Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fun with FOOD!

Oh... this stage of babyhood is the absolute messiest.. I can't decide if letting him feed himself, and get COVERED in whatever it is he is eating is better or worse than having to feed him spoonful, by spoonful. Why can't they just go right into feeding themselves with a spoon, and using a napkin! I guess it really doesn't get that much better... Abby and Jaxon still get food on their clothes, in their hair, and on the floor too.

I couldn't resist taking a few pictures. I mean, the kid was using Chicken and Broccoli like the latest hair gel trend! It is pretty hard to see in the picture all of the broccoli that ended up in his hair, but just imagine it. I think it was the perfectly placed piece of rice on his nose that made me run for the camera, or maybe it was the smattering of broccoli on his right eye, it is hard to say.

Enjoy! Oh, and Enjoy the new recipe link to Butterscotch Bark. I saw it on-line today and I had all of the ingredients to try it out. It was fun, quick, easy, and yummy, so check it out!

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