Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bachelorette Re-Cap


What can I say? I am kinda speechless! I.KNOW.

I can't believe it either.

I have been sitting here waiting for inspiration to hit me and it just hasn't. But, I know a few things for sure. I can't WAIT to hear YOUR feedback, because I am sure you have a LOT to say. I know I always do each week, and I don't know what is different about this week.

I think it might be because of Frank. I honestly believe that Ali had chosen Frank (already in her heart). She would beg and beg and beg him to let go and be present and he just never was. She was so "into" him and it was obvious where her feelings were. Especially because she chose him for the last date. They ALWAYS choose the best for last because that is the lasting impression they want.

I think Frank's issues go FAR BEYOND having an "ex" GIRLFRIEND. And are more about him being a complete nomad with no real direction in life. So, in the end, it would be a total trainwreck, so, I am glad he did this anyway, but. . . . but. . . it almost deflates the rest of it, which is what really stinks because even if Ali chooses someone, I am not 100% sure she is going to be into him. You know? [Here I am acting like it works out most of the time. Ha!]

Anywho. Because I was struggling with this post, I decided to read my favorite re-caps. Both Ali and Chris Harrison re-cap every show, so, I went looking for my re-caps. I stumbled upon a re-cap on EW. Apparently there is someone there who re-caps every show. And to be honest, I thought I was reading one of our witty and smart re-caps! I loved it, and I have to link it HERE because it was hilarious.

The show starts with Frank in Chicago going to check out his "ex" girlfriend. I love putting that in quotes because it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO obvious that he didn't break up with her befor he left, but rather, said, "Hey. . I got his awesome opportunity to go on this show, and I am going, so, see ya later! If I come back, I would love to hook back up with you!" To me, she did not at all seem like a jaded or dumped "ex" but just the girl he left behind. (Ps- I watched an interview with Ali and she basically said the same thing. . . but, she defended Frank as being different saying that he did open up and try to have a relationship with her, but his feelings for another won out.)

What did you think of their "talk" didn't she seem like the most interesting and exciting girl EVER? Ya. At least Ali has some spunk! But whatever Frank. You are a total cad. Did he even tell her he loves her? The whole thing was weird. It seems like she was one of his employees at Starbucks and they started to date and well, the rest was history.

Back to the beach. RoBerto has the first date an MAN WAS HE SWEATY! Isn't that guy latin? Didn't he live in Florida? I have never seen someone sweat as much as RoBerto! Or Rerberto, as Ali calls him. He was pitting out all day/night and I just wanted to find him a cold shower. Poor guy. Ali on the other hand looked like she was vacationing in San Fran. What is with the pants? If it is half as hot as RoBerto makes it look, she should have been wearing a LOT less. Oh, and hats off to Ali's trainer that she negotiated as part of her deal along with her travel destinations. Her abs are looking amazing. RoBerto looked like a love sick puppy while on the helicopter and Ali was just happy to be lookin' out the window. I kinda wanted to smack her.

Ok, now you HAVE to read THIS RECAP because this is where I just can't compete. The only other thing I WILL mention is that dress that Ali was wearing for dinner. So super short. When Ali was starting her ascent up the ladder to the fantasy suite, I was just waiting to see if he glanced up. Yup. He did. RoBerto, you opportunist you. At least it was just a quick glimpse and not a complete stare down.

Now on to Chris. If you haven't felt love for Chris in the past, CAN YOU FEEL IT NOW? Man. I have always been a huge Chris fan, but now. . . NOW. . . I can hardly believe anyone else is still in the running! Between him being an amazing person to him having that incredibly giddy in love look on his face when he looks at Ali. . if she can even REMEMBER Frank's name, I would be amazed. I can hardly believe that she even CARES when Frank leaves.

There were just so many endearing moments with Chris that were making the decision VERY clear to me. Shall I list them? Okay.

  • The windswept hair is a MUCH better look for Chris.
  • Cuddling on the lounge chairs when Ali has her face pressed up to Chris's? And that GIGANTIC smile on his face? Come on! Priceless.
  • The fact that he CAN'T TREAD WATER. What was up with that?
  • Walking toward the beach while he is carrying her and kissing her the whole way? Hubba hubba. . .ticket to Tahiti please. Did anyone else notice they had aqua socks on right there, but at no other time?
  • Looking for pearls? So, cute. Especially his response when he found one. (Where did Ali get her skirt from last I saw she jumped off the boat without it!)
  • Saying, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY as he is kissing her. . .
  • And looking around for Chris Harrison when the card appears and asking if he is going to arrive in Scuba gear.
  • And telling Ali that HE is reading the card when she reads it for him. Hilarious.
  • His response to "do you want to?" [go to the fantasy sweet?] If you missed it. Rewind it.
  • And saying, "G_ _, I love you" Whoa. For reals.
  • He is 100% confident about it and how can that NOT be s*xy. I'm just sayin'.

Now, on to the "confrontation" first of all, I really give Ali some credit. She could have really ripped him a new one, and she didn't. She even threw her flip flops in the other direction. I would have thrown them right at Frank. She even gave him a hug? Huh? I am not sure I would have done that either, but she really seemed to show some restraint.

The only frustrating part was her, "This ALWAYS happens to me" thing. I can hardly believe she is saying that with two other guys COMPLETELY drooling over her. Does THAT ALWAYS happen to you Ali? Um, I don't think so. So, I think it is time to start lookin' at what you DO have instead of what you DON'T. And trust me, Frank was no "prize" just look at that beard and if you need a reminder, watch him dance at the concert. No. Thanks.

Alrighty kids. Once again, I would LOVE to hear how you are feelin' about this episode! Jeanelle is at girl's camp, and Holly is about ready to burst, so, if you find me. . .SAY HELLO and tell me what you think!


Leah said...

Hilarious! I love your recaps. Yes, I agree... Chris is perfect. Too good for Ali actually, but that's okay. His smile is SO bright white and perfectly charming. And I can't say what else I think about him because I am a happily married woman.

I never noticed she says Rerberto until you mentioned it!!! That is so funny. His shirt was so wet it looked like he dumped water on it. I didn't think it was sweat because his armpits were dry.

Frank is just an indecisive nomad. Non committal. He is trouble. His ex can have him. He'll probably dump her and want Ali back. I don't think I'll ever forgive him for that low cut girly tank top he wore on the home town date. I'm still traumatized by the image of that.

I really hope she picks Chris (who care what RS says)! Or at least Roberto and Chris the next bachelor. A whole season of Chris would be awesome. More Chris please. He was my favorite on night one.

Leah said...

You saw who Deana Pappas is seriously dating? The twin brother of Michael from Jillian's season. I guess Michael is dating someone from a past show too, but I can't remember her.

Hollyween said...

I linked you.

I have so much to say, but I'm currently sweating to death and might not be able to concentrate until I cool down.

I LOATHE Frank. How anybody could be attracted to him in the first place is BEYOND me.

I need to click on both of those links for recaps and read them.

Chris and Roberto were both SO CUTE AND GIDDY at the rose ceremony that I'm finding it super hard to choose between them. And this is a first for me.

Roberto sweats.... BAD!

I'll be back...

Emily said...

thank you leah for mentioning the tank top frank wore last week...it was awful,i would have sent him home just for that and it was crooked the whole time!!!

ali, please pick chris if you don't i will...oh wait i am married!

Mariel said...

Very fun! (Oh, I'm Holly's bud!) So, I'm thinking BOTH guys are too good for her but Chris is WAAAAY too good for her. He's totally a family man and wants to be near the fam and live a normal life...she said flat out that she'll never live there. She's so into herself (not a family) and doesn't seem like she could handle any traditional life, whatsoever. I really hoped that it would be her with Frank in the end, because they are so similar! (Big dreams with a lack of understanding about what's really important). So, next best for HER has got to be Roberto. (I totally caught him looking up her skirt too!)

Oh, and lastly...Franks a geek BUT really...I had to laugh when she was acting like he is the biggest jerk in the whole world! Really, Ali?? Aren't you having feelings for more than one person too?? Is it only allowed to happen to you because you are the star of the show?? Can you really blame someone for holding back a little and recognizing that life isn't really a game and trying to make the best decision for themselves? I applaud him for telling her and going home. He would have been a jerk only if he stayed. But, I believe him...I think he really had feelings for both gals and he had to make a decision...just like she's going to have to.

Oh, this show...the drama...so fun! Thanks for the recap :)

Gabi said...

Thanks for visiting and taking Em today!! Next time lunch and shopping. No cardboard boxes! I'm so happy to have a friend so close.

Jill said...

Okay, I just finally watched the show and read your recap. LOVED it. Totally had the same thoughts...Roberto sweating like a pig, looking up her skirt...Chris looking like a hunk and when he said the "I love you" part...TOO DANG CUTE.
I am dying to watch the finale. I've heard every which way outcome and can't wait to find the truth.


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