Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mr. Mario

I have this system for birthdays, it goes like this. You can have a birthday party every year... WITH FAMILY. i.e. Grandparents coming over, maybe one or two family friends, you know, low key, low budget kind of stuff. 

Occasionally, you can have a BIRTHDAY PARTY (WITH FRIENDS!)! Abby has received more than her allotted amount. Jaxon has had ONE birthday party with "friends" (neighbors down the street) last summer. It is tough to get a party together for someone who doesn't really have "friends." And Wade, turning 5, seemed an appropriate time to have his "FIRST" birthday party.....

Peter made the cake. Okay, he picked up a blank Costco Cake, and decorated it per our "theme" I think he did an amazing job. More importantly he did a job I did not want/have time/need to do. I am a TOTAL cake snob when it comes to eating cake, but honestly, I just don't care what kind of cake my kids get. I was perfectly happy just picking up one at Albie's. Peter was NOT. 

 Look at the precision!
 I think it was awesome, and juuuuuuuuuust after I took this picture. . . . 
 I sliiiiiiiiiiiiid the cake back away from little hands and the counter edge and BAM! My fingers went right into Wade's name. :(
 We decorated with Boo. I had to confirm with Abby the exact placement of the cones.. Are they ears? She assured me they are hands... And should be pointed down. . .  . Of course I got this idea off of Pinterest. So let it be heard.. Pinterest has indeed been in operation for probably 2-3 years now, and there will never be another original idea ever again.  However, I love thee pinterest for making my creative life easier.
 We had Papa Murphy's Mini Murph's. OF COURSE. 
And, we opened presents. We did a few games, but I had to keep it simple this year. I had several PM events this week along with the most wicked cold I have had in probably a couple of years and I had one foot in the grave by the end of this week, BUT, we did it. And today, he asked me when his birthday party is.. I swear, that is why I do NOT do these kinda things often!!!!!

A successful party and all. Now, if I have my way about it, and my plans go accordingly... He will not have another "FRIEND" party until he is 8.  (Then 12, then 16, and maybe 18... thus, I am only obligated to 5 "FRIEND" birthday parties in a lifetime... and I like it that way, thank you....)

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