Thursday, June 25, 2009


We went to the circus last night because I won tickets from here! My kids were MORE than thrilled to be going and Peter and I tried our best to keep our eyes open after an exhausting move and for me, two days of cleaning at the old house. Our "new" house is in complete shambles, but I wanted some "family" time before we go in search of cooler weather.

A few years back, we attended a "home town circus" in Spokane, and I thought it was so well done and well thought out. It wasn't as "big" as the regular circus, but I thought it was amazing. Last night seemed like a scaled down version as well. Although they didn't market it as a "home town circus" because they were in the GIGANTIC city of Phoenix, I think they probably have made it smaller than in years past. The economy has trickled down to even the circus folks.

To be honest, there were a lot of great parts to the show. Tight rope, flying circles, tight rope, trapeze artists, rope artists (think cirque), as well as horses, dogs, elephants and tigers. However, I have to admit I like the "home town circus" a whole lot better! There was a weird feel to this show. Their theme was "Don't try this at home" and since I have younger children, it may have been a little much for me. Along with that, there was a nemesis named "gravity" and it wasn't very well planned out in my opinion and as the night went on, I got tired of seeing "gravity" running around.

The kids thought it was amazing and I love sharing a part of my childhood that I loved with them. The tricks and animals were always so incredible. Now, as an adult, the circus hasn't changed much. But I still love to see it when it comes to town. . just so I can see the smile on their faces!


Leah said...

Wow, running a pizza joint? I am amazed. Too bad it's not a Sprinkles franchise, eh?! I can tell you are a talented, cupcakes,'ll put that talent into the stores too. But wow, I am tired for you already. But you are a tough cookie after all you have been through.

Melissa-Mc said...

I wouldn't enjoy the circus alone, but seeing the joy in the children's faces would make it very fun. Good luck in the moving process.

Tammy said...

Glad the move went well. I'm also living in boxes. I can't wait to hear about your drive to Utah. I want to try driving there alone sometime, but right now, I'm such a wimp....and I have a 5 month old and a two year you I guess. I'm glad you enjoyed the circus. And I can't believe you're taking over the stores/restaurants.... Keep me posted.


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