Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dear Blog, I miss you.

Hi Dear Blog!

I miss you! I am not sure WHAT I miss about you. Maybe it is the whole, "process my thoughts" thing that I miss. I know I am having thoughts. Maybe just not important ones?

I should be telling about things that are going on in my family. Like,

Jaxon was Baptized!

Except, I took no pictures. Not a single one. Weird. I know. The whole day was surreal.

I had so much love and support on that day though. Like, 7-8 families from my new ward showed up.

I felt so blessed.

It was a great day.

I should post things like, My Mom came out for decorator prison!!!! And I am happy to report, I am MOSTLY done with decorating. However, there is lots of sewing, and painting to do, so, I don't "feel" done. Should I post pics anyway? I don't know. Okay, maybe I will do that.

The good news is, when I moved out of my house in AZ, I thought I hated all of my stuff. (Furnishings, decorations, etc.) But when I moved it all in here, I fell in love again! :) I think I was just out of love with our rental. Like, seriously.

I have a new calling... I should write about that. . . I am the Assistant Wolf Den Leader. THERE. That's it. I am going to kinda stink at it because I know nothing of scouting, so, it will probably be good for me. The thing I like about it is that I can still go to Relief Society!

We finished our landscaping! That is good too? Wanna see a picture? I don't know if I should post one, because I don't even know if I have a good "before" picture. So, maybe not.

We have had two visitors already, and one more this week! We like having a revolving door. Who is coming next?

So, that is what has been up with me, dear blog. What has been up with YOU?



rachelcooks said...

You will love scouts. I thought I would want to blow my brains out when they called me to the Bear Den, but it turned out that I seriously loved it. And I seriously love you, so I think you will love it too! I hope I get to see your house someday!

Lindsay said...

Thanks Lindsey for your comment on my blog, you are one of the people that I think lives life to the fullest! I am glad to be your friend...even on opposite ends of the states! Now, I need to investigate why you have moved...I could tell on FB that you were...

Danika said...

Did I tell you that Buffie & I are doing Bear Scouts now? I think it will be fun...and certainly easier to keep the boys under control in scouts than reverent in primary! Thought if I would have been called to Wolves last year right when Brandon turned 8 and I knew nothing about scouts (like you are with Jaxon), I would have been terrified!

Cynthia said...

I was just telling someone this morning that I got my kids raised without ever having to help with cub scouts. (And I'm a little bit happy about that) However, there were a couple of scout leaders when my son was young that totally excited and prepared my son for his scouting years and I will always be grateful for that. So YAY for scout leaders!

The Grant Family said...

Fun stuff! :) Good to hear from you again. I've been in scouts for about 3 years now. The first year I was a Wolf den leader and now two years as Cubmaster. Back when I was a den leader I remember thinking what a fabulous job the cubmaster did and I hoped they never released her! NEVER think thoughts like that! I was soon called to be her. I have to say I totally prefer cubmaster though. It's nice to throw one big party once a month rather than do the little weekly thing. Anyway, we're building MEN and that's a GOOD thing! :) That's all for now take care. I have to go to bed. Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday and I have absolutely nothing planned. I know, I suck! We'll just play it by ear all day.

Melissa-Mc said...

Busy busy. It seems the more things I have to blog about, I get overwhelmed and don't post anything. Doesn't always make sense.

jessica said...

I keep thinking things will slow down but they don't...poor blog. It feels like another job I just can't get done...like cleaning my toilets.


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