Saturday, July 2, 2011

Letters To California

Wade is obsessed with California. . . and if you could hear it in his little Wade voice, it kinda sounds a wee bit reminiscent of how the Governator says it. You know, Cal-i-for-ni-a has lots of syllables and I guess Wade, and the Governator just want to make sure they get them all in there. Believe me, it is much cuter the way Wade says it.

Anyway, Wade started his little obsession back in November when we went their for a family Holiday trip. Ever since then he would randomly bring up California and say it was his favorite place, or that he wanted to go back. Then Peter and I started going on investigative trips there and he would bring it up even more frequently. . . "OH!! Are you going to Cal-i-for-nia?"

Peter and I were pretty excited to tell him he would ACTUALLY be moving to his favorite state. And the excitement was not lost on Wade. He continues to talk about California and how much he loves it there. I don't think it has dawned on him yet that we will actually be LIVING there. But, I am sure he will get the idea soon. . . .

In the mean time, he has started making "Letters to California". . . It has ended up being quite literal. And as I look to my left, he is sitting at the table RIGHT NOW making something. I don't know if it is another letter to California, but it sure is cute. He has just started drawing actual IMAGES. I love this stage. Jaxon drew us endless pirate maps, and Wade has started with endless "Letters to California". He will deliver them to Peter or myself and INSIST that we deliver it to California. I made the mistake of agreeing, and then laying the letter carefully on the floor. I was immediately scolded that that was NOT where the letter was supposed to go.

My favorite letter to California ended up having one of Wade's first images on it. I am serious. He has never drawn stick figures to this point, and I love this image so much, that if I ever open my own surf shop in California (you never know. . . I mean, I am already opening my own Pizza shop) I think I will use this as the logo. Of course everyone will think I paid millions for some genius designer to draw it. . . but no. . . just my awesome 4 year old.

Enjoy just a FEW of Wade's "Letter's to California" . . . (I scanned three at once)


This is the latest image, which was delivered just SECONDS after I finished this post!
Description: This is on the beach, and (that thing in the middle) you can ride it on the beach and it goes really fast and (the thing right above that) is a gun force field (?) and there is sun and it rains too.

After he handed it to me, he went to the electric piano that we pulled from under Abby's bed today while packing. He pounded on it and sang a few words about California. . . Seriously.Obsessed.

PPS- Now Kaylie also randomly tells me she wants to go to California. I think we are ready.


The Grant Family said...

Maybe it was meant to be! I hope so!!!

Lauren in GA said...

"Out of the mouth of babes", right?

I am very happy for Wade...that all of his wildest dreams are about to come true.

I love that he says it, "Cal-i-for-nia". I have not doubt it is cuter than Ahhhh-nold's pronunciation.

Jeanelle said...

So nice that the kids are on board! Super cute pics.

Kimberley said...

That kid cracks me up!! I guess the Spirit can guide you through multiple channels...even through Wade.


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