Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Life as it is.

Most of you know, we just went through a move. . . (no links to past stories today, your just gonna have to believe me) It was chaotic. I think anything is chaotic when you are trying to take care of 4 kids. One being a 4 month old, and one being 2. Oh, and one being Autistic and well, Abby is perfect.

It went pretty well. Except that I wasn't fully packed . . eventhough I thought I did really well. Which resulted in at least 8 car loads being brought over one by one. It is only a few blocks away. .. but that was a major pain. I highly don't recommend doing that. Pack every last little trinket. Just do it. You will be happy you did. I had to do that on the way here, because movers were moving us here. But when you do a close move, it is too tempting.

I am getting ready to start an extended vacay on Friday. Driving myself (and 4 kids) to Utah. I KNOW you are all sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for my trip stories. The last ones were so amazing. I am hoping for no stories. I had enough last time to last me a LIFETIME. So, hope that for me, okay?

All in all, I think I am doing pretty well, and well, after the last year (it being a year since we have moved here) I have decided that I can pretty much deal with ANYTHING. Yes, I said ANYTHING. Bring it on. I can totally hack it. Seriously.

That being said, when so called "law suit settlement" stopped coming our way (again, do your own homework people, I don't have times for links today) we started down the path of trying to rectify that. . . How you might ask? Well, the only way that we can. Yup, by getting the stores back.

You might say, "Wait! Didn't your husband get a new job?" and I would say, "Why yes, he did!" and then you would say, "But isn't he getting a masters?" And I would say, "Um, yeah, he is" and THEN you would say, "Well, then how are you going to take the stores back?" And then I would say. . Your lookin' at her. Yup. Me. Me and my 4 month old baby. . . runnin' a couple of pizza joints. Wanna pizza?

I will tell you all about the CIRCUS TOMORROW (picture that was a link).


Kara said...

I think we had our most unorganized move too when we moved into our current was so close and I was so pregnant.

Sounds like we will be in Utah at the same time but I think you will be up here when we get back. Looking forward to seeing you.

Good luck with the drive. I did it by myself last year but I don't dare this year with an infant. Way to be braver than me!

The Grant Family said...

Oh Lindsey....enjoy your vacation because it sounds like you are going to be buussssyyyy!

jessica said...

I'm so glad your move is over! I'm so sorry about the lawsuit but I think you will make a great pizza restaurant manager, and K will certainly bring in the customers. I hope your vacay is fab and I can't wait to see you when you are back in my neighborhood. I'll email you details...

Natalie said...

Lindsey! geesh, i go on Trek and look what i miss...circus tickets, a move (that sounds eerily similar to ours last summer), and proud ownership of a couple of pizza joints! You are so strong and funny and i hope that you have the best vacation ever! you deserve it! i've missed you...

Tina said...

Wow you amaze me. It is so hard to be positive when life is chaos but you seem to be a natural at that positive-ness! I love reading your of luck to you. Life will be crazy but it wouldn't be fun without crazy right???


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