Sunday, September 15, 2013

I guess it's to be expected

I don't so much feel the need to post pictures here because they are all over social media! But I do need to post the feelings that I have had since our baby was born. I guess it is as would be expected. Because after years and 9 months of dreading this baby, it is finally over, and he is here. Most of me expected that he would be just a dreaded after he came out. But I was wrong. So very very very wrong. He is sweet, and patient, and an excellent nurser, and he's calm and lets anyone hold him and I am blessed beyond measure. Now, I know he is only 6 days old, but I feel the blessing of having him in our home already, and to think I doubted for a minute his presence is ridiculous!

 I am in love, and he is wonderful. I was scared the first few days. Overwhelmed and even a bit blue. Being locked in what feels like a cage (hospital) away from family and friends for a few days will do that to you! The hospital didn't have a nursery either, so, it wasn't like I could go on vacation for a few hours a day. Or at night even, so coming home to the people who make it so made me happier than ever. It is crazy, and it will take some adjusting to, but I am grateful, and so so so happy, and every time I look into his face, I feel blessed.

Can you imagine? What a blessing. Part of me even feels a titch guilty I dreaded him so much. (But not really) because it was hard! It was asking a lot of our family, and of me! But I can see it now. He is here with purpose and I can feel it. That heavens for blessings, and for diligent husbands, because without Peter's sure knowledge of Charlie's presence in our home, he most certainly would not have come to be.

So, so, blessed.

Let's talk in a week shall we?

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Jessica said...

You know I LOVE this. And understand it completely. And knew your journey and mine would end this way all along. As hard as it was/is to believe. Yay for a God who knows better than us and helps us to see it.

Fun to have you a few steps ahead of me. Keep the pictures and feedback coming. :)


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