Friday, December 21, 2007


If this is the first time you are visiting, we are happy to have you! If you are visiting because I stuck a sticker on your Christmas card, consider this you newsletter... (I see no need for redundancy) Anywho, this is a quick look at our year!

10. Wade was born on March 16th, 2007. A fabulous addition to this wild and crazy home. He is nine months old now, and crawling all over the place. He is a charmer, and keeps us very busy. see post: Santa Baby

9. Abby Started FIRST GRADE! She LOVES going to school, spelling tests, and hot lunch?? (Seriously, I have never seen a kid want hot lunch sooooooooo bad.)

8. Abby lost her first tooth! See blog post: Abby's first Tooth

7. Jaxon was finally formally diagnosed with ASD. Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is a great fun loving boy, with his own set of challenges, but hey, don't we all have challenges?
See post: Day of Miracles
or post: Our Kid Jaxon
but especially post: Bubba Dub

6. We went on a great trips to Sun River, OR. and Salt Lake City Utah! (For Pix, click on the corresponding photo link to the right)

5. Peter lost 55 lbs! (I kid you not!) The picture that you see to the right was taken back in August, when he had lost about 30 lbs, so, since then, he has lost about 25 more! His transformation has been fabulous, and he weighs as much as he did when we got MARRIED! (I wish I could say that!)

4. Abby fulfilled a life time dream of being in the CIRCUS! (No kidding) To see her performance, click on the video link to the right. :)

3. We are now the proud owner of THREE HOUSES! I know, it seems excessive, but actually, we our trying our hand at real estate development as well as being landlords... I will let you know how THAT is working out next year. As for right now, I spend 60% of my day being a general contractor, and landlord. Of course, I spend the other 40% doing laundry...

2. We just received a new calling to teach the Marriage and Family class at church! You think I am joking? We thought they were joking too. Obviously, we have something to learn.

1. WE DIDN'T MOVE THIS YEAR!!!! That is right! We are still living in the same home that we lived in LAST YEAR, and we don't have plans to move! It is a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

We wish all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, and a Happy New Year. We love you, and hope that you will stay in touch! Love,

Peter, Lindsey, Abby, Jaxon, and Wade

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