Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I NEED A VACATION. . Wanna Come?

Friday, after spending almost two hours at the DMV getting a new drivers license that was expired by 4 months even though I just got it two years ago, [I know, long run on]. I came home, furiously packed the kids up for 3 weeks, and left the house in a crazy frantic mess of boxes and move in blow-up. It seriously looks like a tornado hit my house on the inside, but no where else. Sad.

I called my husband and I told him how miserable I was. . how hard my life is and how bad I hate it. How horrible it is to have to drive 4 kids by myself to SLC and what a down trodden life I lead. I seriously did. Please tell me you, at some point in your life, have done the same thing. . . cuz, he wasn't very impressed with my attitude.

I drove to Vegas. Stayed overnight. Drove on to SLC the next day and got there by dinner on Sat. I chilled out on Sunday. Woke up Monday morning and hopped a plane with all 4 kids to Spokane to stay with my in-laws. By the time I hit SLC, I had recovered from my melt-down for the most part. I had made it. I knew I would. But that didn't take the fear from spending 12 hours in a car with a 4 month old baby. It just didn't. No confidence in the WORLD can take that fear away.

By the time I hit the SLC airport I was back to my old self. Confident. Self assured. The security guy checked my tickets and said, "Four kids, all by yourself. . .huh?" I said "Yep. It will be fine." Little did he know I had already conquered 12 hours in the car with the little angels.
It was no biggie. Seriously. It went ridiculously smoothly. I will go into more detail on that later.

Yesterday and today, I have spent time 'keeping my husband updated' with what I am doing. You know, I don't want him to worry. . . Here was my first text. . .

“Miss you, wish you were here!”

Then for some reason, I started to feel a little snarky. . and texted this.
Neener Neener

I am sure he replied with something extra witty, so, I sent this. . .

“So, so, suck your toe”

You’re impressed with my level of maturity. I know.
I was starting to feel so much better about my life. I mean, who could feel bad about their life when they are doing this. . .

I texted: “Geez, this is so awesome. I wish you could take a week off.”

I really wanted him to be here with me.

Then I texted: “Someone likes boat rides.”

She really did. . out like a light.

This morning I woke up so happy to be here. You know, everyone needs a vacation now and again from their regular everyday life. EVERYONE. I don’t care if you can’t get to the most beautiful lake and river in Washington. Just take a trip. Get out. See something else beside the catastrophe that is your house (read 'life').

So, this morning, I wanted him to know, I was still ok. . and getting better. So I sent this. .

“I am so, so, sorry.”

Then I wrote. . .

“Holy CRAP. This is the LIFE!”

(Yes, I am in my pajamas and had not showered yet in this picture. . that is right. . I am on VACATION!)

I am doing much better now. Personal crisis meltdown averted. Thanks for asking. If you would like to join me on my personal vacay, please check facebook next weeks for days and times that I will be hostessing visits to my personal vacay. I would LOVE to see you, and wouldn't you LOVE to come sit at the lake with me?

Mkay, see you there.


The Grant Family said...

Ahhh....so you are in Spokane (that won't make sense unless you read my FB comment first)!

Sooooo glad for you to get away for a bit! I left my husband for a vacation as we were moving once. I packed up as many boxes as I could and then took the kids and flew to VA (where I'm from). I came back and we were all moved. Best move I ever had!

I'm TRULY amazed that you can do 12 hours in the car. We decided that 4-5 seemed to be our limit. Pretty pathetic, I'll admit.

Spokane looks just heavenly this time of year! I really should go up during the summer sometime. My family is planning a get together at Thanksgiving this year and since we just got back from LA...I think we'll have to make it another year. My parents are on a mountain....but I'm wishing it had a lake after seeeing your pictures!

Take care and have fun. I look forward to seeing all the pictures. BTW that first pic of the baby is darling. I could just eat her up!

Heidi said...

Oh Lindsey, I love you! I am glad you made it safe. I am not on facebook so email me to let me know when you are inviting guests to the lake. I am leaving town today, will be back on Sunday. Can't wait to see you.

nurse graham said...

I grew up in Tucson so I remember that drive up to SLC quite well--no fun!

We sure are having great weather in Spokane so what an awesome week for you to be here. It is nice to take a break from reality once in awhile.

Jeanelle said...

Loved. this. I hope you have a great time on your vacation and go home to the triple digit heat feeling happy and relaxed.

jessica said...

Okay you have so tempted me! I am going to revisit my schedule and see what I can do to join you. Oh and the SYTYCD is next week. I've got YW's this week...we will be in touch!

Leah said...

I love this post! Pure bliss! (Except for the car part which I found so funny. Everyone had a lollipop! I do the same thing and it never works...just makes the crying and fighting stickier.)

Sorry I never got in touch today. I do hate inviting myself somewhere anyway. It was a crazy day with some forgotten about commitments (guitar and scouts), and I fell asleep reading a book to my kids after partying so hard last night!

I still feel spoiled I got LIVE Lindsey comments on the show! That was the best. Enjoy your most fabulous vacay!!! You couldn't look any more glowing in the pics. You deserve it.

Linsey said...

I totally have feeling sorry for myself moments that my husband is forced to endure. Of course, I live in Venezuela where there is no food, often no water, and I have no friends, but still, I get where you are coming from. You're nice, I seldom apologize for my rants, I'm sure your husband REALLY appreciated this particular apology too...so heartfelt! Glad you're having a great vacation, I know you've earned it.

Natalie said...

I would never dream of whining to my husband about life's challenges (less than twice a week).

I'm glad that you are vacationing! I would love to join you on the lake. I guess it will have to be via facebook:). Have a delightful time!

Emily said...

have a blast on your vacay, what a wonderful time of year to visit spokane, so jealous!!!

Ilene said...

Now I miss Spokane and all of those gorgeous lakes!

enjoy yourself!

Melissa-Mc said...

I'm not too far from you. I am in Seattle, also on vacation. I am loving the beautiful weather and Lake Washington. Have a blast.

Tate Family said...

I want to come, leaving my 7 sweet kiddos at home. Somehow I'm not sure how I would fare with 3 babies on the boat. Call me when you're in SLC.


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