Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Bachelor Re-cap. . . silence is golden

It is a sad sad time when I can't blog anything but the bachelor. It is funny, because I will look through my photos and think, "Why didn't I blog about that?" But to be honest, sometimes, I just can't blog.

So, back to the Bachelor. . . There were only a few things that really came to mind. First of all. I love Rambo Brad. . . "breakin' all the rules" Brad. . . I mean, honestly. . . If he did something the producers didn't like, they would just edit it out! Have you ever heard Trista say that Alex Michele (or who ever he was) TOLD her that he was going to pick her? Yet, you never saw that (It was probably in the fantasy suite . . ahem) But anyway, if they said something "they weren't supposed to say" it can always end up on the editing floor.

Let's go to Brit's date. BORING. Wow. You could really feel the distance. There was just no chemistry whatsoever! So, kudos to Brad for sending her packing. However, I am with Michelle, what a waste of a yacht! WOW. And, to be honest, I was starting to get extremely uncomfortable with Brit in her bikini. . .if the camera adds 10 lbs, I don't want to see that in person. It made me hungry just looking at her. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo not somebody who judges body types, but how hilarious was Chantel with her fat day. What a bummer to be having a fat day during an SI photoshoot. I understand all of the emotions going on there at that little photo shoot. And leave it to Michelle to manipulate the situation to her advantage. She is a master, and my hat is off to that girl.

I also want to give Brad a big thumbs up for realizing what kind of a situation that was. Nutso. At least he recognized it, and acknowledged it. That probably could have worked a few episodes ago, but not with the last few girls. Too many attachments there. But hey, he realized it! But was anyone else completely floored when he gave "You're SCARING me!" Ashley the rose? First of all, show some confidence GIRL! And second of all. . . what a blind side to Chantel! I have to admit, if I had dropped the "love" word and didn't get a rose out of three girls on a group date, I would have come unglued too. That said, I am all for a girl "sticking it" to a guy. **Sidestory** I dated a guy once, who was playing coy. . .I was starting to get frustrated with his games, and put a sign up on the back of my bedroom door that said, "IT'S HIS LOSS" in big huge letters. I never intended him to see it, but when he came to "break up" with me (we weren't dating exclusively), the only available room in our crowded Sunday night apartment was my room. . Guess what he saw on his way out. Snap! End of Sidestory**** I was kind of wishing Chantel would just hold her head up high and walk away, leaving Brad to want to chase her a little. But, she didn't.

A quick note about Emily. He all but proposed to her! And I have to admit, I know people don't like her (hi Ashley!) But, I do. She is super sweet and has really not once show a bad side of herself. Not that there isn't one, but the fact that she can go through this complete experience and come out smelling like a rose is pretty amazing to me. I mean, just compare her to Chantel for just a second. She makes Chantel look like a completely immature, wreck of a girl. Knowwadimean? Seriously. After last night, as awkward as they were in their little private moment, I was instantly pulling for Emily. I also understand Brad's reservations though. . that history with her boyfriend, and even the fact that she is calling her little girl by HIS name every single day. . WOW. Don't know if ANYONE is going to get past that.

Last but not least (I had a lot more to say about this episode than I thought!) Michelle's departure. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ?? ?? Was anyone else seriously confused? For her to be completely silent is well. . . unbelievable? I mean, YOU KNOW the producers were in her face asking her a million how do you feel questions, and they didn't even get a "I AM NOT GOING TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS" answer!!??!?! I can't believe it. Not even a quote after an hour? Wow. She went mute. Who woulda thought. But again, kudos to brad for seeing the A-bomb when he meets one. She is fire and he is no lamb. . Their relationship would have been a nightmare. I am amazed that he was able to stay out of her flaxen cord. . .

What did YOU think?


MotherBeck said...

I think Michelle's silence was another ploy by her to be dramatic. I am SO glad she is gone!

Jill said...

Great recap. I agree with it all. I am so just glad i don't have to see Michelle lick her lips one more time. Seriously...did that bug anyone else? She is so selfish she couldn't even respect him at the end, even if he did blatantly deny her!! (YAHOO!)
I think Brad is cool and trying to be so sympathetic to the girls. I love watching him squirm at times. This has been one entertaining season. I love it.
Oh, and I really like Emily but there is something that doesn't make me love her 100%. Can't put my finger on it.

Hillary said...

You left out the most fascinating part of the show!!! Where O where was Chantel's nipple??? That swimsuit she had on I kept waiting and staring for that wardrobe malfunction and it never happened! Her goodies should have been out in that thing! She didn't seem worried about a slip but I sure was....anywho Trev and I were also noticing how Brad and some of the girls (or maybe just Chantel) are getting a little "soft" from all those cocktails....Not that I'm one to judge on that sort of thing, but it would be totally easy just to sit, eat, drink and repeat on that show. Too bad riding in a helicopter doesn't burn more calories! I for one will miss my crazy friend Michelle and the fact that he rendered her completely speechless was quite amazing..but at least she didn't blubber about it the whole way.

Hollyween said...

First of all, I get the impossibility of blogging about anything other than the bachelor. Why it's so hard I don't know; it just is. Lately thinking about blogging just makes me tired. Sigh.

Anyhoooo... I thought Michelle's exit was bizarre as all get out. That girl has some serious walls up. She would have to if the master manipulating producers can't get her to talk. I was floored. And it was just weird, right? The whole 'laying down on the seat thing and all'. Weird.

Sooo happy he got rid of Britt. Talk about no chemistry. And eat a flippin' hamburger for goodness sakes. That girl us a rail.

Ashley looked so cute after the makeup artists did something about her overtweezed brows, am I right? And I know Chantal is a drama queen and cry baby but I still kind of like her. I actually like all the remaining girls. I love Emily, but she hasn't shown enough vulnerability for me to take her totally serious yet. What are her flaws exactly? Does she have any? Also, I know Brad is head over heels for her, but why exactly? Besides the obvious beauty and southern charm?

Can't wait till next week!

Sarah said...

The strangest thing to me was that Brit's profession is "food writer." What?

Sarah said...

Oops. I used my daughter's account. (Leah)

Emily said...

Michelle didn't have anything to say because she wasn't there FOR Brad! Did you notice the little smirk she had on her face while laying in the fetal position?

Chantal's nipple never popped because the top had a flesh colored lining in it I bet. Poor Chantal and her fat day, seriously I feel for the girl, that would be awful!

@ Sarah, seriously how could Brit be a food writer, that is the craziest profession for that body type!

Jeanelle said...

I'm with you - just can't blog. Stuff I want to say but fear the people I know googling me and reading my "real" business. ;) I am enjoying this season so much and couldn't believe they made Brad and Brit do all of that swimming to/from the yacht. I thought when he was sending her home she'd have to swim to shore but they wimped out and brought a little dinghy for her. And like Holly, the Michelle laying down in the backseat was so ridiculous and stupid. She's a total and complete freak. Will not miss her. I don't like Ashley. All I think about is her emotional freakouts from a few weeks ago. Can't wait to see the hometown dates tonight!! xoxo

jessica said...

I just love your recaps...they make me smile. I'm sorry things didn't work out last weekend. The time was super short and full of house stuff. Next time I should have a little more freedom so we can have some treats together.


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