Thursday, September 20, 2007

Abby's Circus Dream

Well, it was inevitable! Abby is a STAR! Her dreams came true tonight when a circus clown came and asked me if I had a volunteer... Wow, do I ever! I think it all started when Abby was about 2. Abby would stand in front of the fireplace, and Peter would be the "announce" and say... "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS, PRESENTING....ABBY!!!!" Abby would put on an elaborate "show" for us, and tonight, her "show" was a reality! Even the Circus Emcee got into the act.. just as she has always dreamed.

Abby was thrilled, and went right out on to the floor! He told me I could take as many pictures as I wanted. It wasn't until about 5 minutes into his routine that I realized I had a video feature on my camera! I took two clips, and they are great! I know it is difficult to see, but turn up the volume, and you will get the gist of it. The pictures are fun too. All in all I think she was out there for about 10-12 minutes. It was great! I didn't catch the end on video, but snapped a few shots. In the end, the clown opens the garbage can, where the bubble makers were all thrown away, and it erupts with tons of bubbles! Her skit was a great success!

I am sure you realize how thrilled Abby was by this experience! She loved it! See the video clips, and still shots below. Much love.... L

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DnJKnightonFamily said...

That is so awesome for ABBY!!! I bet she had a great time. It's so fun to see your blog and how quickly your little family is growing!!!!


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