Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mr. Mario

I have this system for birthdays, it goes like this. You can have a birthday party every year... WITH FAMILY. i.e. Grandparents coming over, maybe one or two family friends, you know, low key, low budget kind of stuff. 

Occasionally, you can have a BIRTHDAY PARTY (WITH FRIENDS!)! Abby has received more than her allotted amount. Jaxon has had ONE birthday party with "friends" (neighbors down the street) last summer. It is tough to get a party together for someone who doesn't really have "friends." And Wade, turning 5, seemed an appropriate time to have his "FIRST" birthday party.....

Peter made the cake. Okay, he picked up a blank Costco Cake, and decorated it per our "theme" I think he did an amazing job. More importantly he did a job I did not want/have time/need to do. I am a TOTAL cake snob when it comes to eating cake, but honestly, I just don't care what kind of cake my kids get. I was perfectly happy just picking up one at Albie's. Peter was NOT. 

 Look at the precision!
 I think it was awesome, and juuuuuuuuuust after I took this picture. . . . 
 I sliiiiiiiiiiiiid the cake back away from little hands and the counter edge and BAM! My fingers went right into Wade's name. :(
 We decorated with Boo. I had to confirm with Abby the exact placement of the cones.. Are they ears? She assured me they are hands... And should be pointed down. . .  . Of course I got this idea off of Pinterest. So let it be heard.. Pinterest has indeed been in operation for probably 2-3 years now, and there will never be another original idea ever again.  However, I love thee pinterest for making my creative life easier.
 We had Papa Murphy's Mini Murph's. OF COURSE. 
And, we opened presents. We did a few games, but I had to keep it simple this year. I had several PM events this week along with the most wicked cold I have had in probably a couple of years and I had one foot in the grave by the end of this week, BUT, we did it. And today, he asked me when his birthday party is.. I swear, that is why I do NOT do these kinda things often!!!!!

A successful party and all. Now, if I have my way about it, and my plans go accordingly... He will not have another "FRIEND" party until he is 8.  (Then 12, then 16, and maybe 18... thus, I am only obligated to 5 "FRIEND" birthday parties in a lifetime... and I like it that way, thank you....)

Friday, March 16, 2012

What are you doing?

From time to time I wonder,
What is it that I am doing that makes it so hard to blog?
Honestly, right now, I could easily crawl back into bed and not think about it for a single second.
But, I don't want a huge gap in my history and I hope that sometime down the line,
my kids will read this and realize that I was not just a crazed lunatic who frequently melted into a pile of goo (no wicked witch reference intended) but that I was indeed just a busy mom trying to keep her stuff together.

Owning your own business is such a crazy undertaking.
I felt like I had a pretty good idea of how it was going to effect our lives,
because we had done it before.
But, in fact, "I" had not done it before.
Because I wasn't really involved in our first business venture.

When we decided to do this one, Peter insisted that I be involved.
I was reticent at first.
I didn't want to give up my *own* business (Pampered Chef).
But, in time, I realized that he was going to need me to do full time marketing for the store.

So, he works 200% of the time,
And I work 100% of the time and it is indeed crazy for the both of us.

It leaves little time for blogging,
but, I want my kids to know some day exactly (or sort of) what we went through at this time in their lives.
Some people may think it a detriment to have such young children during this time, for both them, and us.
But honestly, I think that it is an amazing process for all of us.

We all have to work hard to get things done,
to enjoy time together,
to have other activities we enjoy.
It is a full life,
but a good life.
And our kids see us working.
And working together.
And sometimes they work.
Abby works at the store, asking people if they have ever baked our pizzas, and opening the door for people. Doing dishes at home, walking the dog, and believe me, just getting her to clean her room is a major ordeal.
Wade comes with me in the pizza trailer, and hands out pizzas after school, brings garbages downstairs and clears the table.
Jaxon... okay, Jaxon doesn't work with me per se, but he has to pick up extra slack at home, and empties the dishwasher every day, takes out the recycling and trash, and picks up the family room, and sometimes his bedroom. He brings down the laundry from his room, and he takes the clean laundry upstairs and puts it away.

We all pitch in, to make life a little easier on everyone else. My house is not always clean, neither are my bathrooms, but I am grateful that it forces me to rely on my kids, because they in turn, learn to work, and do their fair share, because I will admit, I am one of those who *may* just do it myself, instead of having my kids do it, because I can do it better, faster, and I will be happier with the results.

Instead, I hope that I am teaching children the meaning of hard work, and I hope, in time, they will see what success hard work brings. We are all in this together, in fact, we did this FOR them. So that we can all have the life we want to have, and enjoy the things we want to enjoy, and by golly, sometimes doing that, and getting that includes a lot of hard work.

I don't think I could ever list on here all of the things I do for work. I am sure you can imagine. But overall, we love it. It's challenging, but we love it.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pearl Girl

Abby gets into her fair share of trouble.
And my personal favorite consequence is banning of TV and all other electrical objects.
So, when Abby is banned from said objects, she turns to book making.

Doesn't EVERY kid?

No? I know.

She has made several books. One other one I posted HERE. If you haven't read it, it is VERY worth the read.

But she is at it again, and this time in CoLoR! 



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