Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bachelor- Super Scary Michelle

I am on cold meds. . . forgive me. I can barely put together a sentence in speaking, much less writing. . . but, since I missed last week, I can't bare to miss two weeks in a row.

There were some fab moments on last nights show. But, we have to start with super scary stalker Michelle. Was it just me? Or did he NOT seem very happy to be seeing her in his suite that night she "dropped" in to see him. It seems kinda reminiscent of another conversation he had with one of the girls he booted in week two. You know when he says, "Ohwkay" in that thick southern drawl and doesn't make eye contact that you are not in a good place with Brad. He definitely has some "tells". I.e. I am just not into you. . . . She is so creepy, overbearing, and manipulative. And I can't believe Brad takes it! I see a time in the not so near future where he decides it's not his cup of tea, but I wish is would have been last night, because she is starting to suck the fun out of the show, and everyone on it!

What about Chantal? With the I LOVE YOU. I do like the fact that she said it at a time when it wasn't going to make a difference and I LOVED her analogy that she knew she was in love with him when her feelings started to turn into caring about him, instead of caring for herself. Very heartfelt and poignant. But why does she have to ruin it next week by going back to drama land? I don't like the fact that she swings so wildly back and forth. Let's just stay in one place shall we?
I did feel like it was a TITCH early. . .Still with 5 girls left. Just a little early on that one. But whatevs. If she is feelin' it, she is feelin' it. I love how she keeps Michelle on a stick too. She completely forced Michelle into a corner. No wonder those girls don't like each other.

The date with Ali was PAINFUL. . . oh. . there was more to the statement of "we are sinking" than the actual fact they were sinking into the pool. They were sinking in every other way too. It was one of the most painful dates to watch in a LONG time. Evidence that he has kept Ali for way too long. A total waste of a date in my opinion. He should have just given that date to someone else and sent her home at the rose ceremony. Boy. That was painful. And can we just get rid of Brit, please?

I am starting to lose my patience. . is it just me? Or does it seem to be taking FOREVER to wittle down to the final few. It is probably just evidence that I have read the spoilers that I am starting to get impatient. Let's get to the GOOD stuff!

Your thoughts?


Taeya said...

Thanks for the recap...wish I could offer my insight...but your recaps have become more enjoyable than the show!

Emily said...

I think the producers are making him keep Michelle, why else would she be there? They make out and talk about how she hates everyone else, it makes no sense to me at all what so ever!

jessica said...


Leah said...

I think the end is going to stink. I have a feeling a very sweet girl is going to be heart broken so that will be hard. But I'm already rooting for her to be the next bachelorette.


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