Thursday, October 17, 2013

One Month In

Well, I've made it a month. Honestly, this little boy is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Honestly. He isn't doing great at night, but he so makes up for it during the day. He is sweet, and never cries in the car, okay, he cried ONCE in the car for 3 minutes and fell asleep. I get everything done I need to. He does't fuss at me unless he's hungry. He doesn't even really fuss at that even. He just kinda fusses. I mean, to say I am in love is a total understatement. I am so grateful. I mean sooooooooooooooo grateful.

Kaylie, when she was a baby would fuss all day, and then was horrible at night too. I mean, I don't love getting up at night, I am not great with being sleep deprived, but I can't help but love him because he is so sweet during the day! Lays on his playmat for 45 minutes. WITHOUT FUSSING. I mean, what newborn does that?!?

I have had a fussy day or two with him, and he has a hard time getting back to sleep at night mostly because of bowel disturbances. But honestly, HONESTLY, I'm so happy we have him. I know that he is a huge blessing to our family. The biggest issue I think I have is that this child will not be in Kindergarten until he is 6. SIX people! That is forever!!!! But it's okay. We'll find a good private school. ..hahah.

Honestly, I don't have much else to say. But I wanted to be able to look back on this time. It's crazy busy, and I am not working as much as I could or should, but I am enjoying it tremendously!

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