Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Bloggin'

We finally made it back to the land of 114 degree weather. It was a looooong ride back, but we made it. We had so much fun on our little excursion and I am so far behind in blogging I promise to catch up. I definitely want to share all the fun we had, but first, let me just say . . .


If we saw you, hung out with you, stayed at your house or basically breathed the same air in the last three weeks, I just want to say THANKS! We had so much fun. It was so nice to get out of the heat and leave behind the mess that was our newly moved into house. We enjoyed every bit of our Northwestern Tour, it was awesome.

I think I was hoping that I would come home to an un-packed house that was all organized and such. . . yeah. . didn't happen. As a matter of fact, it was just how I left it. It was kind of a depressing return home, but, we had so much fun I have been able to look past it and look BACK to all of the fun we had and it was well worth coming home to an incredibly messy house.

My kids got back to school NEXT Monday, and I can hardly believe it. I have a "TO DO" list that is very, very, very long. But, I still want to share some of my fun pix. Since I can't decide what to start with, I think I will start with a picture dialog. . .

"What happens when you take pictures of your frustrated 2 year old"

Here goes. . .

You give your toddler a hot chocolate chip cookie! He smiles in delight!

He looks at the cookie and tries to imagine how he is going to eat it, because it is warm, and not quite set up.

He looks at you in frustration, because it seems as if you are pulling an evil trick on him. I mean, warm cookie, gigantic mess. . I mean. . how is he supposed to get around THAT one?

You start to snicker, because it seems kinda funny and. .

He kinda laughs, but kinda gets mad too. . . so,

You take a picture of the cute baby who is watching all go down.

But, you have to go back to the funny toddler and as you start to snap away, this happens. .

You start to feel bad so, you take a picture of the person who thinks it IS funny,

(because, really, it was)

Then, your toddler decides that eating he cookie is much more important than getting mad at you for snapping pictures of it. . .

And you have to sneak one more in of the cute girl with the curl RIGHT in the middle of her forehead!

Check back soon for the rest of our summer adventures!


Leah said...

Welcome back! Glad you are safe. I just saw your MIL and FIL 5 minutes ago with the Mulloys on a walk. Such awesome people!

School already??? That is way too soon to be true. At least we still have Monday nights to look forward to for a while!;)

Melissa-Mc said...

I liked the sequence of pictures. Good luck getting ready for school.

Tammy said...

Love the pictures and welcome back. Cam and I just got back from Utah. We drove. It was fine. I really like the tips you gave on traveling with children. Nice! I will use them.

Bridget said...

Very cute pics! Love your baby's reaction to it all. I can't believe your kids start school so soon! Good luck getting ready.

nurse graham said...

Poor Wade. I'm glad that he eventually let the cookie goodness overcome all of the frustration and he got down to the business of eating the cookie. Glad you had a fun trip and returned home safely.

Ilene said...

Look at all of K's dark hair! Love it!!


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