Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bachelor Re-Cap- My 601st post.

Can you believe I hit 600 posts on my last post? I shoulda celebrated with a giveaway or somethin'! Sorry about that! I will be more attentive. No. Really. I will. . .

So, honestly. Are we all ready for the longest season in Bachelor history to be over yet? I know, they all have about the same number of episodes, but no one has explained to me why this one is dragging on and on and ON!!! I guess it is because he doesn't have any freak-shows left. Even Michelle wasn't compelling enough. With Jake, he had us all SCREAMING until the end. . ."NOT VIENNA!!!!!" But, apparently, it was already sealed in Reality heaven.

With Brad, he has been so darn reasonable this season I would be fine with any of these girls. I feel bad for Shawntel though. I mean, seriously. She was a great girl. Wasn't she? Yeah, the funeral home thing was creapy. . but still! She's a catch! So normal and down to earth and not even overly dramatic at the end! (Except for the whole death as a career thing. . . )Her biggest mistake was laying him on that table. No, not telling her dad that moving out of state MIGHT be an option. No, it was telling brad about draining blood. . .okay, there were lots of mistakes. But she really was just being herself. And how can you fault her for that. She was great. I hope she finds a nice guy who likes death soon.

Ashley is a spaz. Enough said. Okay, that is not enough said. I am all with Brad, she doesn't seem ready and I can't BELIEVE she didn't say how much she liked him (as pointed out by arm chair psych Chris Harrison)! She is crazy. NO really. She is. But, let's just chalk it up to being young and really, it just seems like she's not ready! So full of insecurities. Those obviously come up again in Africa.

Let's talk about Chantel. OH. MY. GOSH. Did you get a LOAD of that house????? Yeah, Brad can see himself visiting there A LOT. MEEEE TOOOO! Talk about living the good life. But I gotta hand it to her. Even though she grew up in that honker house, she still seems pretty normal. Her mom and dad need to lay off the plastic surgery though because those un-natural shiny faces were a little spooky, no? And we got a fine look at where Chantel gets her crazy (insert skanky) fashion sense from! With all that money can someone find some better clothes? Or shop their AGE??? Alright. . . alright. I am getting kinda catty. But seriously. The only other thing I can say is. . . Just how old is her dad anyway? Cuz he and Brad were lookin' just about the same. Anyway, it really did seem like Chantel's family was the best fit, and I would marry her for that cute dog. And I HATE little dogs. But what the heck was that thing? It looked like a teddy bear! Seriously, what kind of dog WAS that?

Finally, Emily. Oy. That whole thing was just painful. Wasn't it? I just couldn't take it any more. All of the awkward mommy/child moments. I don't know. I mean, they would make a great couple, but I don't think Brad is ready for daddyhood. I mean, he couldn't even get over kissing AFTER the kid went to bed! Wow. He is crazy. I sure hope he gets over that before he HAS kids. I mean, how is he going to get over childbirth!? I know she is sweet as pie, and super patient with Mr. Awkward, but seriously. It isn't happening. I think I would choose Chantel over her too.

But what really gets exciting is the teaser for next week! Emily denying the fantasy suite, and what was that crack he threw out to Chantel? Kinda like, well you've been crazy and normal, what am I gonna get next?!?!?! (Hmmmm. I think my husband has said that to me before. . . must be a match made in heaven) We'll see!!!

I am playing a game on Facebook if you want to play, and it is . . . . Name your favorite over-used "Brad-ism". You can check it out there. I would have listed them and counted all of them for you, but I am away from the TV tonight!


Jeanelle said...

I like this season but you're right - it is dragging ON and ON. Chantal and family live on Mercer Island which is super expensive (makes me laugh that she can afford to live there, 4 streets over from mom and dad - thank you, daddy!) I see Brad having a future in car sales, do you??? ;) And I love little dogs but why did she have to shave hers? It's never that warm here to require shaving a pomeranian. The awkward dad moment with Shawntel was awful. And Ashley is my least favorite of all. She's annoying and obnoxious. Brad was just a dork not wanting to kiss Emily with little Ricki Bobbi just upstairs. Lame. And I didn't pay close enough attention to play the game - will try to next week though!

Jenny said...

Can we talk about houses for a second? Emily's house was dang nice too....and she's a single mom?!

Leah said...

LOVE it, Lindsey. Good post!

The dog is a pomeranian chihauhau mix. Some people call them a Pom-Chi.

I'm going to google and see how Chantel's dad made all that dough!

And yes, the funeral girl was absolutely gorgeous and down to earth and responded so maturely to the break up. She is a great catch (minus the death obsession part). You can tell SOOOOO much about a person in a break up. She was perfect.

jessica said...

The house...THE. HOUSE!!!!! I was impressed at how humble her house was compared to her parents house. Her parents looked way too young and yes money should buy some fashion sense.


marta said...

hi lindsey.. just wanted to let you know i'll be happy to send you a pinterest invite. just email me so i know your email address! thanks. you're going to love it.


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