Washington and I was juuuuuuuuuust getting ready to leave the house to watch the Bachelorette with some other die hard watchers.

When suddenly, Kaylie fell off the couch hit her head, and started to seize. I have seen a lot of kids bump their heads, but this had to be the most unnerving experience of my life. Eyes open, no response, hands, fingers and toes curled. Yelling, calling her name, shaking. . . nothing. It doesn't come to someone as a "calm" feeling. Panic set in, and I remember yelling to my mother-in-law, CALL 911! She is not responding! I called her name again and again with no response. Eyes open. Hands and fingers curled. Body convulsing. I pleaded for my mother-in-law to ask 911 what to do, WHAT DO I DO?????

By the time the paramedics got there, Kaylie was crying, and back to being responsive, although completely inconsolable. They decided that I should take her to the ER to make sure there was no hemorrhaging. (Great news, thank you) I did, but felt calm. Feeling like that probably wasn't the case, but definitely wanting to make sure. The ride in the ambulance was not enjoyable. Kaylin was strapped to a board, and let's just say, she is NOT a good patient. She screamed for the next two hours until they could rule out a neck injury or hemorrhaging. When they took her off the board, the only thing I could do was let her play with my wallet, where she repeatedly took out all the cards, and put them in. Out, In, Out, In, Out, In. At least she was being still.

I drove to SLC the next day. 12 hour car ride. Alone. With 4 kids.

PS- I would like to thank Violingirl321 on youtube for her tutorial on downloading videos, which did not exactly help me with downloading my pictures, but got me close enough to actually do so. Thank you for making this post possible.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Some serious style.

Stripes and plaid are in. What you DIDN'T know, is that they are IN,
So is talking about yourself in the 3rd person and adding plurals. i.e.
"Hi! I'm Waders"

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pirates Like Cake

Wonder why I am not a regular "poster" right now? See this post. It speaks volumes.

When Jaxon was 2 years old, and not yet diagnosed with Autism, he used to make Pirate Maps. They consisted of an x, and island, some dotted lines and an occassional pirate. I am sure I have a few somewhere, because he probably made 1,000 of them. And if you think that might be an exaggeration, think again. I would give him a stack of about 20 papers and he would blaze through them in an hour, sketching his design. He would roll it up, ala, pirate map, and I would find the floor littered with pirate "debris" so to speak.

So, is it any real surprise that he wanted a priate cake for his birthday?

I mean, should there have been any surprise at all? After this cake, and this cake ?

I did a quick google search, and found something that would resemble a Pirate Cake. I thought I had seen one on Jill's blog, and I did! The thing to remember when putting together a crazy cake is that the freezer is your friend. I cut 2 rounds in 1/2 and frosted them side by side. I pressed on both ends and froze.

Then I flipped this side that you are seeing, down, and frosted the "bottom" of the cake, and then flipped it back to the top, to finish frosting. If you do a "real" frosting you have to be sure to keep the cake cool, so it will stay together. That is when the refrigerator becomes your friend.

In all, I think he was pretty pleased with the results.

The best was lighting the cannon candles, of course.

We also made a little visit to Chuck E. Cheese on a Monday night (it was a ghost town) just as a family to "celebrate" Wade took all of his tokens and planted himself at the Star Wars game and did not move the entire time. Coin after coin after coin.

I like Pirate Birthdays, for sure.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trying to Remember

Right now, I am trying to remember that we spent THREE WEEKS in cooler weather this summer. It is REALLY hard to believe because my garage door is still broken and I am still parking outside in 106+degree weather. We haven't seen two digits in weeks, and it is starting to get to me.

I swear at some point I was cool this summer. I swear. But right now I don't seem to remember the feeling of cool air.

I am dreaming of escaping, but, the kids are in school now and although I would love to take off for some cooler weather, it seems as if we are tied down for now. Until fall break that is. In the mean time, I have decided to finally down load my summer pix and think it is time to share. Maybe looking at them will make me feel cooler.

When I look back, I cannot believe I spent 48 hours driving from state to state to state to state largely on my own this summer. I did have Lisa with me for a couple of legs, and I think we cured her from any kind of driving travel for the rest of her LIFE! Most people call me crazy and for the record, I think I am crazy to. But I can either be crazy, or stay in Arizona for 7 weeks without a pool during the summer. Sounds about even doesn't it?

I didn't think I had posted any pix of the summer, but then I found this post. Seriously one of my favorite days from the summer. If you didn't read it because YOU were enjoying YOUR summer vacation, you can READ IT HERE. That last picture is priceless no?

I would be NUTS if I didn't go spend as much time as I could possibly muster at my in-laws house. I guess I should say, as much time as THEY can muster. Who wouldn't want to wake up to this every day.

I just swung open the door, and there I was. I can almost feel it now, if I close my eyes, lay under an air conditioning vent and put Kaylie in the bathtub so I can listen to water lapping. Can you feel it now too? Thought so.

Life with the In-laws is NEVER dull. We were sent an "agenda" before we even walked out the front door. One of the items was the Pirates of Couer d'Alene Cruise. It was a LOVELY adventure.

There was an on board sword fight, a damsel in distress, and pirates run amuck of course.

Leave it to Abby to be feeling the DRAMA.

I think it is safe to say everyone had a great time.
If you didn't get a chance to check it out this year, be sure to put it on the list for next.

If you knew how hard it is to get a picture of this guy, you would really appreciate this picture. Thanks Grrpa. We had a fantastic time.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have moved 9 times in 10 years. (Or something like that) I pretty much had a nervous break down after the last move, and just didn't unpack.

Although I finally got my act together, there are still aspects of my "move" that are un-finished. Call me crazy, but when you are renting, it is hard to put a lot of effort into making the place "HOME". Especially since I am feuding with my landlord right now.

Anywho. I DO have some good news, and the GOOD news is. . . since I am having my PARTY on Saturday night (ARE YOU COMING?) I finally got something FIXED.

My toilet started running. . . Like 6 months ago, but who is counting RIGHT?
So, instead of going to the store and picking up ONE part to fix it, I just turned off the water, closed the door, and locked it.

Kaylie was in "play in the toilet" phase anyway, so, it just seemed like one less trouble. AND, it ended up being a PERFECT hiding place for the TARGET CHRISTMAS HAUL. (I did it AGAIN this year!)

Plus, I just couldn't figure out how to go to Home Depot to pick up JUST ONE THING. It seems like the ultimate pain in my butt to pull into home depot, unload 2 (0r 4) kids and go in to pick up ONE THING.

I. just. couldn't. do. it.
Guess what.
I finally DID IT!
Not to forget, I also hung that gigantic wall mural up on the wall (it was merely propped up on the wall) AND I hung a plaque in the bathroom too! (I don't like where it is, but it's not comin' down now!)
So welcome. . . . My COMMODE is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Come sit on it, will ya?

Monday, August 9, 2010



Great NEWS! Pampered Chef is coming out with their new fall catalog September 1st. Not so great news! They are making 72 price increases, and shipping is going up too.
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Bachelorette Re-Cap

Alrighty folks. I don't know what happened to Holly, but since she hasn't posted her re-cap, I will do a little ditty. Don't get too excited because I can't re-hash it all. It has long been deleted from my DVR, but I have to say,

I enjoyed it.

It was like UMPTEEN MILLION times better than when Jake chose that freakshow Vienna(Betcha he is sad he did that!) I think it was because of the genuineness of the people. Although Ali's love for Frank bugged me (he was SO weird), she won my heart over in the long run with her level head and big heart.

I don't think I remember thinking that a Bachelorette/Bachelor couple would make it as much as I think these two will. That being said, the chances are slim, of course. But do you remember Andrew Firestone and Jen Scheft? I really did think they were going to make it. And they dated for what... almost a year before breaking up? She was smart, and level headed too, and she proved it by not choosing ANY of the guys when she was the Bachelorette! (Smart girl) Eventhough they didn't make it, I think I am rooting for Ali and Rerberto (spelling error intended) as much as I was rooting for Andrew and Jen. And now look at Andrew and Jen, they are both happily married (not to each other albeit) but to others and are living very stable lives. (Not much can be said for the rest of the heaping pile of dysfunctional Bachelors/ettes.)




He is just too nice of a guy. I mean, a former school teacher, who coached kids and left his job to care for his convalescing mom? Seriously? I mean, I see why Ali didn't choose him. He is reserved. (Did you see some of his outtakes though? Seriously funny) And Ali is a fruit pie. She is as nutty as they come, and Rerberto loved it. And although he isn't as nutty, he TOTALLY accepts her nutty-ness and calls it cute and her perfect. So in my opinion, she picked the RIGHT GUY FOR HER. But not the right guy. Know whatimean?

Chris L. *Sigh*

And kudos go to Ali for leaving the Bach team and their producers in a lurch when she sent Chris home. FINALLY someone who does something for the right reasons, no matter what the consequences. She did the right thing, we all knew it. And at that moment, for a slight second, I thought. . . you know? This show is inspiring...... JUST KIDDING.

I liked it. I wasn't quite sure leading up that Rerberto was going to take the plunge, but it looks like he did, both literally and figuratively. The guy was COVERED in sweat. (So, stinkin' romantic--NOT) Chris Harrison's blog said that he also fell into the water when he was getting out of that boat AND that he had to climb a LONG WAYS to get up to that platform. Poor guy. Why didn't they just CHOPPER him in?

Loves to you all who wanted a re-cap. THERE.YOU.GO.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I have a secret

When I am blog silent, it is usually because my "real life" becomes so insanely busy that I don't have a single solitary second to put together thoughts that belong on a blog.

I don't like it.

Because I have "blog thoughts" when I am not blogging, but they can't be translated into "blogland" because I just don't.have.the.time.

But I miss it.

But I don't miss it.

But I wonder if you miss me.

But then I realize that you probably don't.

But then I check my statcounter.

And I realilze that a few of you, do, indeed, miss me.

And the rest of you, have a blogreader. (GOOD WORK!)

But even when I do blog, only a few of you say hi. (A sad fact that I am trying to get over)

But then I check my statcounter, and realize, that indeed, you all stopped by. (Why don't you say hi next time!)

Here are my most recent BLOG THOUGHTS:

  • I fell off my step at step class. #1 Reason I don't attend step class.
  • I am so insanely grateful that school started. (I.KNOW)
  • I have had a serious hip problem that hurts like Hades and makes me feel 80.
  • I had two birthdays last week back to back. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER AND ABBY! I LOVE YOU! Huh, funny, that happens EVERY year.
  • I watched the Bachelorette and. . . I THINK IT MIGHT WORK! REALLY!
  • I love Chris L.
  • Sorry honey.
  • I want to do another Pampered Chef Giveaway.
  • Do you all want me to?
  • I am going to lunch with a famous blogger that now lives by me! LOVE IT!
  • My garage door is STILL BROKEN
  • My car got fixed. For. FREE.
  • I like Nutella. TOO MUCH.

That's all I got! Have a great day! Maybe I will stop by again soon!


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