Sunday, October 16, 2011


Peter told me today that all the equipment for the store is being delivered tomorrow.
It is amazing to get to this point, after months and months, nearly a year, of planning.
To be honest, I don't know all the details of what arrives when etc,
because if I wanted to know, I would have to pester my husband all the time, and I just have no desire to do that.
Both of us worked all week last week.
And it was insane.
I am sure it is even going to be more crazy.
But as crazy as it is,
It is also crazy rewarding.
Sometimes I can't believe what we are doing.
Sometimes it feels like we have hit the jackpot of being able to do what we have always dreamed of doing.
And yes, we have wanted to do Papa Murphy's pizza for a very, very long time.
I know it is definitely not everyone's dream.
But it was ours.
I find myself doing weird things right now,
like trying to find someone to watch my kids for three days so I can go to training.
I can hardly believe it is happening.
I am grateful.
I am excited.
I am worried, but not in a bad way.
In a can I handle this? Sort of way.
In a, can my kids handle this? Sort of way.
In a, what will our "new" life be like? Sort of way.
In all the ways that you can't really predict?
Will it give us more control of our free time?
Will it give us less free time and drive us nuts?
Will our staff be good?
Will they care as much as we do?
Will people come to the store?
I have no doubt they will like the pizza.
But will they come?
My mind rolls around with a million questions, that I am just about going to get the answer to.
It is like climbing a summit, and looking down the mountain that you just climbed.
My heart is full of happiness for what we accomplished, and a little trepidation about climbing down.
I hope your prayers will be with us.
Cuz, we're gonna need them.


Melissa-Mc said...

It's going to be awesome!!! They WILL come!

Something our local Papa Murphy's does is Tuesday nights are technology Tuesday." When parents of students at the school buy pizza that night, they donate a portion back to the school. That gets a lot of people there.

Linsey said...

Cheering for your success -- you deserve all the best!

cher said...

Oh what a ride! I'll pray that the people come for pizza...

I can actually really empathize - we opened some storage units for business about four months ago. After two years of planning, building, etc, now all we can do is hope they fill up so we can pay the mortgage. Aaaaghh!! This is how dreams come true though, right?

jessica said...
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jessica said...

This is so exciting!! I can imagine your stress but honestly...HOW AWESOME!!! I wish I was there so I could buy tons of pizza from you...the chicken, bacon, artichoke is my favorite!

Loves and Hugs

Kimberley said...

Wish I lived closer to be eat'n some pizza! Congratulations on living your DREAM!

abbyandcompany said...

It's going to be great! I would buy the gourmet veggie all the's seriously the best pizza you have!

*Shelli* said...

We are so excited four your family! You all are amazing hard workers. It is going to be a success :) Can't wait to eat!!!


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