Saturday, July 25, 2009

You Should Be Embarrassed

Jon Gosselin.


Because you are looking like a total and complete idiot.

And if I DID ever feel sorry for you,

because sometimes your wife seems REALLY over the top,

Now, I DON'T.

Because you pierced both your ears (and I am pretty sure you are over 30)

And because I just read THIS story, and it is seriously SO DUMB.

And I think you and Kate have had just a WEE BIT TOO MUCH ATTENTION.

But at least she is not galavanting around the world with a paparazzi pack.

She is at home with the kids.

And right now, she is looking a whole lot more put together than you.

And your 30-something mid-life crisis.


liz said...

*sigh* i love that show. i am so bummed it's all gotten so crazy. and he really does look like such a loser about now.

calibosmom said...

They are both dorks and should be court ordered to stop taping and interviewing. Do they not see what "tools" they are being? Pathetic!

Leah said...

Amen, sister! What's more disturbing to me is the Lohan link.

Ilene said...

I just don't get those two. I am not into their show but hearing about him frolicking around new york while the kids are with kate is unacceptable. If I ever divorced my husband (NO WAY I WILL), he would live in a room in the house so he could be around taking care of the kids too. He doesn't get off so easy.


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