Friday, July 16, 2010

It was the best of times

It was the worst of times. You know when you think you have a REALLY great idea, and that it totally ends up being the worst idea EVER? Okay, it was still a really great idea, and would have been PERFECT if my youngest child was 3, and would have even been MORE perfect if I would have been more prepared, but whatevs.

I am stringing my vacation out longer, and longer and longer because my little sis Hillary (private blog) is JUST ABOUT ready to have her baby and I wanna see it! I left for cooler weather on June 25th, and I am STILL living out of my suitcase.

I have to admit, it is getting long in the tooth. More threats are being issued. EVERYONE had quite time IN THEIR OWN ROOMS today, but I am determined to see this new little addition to the family before I leave. But, if she doesn't show the whites of her eyes by Sunday, I guess it will be time to GIVE UP. I gotta get back to the real world of 116 degree weather and kids going back to school. (YIPPEE! Yeah, I am one of those mom's that gets excited about that) I think my kids will be happier too. Abby won't be up until all hours of the night. Wade will be back on a schedule, Jaxon needs the structure of school to keep me from wanting to tie him up and Kaylie. . . well. . . Yes, . . .let's talk about Kaylie for a moment.

I decided it would be LOTS of fun to head up the Snowbird Tram. You know, cool weather, mountains, SNOW. We packed up a lunch and headed up the mountain. I have to admit, I could have been a little more prepared. The mountain air makes you THIRSTY. One juice box per kid was NOT enough.

See? Isn't it SPECTACULAR? Who wouldn't want to take a look at this breathtaking view!

Or THIS breathtaking view! Oh la la!

Everyone LOVED the Tram Ride, except Kaylie. She made it up, but started to fuss about 3/4s of the way there. She seemed to do fine once we were up.

We had our lunch.

Played in the SNOW. Yes, I said SNOW. Wade DID NOT like that the ice made his toes COLD.

We ate cupcakes. And overall, I would say had a great time! We would have done more, because there is LOTS more to do, and had my littlest been a little older I am sure we would have maybe hiked down, gone down the alpine slide, done some "mining for gold". They have tons of activities up there, for a price of course. But over all I would say it is an excellent way to spend the day.

Our day however, was cut short because of this:

Lying on the floor. Screaming. All the way down, and for at least 5 minutes while we waited for the ride down. It is not a long ride. But it is . . . . long enough.
All the writhing and screaming on the floor of a very dirty tram leaves one . . . well, . . . dirty.



Danika said...

You are a brave woman! We've learned 8 days is our maximum trip length before meltdowns happen (mommy included!)and my youngest IS three. Maybe someday we'll be able to do longer adventures...

I'm not looking forward to going back to AZ temperatures, but definitely looking forward to getting back to our routine and structure and rules.

PS - I'll think of you as we drive through Desert Center tomorrow! :)

Lauren in GA said...

I hope you get to see the, as you said, whites of that sweet baby girl's eyes before Sunday. I don't know, though...Hillary is barely even showing...heh, heh, heh. She looks beautiful. I think pregnant women are truly beautiful.

My boys have had similar crying fits...never as exciting as on a tram, though.

Leah said...

I can totally relate to that picture of her with the dirt on her face. My kids look like that most days. Thanks for always keepin' it real!

I'm SO sorry we missed you at Whitney's! We were so worried about your baby. I hope everything is okay.


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