Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Catching up

I think it's time for a post! I'd like to go back into the depths of my phone for memories.. We started a new school this fall, I've already blogged about it, and my utter love for that place, so, I won't include it here... But it's still just as awesome as it was when we started!

Jaxon had his first pinewood derby, and he Won! Peter was such a great dad. Even though it was an insane time of year for us with opening a new store, he spent time with Jaxon molding and shaping that thing! He won the first pinewood derby he was ever in, so it was important to him to have a very good showing for their first time.

We spent a day at Disneyland on a rare day off of school. Our passes for the year were ending and we were trying toile the most out of our limited time.

We got ready to open our new store! Opening a store is like pushing a boulder up a hill. It is so challenging and those last few days you feel like you are in a pressure cooker! We finally got it open and did 700 pizzas on our first full day open. Peter is always astonished by m marketing efforts... The store is doing well, and we are so happy to be at this point. I also got shingles just a few weeks before we opened. Not a happy surprise. Especially not on my face. It came as a result of stress from managing my job, and some hurtful people in my life. No worries, those people are at a distance now, but I just hate it when you are attacked by people you think are your friends!

It was a trying time for our family, juggling so much on our own is very difficult. With small kids, and 4 of them! And no family around to help lighten the load. Unless you have done it, it is hard to imagine the stress you are put under. Our contractor asked me if it put a strain on our marriage. It most definitely does, however, to date it is nothing like the strain of having a business blow up in your face, losing your entire investment, them being under employed or not employed at all for three years. Simple as that. In some ways,?i wonder if we went through all of that just so the pressure of opening these stores would seem like a cake walk. So far, it does.

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