Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Countdown, and other stuff

Just two more weeks until we open store #2. This is where the incessant hand clapping starts in my head, and I try to keep up with the marching, even when the beat gets to an unsustainable pace. Turns out, it's already backfired. Peter and I left to go to a Papa Murphy's convention on Monday. I worked and worked and worked to get the house ready for the in-laws to see after 6 months. It was a mild success. I still had things that I had left to do, that didn't get done. I had to let it go. On Saturday, two days before we left, I noticed some small eczema developing on my nose. It was a few bubbles, and that happens to me occasionally when the weather changes, although the weather isn't changing, I didn't think it was too suspect.

By Monday morning, the day we left, the bubbles were bigger, and festering. I found myself desperate to hide them from people I would be mingling with at the Convention. I brought some Hydrocortizone cream with me and that night, lathered it on, in hopes to stop the rampant spreading on my face. By morning, I had a boil. I popped it, in desperation before heading off to our meetings. I was careful to not to remove the skin, but just let some of the fluid out. That would turn out to be a colossal mistake. The sore got worse, and started to show signs of infection. By the time we left convention  I was definitely concerned, and planning on seeking  medical advice. Thursday morning, my eye was swollen, which lead me to a hasty Dr.'s appointment at the dermatologist. Their conclusion? MRSA. Just what EVERYONE wants to hear when they have a break neck work schedule for the next two weeks, including an event on Friday. I started stressing about how I was going to cover this event now looking like beating victim with a large sore on the side of my nose, and a swollen eye.

The next morning, after starting a heavy round of antibiotics, my sore had worsened, and I was in full panic mode. Already panicking and stressed over a possible MRSA diagnosis, and now trying to determine why I wasn't getting any better. I returned to the Dr.'s office first thing in the morning, and begged someone to see me immediately. They did. And now, that I had yet ANOTHER bubble forming on the tip of my nose, the dermatologist determined it might be SHINGLES, or SHINGLES AND MRSA. Of course, the culture that they took the day before would not be ready for 24-48 hours, and that would be, oh, SATURDAY. Of course. So, I get to worry all weekend long if I have MRSA, SHINGLES, OR BOTH.

They put me on an antiviral medication as well. With a cream for my nose, and told me to go to the Ophthalmologist to ensure permanent nerve damage wasn't being done to my eye. Awesome. That is ALWAYS news that you want to here. AND they told me to go to the ER if things didn't get better over the weekend. (Another great tidbit of news, don't cha think?)

Luckily, things are progressing, although I still have a quarter size sore on my nose that is practically black and disgusting. I have been taking all of my medications, which leave me feeling queezy, and having a low grade headache all day long, along with aches and pains like I am recovering from the flu. The stress I am feeling is absolutely un-measurable. But I figure I better document this kind of thing, because I am sure when I look back at this time in our lives, I will wonder if it REALLY happened, because it just seems completely UN-REAL. Seriously.


Jessica said...

That is unreal. I'm so so sorry.

At least your life leaves you plenty to blog and FB about! :-/

jessica said...

NO Lindsey!!! This is awful! I am so sorry. I am praying for no MRSA and a quick recovery. You are strong my strong. You have some serious muscles from all the workouts over the years...hang in there!!!

Natalie said...

SERIOUSLY, this JUST happened to my mom! I'm so sorry! Get lots of rest and feel better quick. Love to you!

Danika said...

Scary! Hope you feel better soon! Wish you still lived here so I could be of some help. But I will add you to my ever-growing prayer list.

Kimberley said...

Oh dear, Lindsey!!! I'll keep you in my prayers. What is MRSA? Aunt Judith has shingles currently, so maybe she can give you some advice. Above all, take a break!! Shingles comes on from stress, and you're now about the 10th person I know who has recently come down with Shingles. It's not supposed to be contagious, but I'm beginning to doubt that. Another friend swears by doTerra oils for her shingles. HUGS!

Nurse Graham said...

Ugh that's awful. As soon as I read that you popped the blister I was thinking "NOOOO! Don't do that!" I hope everything is fine with your eye. Those kind of infections (either zoster or simplex) are bad news around the eye. Praying for a quick, uncomplicated for you.


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