Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In the Back Yarden

That is what I called it when I was a kid anyway. We did a video tour of our garden this year. It is our first garden ever, and since I had Wade March 16th, I thought I would escape it for one more year. However, I made the mistake of taking Abby with me to the nursery to buy other plants, and the woman helping us asked if Abby was going to have a garden.... to which Abby gave a resounding "YES!" How could I deny her?

It hasn't really been so bad. The prep part was definitely the worst, but it forced me to finish the back yard, so that was good. We have our garden on a hill side, something I will have to build up again next year because the run off from a very strong rain storm washed away many of our seeds... Lesson learned. Retaining wall next year.... We still ended up with a pretty great (small) garden! And it has given Abby a great sense of accomplishment.

Enjoy the video below! Oh, it cuts out just she explains that the green pepper is something we put in our food, but she can't remember the name of it. Then we look at our strawberries, which are not very plentiful because we live next to a bird/nature reserve.... not good for our strawberry growth! They love to eat them too!


Julianne said...

Don't your kids get you motivated in ways like no other? That is nice that she was able to have that opportunity to grow a garden.

Brett said...

Soooooo cute. And what a great garden! I am jealous of your fresh tomatoes and wonderful ambition!


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