Monday, July 29, 2013

Almost there, and none too soon.

Abby came back! And thankfully, my prayers were answered. We ended our barrage of summer activities with a trip to Spokane for the 4th of July. It.was.awesome. All my kids are old enough to handle a plane ride without too much trouble, they were easy going and enjoyed themselves everyday. Yet another reason having this baby seems like such a sacrifice! We may have waited just a bit too long. I'm getting way too comfortable in my parenting job.

Maybe that's the point. But it is really really really nice to have a reprieve from the drum beat that is infants and toddlers. I would imagine by next year, when kaylie is in kindergarten, I will be happy to have my sidekick and be enjoying time with him even more.

As with all pregnancies, I am quickly losing patience about being pregnant. One: I got pregnant in time for a summer pregnancy. Being your biggest in the hottest months is a total nightmare. I personally think I am handling it pretty well. I am sure there are people in my house that would disagree. Two: I have gestational diabetes. The absolute worst pregnancy symptom because you can't eat anything. I'm serious. It's all salads and protein and it sucks. Bad. And three: actually, I take back what I said about gestational diabetes being the worst pregnancy problem. It is actually vulvar veins (look it up) yeah, those. Never had them before, never had gestational diabetes before, so just when you think your done with your last pregnancy at 40, those two beauty's rear their heads. Not a great time, and pretty much every day I wake up, I hope it's the last day I'm gonna be pregnant, and yes, I have 5 weeks left.

I know. But I can't help myself. Maybe having the kids in school will help? I've gotten nothing done in the last three weeks. Here's to hoping having the kids in school actually allows me to get my crap together before this baby arrives. Please! I hope so!!!!

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