Friday, July 22, 2011

My Heart Beats Faster Every Day. .


Can you believe that this has been the LONGEST I have ever lived in ONE HOUSE???? Two years. That is my record, ridiculous.

I promise to stay in my next house longer than two years. . .
Who knows, I may be in it for 20.

What I am saying is, I think I am well on my way to living a more stable life, but hey, what does stable mean anyway?

I am overwhelmed by exactly HOW MUCH PLANNING has gone into this move. Not only did we get a house. . (after 3 failed attempts). . . but we are opening a store, doing training. . (like ME. I went to training for a week!) my kids are out of school, I have to coordinate moving, and picking up households, and dropping off households, and getting keys to households, and all of the utilities to boot. I have driven 48 hours straight in two days, and have just 7 more until I need to be completely packed up. Not to mention by husband is at work every day from 10:30-8:30 PM! I am doing Dr. Apts, and shopping for school stuff, arguing with my landlord that is ripping me off (UNITED METRO PROPERTIES!!!!) Scheduling landscapers, and cleaners, and oh my gosh, the list never ends. My phone rings 20 times in a day.

And I am a FIRM believer that an out of state move is way more extensive than an in-state one because you have to have EVERY LIVING THING packed before you move. . . You can't cheat, and come back for one or two car loads.

I hear myself telling Abby (after I have been short with her) that the stress that is on me is unimaginable to her. . . and she indeed looks at me with a blank stare. I hope some day she will read this and realize that really, I had every reason to be a strung out mess. But, I am usually able to rebound and keep my cool. . . USUALLY.

It is blazing hot outside, my kids have nothing to do, and soon, nothing to play with and NO ONE to play with as school starts on Monday. . .


We have a move date.
It is solid (as of today. . what a relief)
I have a place to live (as long as nothing goes wrong)
I have arranged to have it cleaned (it was bank-owned) before we get in.

So, I think I am good.

I have begged for some help, and I have gotten some. And I sooooooooooooo appreciate that. To those of you who have come a HUGE, HEARTFELT, THANK YOU!!! It means the world to me, and I want you to know that.

I feel prepared.

As prepared as I CAN feel.

When chaos is about to ensue.

Most of my house is packed,

and the RS is coming on Tuesday to finish.

And you know what? If I don't have another thing to make food on between Tuesday and Friday until I actually move, I am not going to care one single bit, because it will be DONE. And THAT will be a relief.

Sweet, sweet relief.

Can't wait.

Can't wait.



The Grant Family said...

Ahhh! I soooo wish I lived closer and could help! What a load of stress! (((hugs)))) You're almost there! :)

Colour & Water said...
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The Platt's said...

Hang in there & good luck with everything! We just moved a couple of months ago and it was awful! We are still trying to unpack and get settled. You are considerably more organized than most and will get through this with flying colors!!!

jessica said...

Oh I am so happy for you! Not happy about the stress...NO NO but you can see the light my friend. Just hang on!!!! I wish I was there to help a sister out.

Natalie said...

best of luck to you!!! i think the ab-ster will look back and see that her mama is in fact a super hero. i wish i could help you!

Staceygirl said...

I am so sorry I didn't even know you were moving until we sang goodbye songs to your kids at church. I figured you'd be a pro at moving by now because of living in so many houses, but I guess it just never gets easier. I hear you on the out of state moves... we left lots of furniture, our basketball hoop, and our (*sniff*) grill in Utah. When the truck was full, that was it. Best of luck to you. P.S. I was on Lisa McB's blog and saw your blog there.


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