Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Have you missed me?

In the last two days I have put two kids back in school, have the blue screen of death on my computer, had the garage door break (like break BADLY) and had my AC in my car blowing hot air at me in 109 degree weather. Today I spent 119 minutes on a call trying to fix my computer(It still isn't fixed), I drove around in a car with no A/C delivered it to the dealership and took everything out of it and now have a rental. However, I can't park in the garage because the door still isn't fix (gratefully it is closed now at least) and now have no auto start feature as my car bakes out in the 109 sun.

What have you all been doing?


jessica said...

Wanna know something funny...the add at the bottom of your blog says "We'll fix your garage door 24/7 repairs" kinda funny.

Sorry about all your bad luck. I have been hosting family for over a week now. Yeah, I'm done.

Lauren in GA said...

I was gonna say, "But...so, what have you been up to?" but that might have been too obnoxious, even for me.

Bless your cotton socks. That is awful. You could die of heat frustration in that kind of heat with no AC.

Natalie said...

yikes! We have been dealing w/a broken oven and fridge. still not as bad as a broken a/c. so sorry!

The Grant Family said...

UGH! Holy Horrible!


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