Monday, February 20, 2012

A promise is a promise

I don't miss the snow. I don't. I DO however miss skiing and the fun I had with my kids when skiing. To be honest, the only kid I ever really skied with is Abby. When Peter was working at Schweitzer, we all had season ski passes and we could put Abby into daycare for 1/2 price. Day care = Ski school! It was a win win for everyone.

I even had a group of girl friends who would all get sitters on Friday morning and we would all hit the slopes together.

It was dreamy.

I miss that part of it.

I don't miss living in the snow for 6 months. Not at all.

I promised Jaxon I would take him to see snow, and so, when the groupon/spreebird deals would pass by I would keep my eye out for that special deal to make good on my promise. Sure enough, one came up. To Mt. Baldy.

A quick google search would indicate that it was an easy 1 1/2 hour drive from our current digs. One would think that snow would be pretty inaccessible since we live so close to a beach, but au contrare! One of the beautiful things I am learning about Southern CA, is that it is very versatile. Even Shawn White would tell you that! (He grew up snowboarding at Big Bear) So, our snowy dreams have not TOTALLY vanished.

I actually got excited about our little snow adventure. Even though I have the starts of a sinus infection and would be going this trip solo, I was excited to pull out the two sizes too small snow gear and head on up the mountain.

The drive was spectacular, and had the hairpin turns I would expect of any great mountain. Even a few tunnels.

We arrived without incident, and I was excited to hurry up the hill as our time slot from 11:30 to 1:30 was narrowing. We pulled in at 11:20. Little did I know what was before me!

Riding up the SUPER scary ski lift.

The gaps in the VERY worn slats on the seats. 

An example of a SUPER SCARY seat.. Some were even missing slats!

That first one wasn't scary enough? How about THIS ONE!

I tried to stay focused on the cute girl I was trying to save. 

Wade passed the time making snow angels in the packed ice. . . Whatever.

The little snow hill and  my kids going down the hill!
The super big slats on the ride back down......her little bum could have slipped right through that crack! And to think Wade and Jaxon were on those scary chairs WITHOUT ME!

The chair stopped twice on the way down, and I am pretty sure my heart stopped at the same time.

Over all it was a pretty great trip, and California Mountains are just as beautiful as the next. However, i can't wait to get my rear on a chair lift that I am not scared to lose my life on! I decided two things. 
1- I really want to get my kids back into skiing next year and 
2- I really don't think I will ever be going back to Mt. Baldy!

I think they enjoyed themselves!

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Danika said...

You put Jaxon and Wade on a ski lift (especially a scary one like that) without you?!? Wow - you definitely win bravest mom of the year! Guess you can see why they were offering a Groupon! :) Glad you had fun anyway and that everyone was safe! If you can believe I lived 18 years in SoCal and 6 years in Utah and have only skied once (in CA with the YW). Probably because I hated it the whole time.


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