Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Scared Spitless

I consider myself to be kind of tough. No, really tough. Meaning I can handle just about anything from minor mishaps to major catastrophes. I can plan a party for 100s and I can plan a party for 5. I am not saying I don't get scared, I do, sometimes, but it is usually a big motivator and I become super ultra organized and productive. (I am starting to sound like a super-hero. I am not)

Last night, was not one of those times. I am sorry to the server who was serving us at the Melting Pot restaurant. I was a wreck . . tears and sobbing. If you have never been there, (I never had) they have to approach your table a jagillion times to explain things and take orders and bring/stir/prepare food. To him, I am sorry. I am sure that he thought I was having a nervous break down and I WAS. My husband and I were just trying to spend some time together as a couple before I ditched my him for a week to take my kids to go see Grandma K-lo in Utah. Unfortunately for my husband, it it was not quality time spent before being away from each other, but a major scoopmeoffthefloorbecauseiamcurledupinthefetalposition kind of moment.

My sisters who live near both sets of grandparents marvel at how I jump on a plane or in my car sans husband with my kids and generally take no thought as to how hard it might be, or what catastrophes might happen and I would LAUGH IN THE FACE OF THEIR FEAR saying it was BASELESS and STUPID and I would do ANYTHING to spend time with the family and only MERE MORTALS WOULD HAVE SUCH FEAR!!!. . . until last night. I don't know what happened but I was suddenly frozen with fear of all the things I might encounter the next day.

Wade has been particularly grumpy (see the constantly infirm post) for the last 8 weeks and at church on Sunday he was a complete mad man who would not sit nicely on a lap for two seconds. Imagine a puddle jumper plane seating only 50 people and me with my 6 year old daughter, Autistic 4 year old son and crazy busy 1 year old who will NOT sit on a lap. Yup... SCARED SPITLESS.

I finally figured it was too late to do anything about it and I better buck up and get on with it. So, I did.

Here the troops are happy and getting through security.

Notice the time on the clock.
Oh, no, that is NOT PM... THAT is AM. So, I am now certain you know what time I had to get up.

I had my arsenal of food, entertainment, bottles and sippy cups ready to roll. I couldn't find the charger for the DVD player, which is really the slam dunk in dealing with Jaxon on a plane. So, at the last minute (I was literally downloading movies and synching them at the VERY LAST MINUTE from 11:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.) I grabbed my ipod and loaded some movies onto it. I will NEVER haul that heavy and cumbersome DVD player around AGAIN! The ipod was perfect and amazing and a lifesaver. (Plus you can RENT videos on Itunes for just a couple of dollars) It worked like a charm.
Abby is self sufficient (thank heavens) and Wade?

He fell asleep after only one book on the first leg of our flight and I sat still as a stone so as to not wake him from his peaceful and obviously God sent slumber. The second verse (flight) same as the first . . peaceful, content, perfect, amazing. Never ONCE did he try to wriggle off my lap as I stuffed his little face with fruit snacks, cookies, sippy cups and bottles. Heavenly Father shows his mercy in such wonderful ways.


aric & jess said...

There must have been some Divine Intervention for sure!

Tate Family said...

I'm there for you, Lindz. I used to be tough. Then I had kids.


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