Friday, April 6, 2012


Our family got season passes from  generous grandparents for Christmas this year. . . I was so thrilled, and have been able to use them several times. I know it might seem like overkill to have season passes to the Happiest Place on Earth, but I truly love it. We finally got to have Peter take a day off and come with us. It was our first day of spring break, and I was thrilled to have him along. (I am usually solo, or with a friend.)

The Happiest Place on Earth is a WHOLE LOT HAPPIER when we use the Jaxon pass. Basically, it is a special services pass that we get because of Jaxon's autism. Believe it or not, having autism at Disneyland can be trying and difficult. As a matter of fact, on this very trip Peter was waiting in a regular line, and Jaxon flew around and ran into someone who was holding a baby... Needless to say, that person got mad. Anywho, having the Jaxon pass allows us to hop in any fast pass line, without a fast pass, and believe me, it helps a LOT. 
Peter used to feel  a little bit of guilt for using the Jaxon pass. (For the record, I never did- ps, that picture of Wade in the link KILLS me) But, recently, I asked Peter when he thought we would stop using the "Jaxon Pass" and he said, "When Jaxon is no longer in special education!" I would tend to agree, but I hope that is sooner than later. 

The other great thing about the pass is the way it entertains kids, on days off, spring break and just about any other Holiday you can think of, and we have not ever had a kid say, "Oh, man.. NOT DISNEYLAND!" on the day that we do, we will most certainly not get that child a pass ever again. 

 Most of our trips to Disneyland are not without incident, and this one wasn't either. Wade was/is sick, and runnin' a temp. At one point, he even said he wanted to go home, but nothing a quick trip to the gift shop couldn't fix. A couple of tablespoons of motrin and he was on his way (after a quick nap).
 My husband may consider himself at times a "Disneyland Nazi" Parade? NO! We can't wait around for a parade!!! We have to go on ____________ ride! This is another great reason for D-land passes. Time. Time to do whatever you want. We even went to the Tiki room which I don't think I have ever been to in my 38 years  of life. I finally went, and you know what? Once was probably enough.
 But the parades, the parades in my opinion are a CAN'T MISS. They are so well done, so colorful, so fun to watch.
 My kids were enthralled the ENTIRE time, and soaked up every second.
 I couldn't decide what to watch. Their faces? Or the parade!
Of course snow white turned her back on me the split second I clicked the camera. . . .We had a fantastic time, and always do. I am grateful for generous grandparents who make it all possible!


Danika said...

Oh man, I wish you would have posted this a few days ago! My friend who has 2 Fragile X boys (similar to autism) is there at Disneyland this week and is struggling with her boys and over-stimulation issues. I just sent her a message telling her about the special needs pass because I think she is there one more day so maybe she can get one.

Jeanelle said...

Oh I love Disneyland. Living close enough to justify passes would be a dream come true. :)

Linsey said...

So fun! I'm jealous. I wish we lived in CA just for Disneyland. But, I'm thrilled for you and that you get to see it all whenever you want.


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