Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Abby the Author

I love seeing what talents our children acquire. I love to try to let them explore and develop their talents, and I am hoping, in some way, to push them in the right direction to fuel their passion.

With Abby, I don't have to try much. She will waltz into the kitchen and grab a pile of papers and my stapler, and disappear into her room. I am not sure how long her creations take, but eventually, she emerges with a final product.

I am always excited with anticipation. I think I better start meeting with publishers. Anyone know one?

This one is called, MISS PIGGY PIG. Enjoy.

How adorable is THAT.
What amazes me is her different angles on the drawings!
Forgive that girl's left arm. Her mom has long arms.
I will take any guesses on what is inscribed on that mirror.
Wasn't she chic?
How daring!
You're never too old to be a model! (Notice the Project runway heading)
Thank heavens she has her values in check. Can you believe how adorable those piglets are?
Of course she did.


Natalie said...

how cute is that?! I love it! Piper wrote a book that she really wants to get published. i keep telling her i will google 'how to get your book published' but then of course, forget. tell abby to keep up the good work. the art was the best. kid art ALWAYS makes me smile.

rachelcooks said...

That was awesome! Abby is super talented and I agree, her piglets were adorable!


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