Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Abby's First Tooth!

It finally happened! Abby has been wanting so badly to loose a tooth. I wouldn't be surprised if she took a hammer to her mouth to get rid of one. It seems to be the "cool" thing in first grade, however, Abby is probably one of the youngest in her class! I wasn't really expecting her to have one until the end of the year, but she was determined! And once she puts her mind to something, LOOK OUT! ( I wonder who she gets THAT from! ? !)

Last week she came home and told me that one of her teeth was loose, and I could hardly believe it! She worked with it all week, and it came out today! I just happened to be volunteering in her class today. Her friend Bryant came up to show me that he had just lost a tooth yesterday. Shortly after that, she came running up to her teacher and yelled, MRS. PARKER! I LOST MY TOOTH! (Um... Hello? I am sitting right there! How about MOMMY, I LOST MY TOOTH!) Well, it turns out, it was MUCH more important to tell Mrs. Parker because she instantly got permission to go to the office where they give the kids a tiny treasure box to keep it in for the day.

I can hardly believe my little baby lost her first tooth. There aren't as many milestones that are momentous once your kids reach a certain age, but I can tell you most certainly, this was MOMENTOUS! It is a fun and exciting time for her, and for us. We love watching them get older!

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Stefanek Fam Damily said...

what a great picture. congrats to abby! emma recently lost her first tooth as well and i have yet to blog about it. it's fun that they can share that. your kids are so cute and it's so fun to keep updated on your family.


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