Thursday, November 5, 2009

Video Crazy

tI have this weird bug on my computer. If I use caps or a tab, I get a weird random t somewhere. I don't feel like fixing it right now, so, if one pops up... just know that is whty! Mkay?

tI took a bunch of silly videos lately. tMty kids are just doing funny things. tI know no one will probably watch them, but the grandparents will! t:t)

Does anyone know how to fix this bugt? It is soooooooooo annotying. tGessh.

tAntyway, here is the first video. tAnd if you can resist the title...

tJaxon Does the tRobot. tI am seriously obsessed with the song he is dancing to. tI just love it right now. tYou know how you just fall in love with a song and listhen to it over, and over and tOVER?? Yeah.. that is this one.

I love the hook and love the remix. tI can't even think of the song it is remixing. I am sure it is an 80s song. tWish tI could think of it.

tThis is a nifty trick I saw Katylie doing while eating peas. . . I was super impressed . tI have never seen a baby do something so dexterile. (tIs that even a word? I think I just made it up) tAntyway. I explain what to look for on the video. If you miss it, rewind.

This is another video of the super talented K. She had the slinkty in her mouth and was pulling it out like a large green tongue. Well, tyou will just have to see what I mean.

tOk, so, she didn't quite get it done in that video, but it is still cute. HERE is the video of the large green tongue. tShe didn't do it that well in this video, but it was hard to capture.


Natalie said...

i'm going to start eating my peas like that.

cute babies! i love that you delight in them so much. more moms need to be delighted by their children (including me, 63% of the time:)).

jessica said...

I so need to take more video of my kids! Thanks for reminding me how quickly these moments go. I am totally taking video of my kids today!

Melissa-Mc said...

She is so dang cute.


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