Friday, May 20, 2011

Lego Lament

Wade is one of my best "self- entertainment" kids. We can turn off the TV, and he can find a myriad of things to do. He puts together the mickey mouse puzzle (shown here) again and again. He will play with toys, make a mess, play with blocks and play with his Legos. . . for a long, long time. It is really great to have a kid who can keep himself occupied during those precious precious napping hours of a toddler.

These Legos aren't even HIS Legos. They are Jaxon's Legos. We held off on buying Legos for a long, long time. As a matter of fact, this Christmas was the first time we bought a Lego set. . . . it was for Jaxon. . . but he never plays with it. He doesn't have the patience for it. Wade does. . . . actually, Wade just plays with the "Lego guys". . . he takes their legs off, their heads, their hats, and puts them all back together again in a different order. Shall we call it, Barbie dress up? I mean, Lego guy dress up?

Here are a few of the latest creations. If you look really closely, you can see teeth marks on the legs of the white "Lego guy" because that is the only way Wade can take the legs off. Peter taught him that trick, after I decided "quiet time" was far too full of me constantly changing "Lego guy" clothes.

Tonight, we paid a visit to the Lego store. It was a first for Wade, and he was. . .overwhelmed. He saw the bin of "Lego guy" parts that you can create a pack of three. They are $9.99 for three. A little too much for some Lego guys. The clerk quickly showed me to some singles. They were in bags, and you could not see what kind of Lego guy you were going to get. But the clerk promised me that every single one was unique and un-like the other, and had parts that you can't buy in the "build your own" section.

I was intrigued.

I let each of the boys pick out a bag.

When we got home, I let the boys open their bags. Jaxon opened his, and it was this awesome Musketeer. Cool hat, shirt and sword. Nothing short of Awesome.

Then Wade opened his. . . and before I could even get it assembled he started to cry. . and scream, and wail in horrifying disgust.

His Lego guy.

Was a Lego GIRL.

Wade was not happy.
He wants nothing to do with Lego Lady.


Danika said...

Too funny! My boys LOVE legos and just a few weeks ago sorted through their HUGE tub and picked out all the people pieces and now have them in a separate bag, and that's pretty much all they play with anymore.

The Wright Family said...

My son has loved legos since he was 3. Can't believe you guys just got them. Bionicles were a huge perseveration for Nick. I think the only folks who may own more bionicles than Nick is the Lego company. They don't make those anymore, but Nick recently spent a chunk of his money buying 6 of those mystery people bags. I currently have my coffee table covered w/ legos. That's the norm for my family room. We should get these boys together sometime.

Lauren in GA said...

There will come a day where a cute girl in a tennis skirt (with a fierce look of determination, I may add) will make him smile...

...sorry it isn't today...

Jaxon's was just so cool. It's hard to compete with a Musketeer.

Jeanelle said...

Oh I'm so sad for him! That's very traumatizing... :(

Lindsay said...

Heehee! So cute.


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