Friday, June 24, 2011

Things that are good. . .

  • We found a house. . . that feels AMAZING. Even though I haven't even seen it. (And it has no backyard)
  • We have a move date, and it is before school starts. YAY!
  • I am packing. . . and feel pretty good about the progress, but still worry about those last two weeks. Oy.
  • I cleaned up my facebook account! No more clients. . . unless I love you MORE than just being a client.
  • I get to leave Arizona! I am super excited to leave this place. . I like Arizona as a place to live, but everything else has pretty much STUNK.
  • I get to start a new life! This may seem like something I am sick of doing, but in this case, I am super super excited.
  • We finally signed our Area Development Agreement with Papa Murphy's! We are now the proud owners (co-owners) of 8 Papa Murphy's locations in the Inland Empire of California.
  • Wade is obsessed with California. He talks about it all the time. The funny thing is, he has done this ever since we went there for Thanksgiving LAST YEAR.
  • I am in a really great place with my kids. . . I look at them each day, amazed that I had them all (it really seems crazy to think about) but, I look at them and love them for their little personalities. They are all SO different.
Things are good. . .


Danika said...

YAY for finally finding a house! Do we get to see pics or a link? Glad everything is going well. We will miss you in AZ, but I know this is the right thing for you & your family and it's hard to be sad when you're so excited.

The Grant Family said... happy! I hope everything just keeps getting better and better!

Lauralee said...

so happy for you! Glad things are working out for you so well! Good luck with all the moving work!

Taeya said...

So glad that you have a place to move to. That always helps! Good luck with the packing. I know that you are a pro :)

Shanakin Skywalker said...

Good luck Lindsey! I will anxiously await updates!

jessica said...

Oh I am so happy for you!


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