Friday, January 20, 2012

In a few weeks

My husband and I are going on a trip. Together.
Based on our current life experiences, I think we have only been on a trip by ourselves 4-5 times. (In 12 years)
At least two of those times (or maybe even just one?) was to Las Vegas for a 3 day weekend.
The other few times were to Seattle?
Most of the trips were for our anniversary.
I don't recall leaving to go just by ourselves for any other reason.
It costs a LOAD of money to travel.
And takes a TEAM of people to take care of your 4 kids.
Which is why we haven't done it very frequently.
But, we are going next week.
For my Parents 50th wedding anniversary.
And they are footing the bill (or we probably wouldn't be going!!!)
And the TEAM is coming to take care of our kids.
And I was asked to fill out our "butler" form today.
I have never had a butler.
I think I am going to like it.

Duties and Tasks of a Sandals Butler

Before You Arrive, Your Butler Will:

  • Ensure Your preferences are in-suite upon arrival
  • Arrange transfers

When You Arrive, Your Butler Will:

  • Provide you with all information regarding tours and spa services
  • Unpack your luggage
  • Provide a private orientation of the property
  • Press your first nights clothes complimentary
  • Provide you with a cell phone so you can keep in contact with each other throughout your stay

During Your Stay, Your Butler Will:

  • Make all dinner reservations, tour bookings, on property activities and spa treatments for you
  • Serve you your favorite drinks while you lounge on the beach or pool
  • Serve you lunch on the beach or on the pool
  • Liaise with housekeeping re servicing of your suite
  • Ensure that your suite is kept in perfect condition and arranged the way you like during your stay
  • Expedite all room service orders for you
  • Arrange a perfect romantic dinner for two in the privacy of your suite on or your patio. Unlike our competitors, our butler level guests can order from any resort restaurant menu for dining in their room or suite
  • Shine/clean your shoes for dinner
  • Tend to your wardrobe
  • Collect and return all laundry for you

In the Evening, Your Butler Will:

  • Bring you amenities before dinner
  • Escort you to dinner where they have reserved a beautifully decorated table at the restaurant of your choice – with preferential seating
  • Ensure your suite is turned down and your room has all it needs for the night
  • Your butler wants you to expect the unexpected. Prepare to be "wowed"

Before Your Departure, Your Butler Will:

  • Reconfirm your flight and arrange transportation back to the airport
  • Provide you with information regarding check out
  • Assist you in folding your clothes for packing
  • Retain all your preferences for future visits

At Departure Time, Your Butler Will:

  • Ensure your bags are brought up to the departure area
  • Escort you to the concierge area/butler lounge and process your paperwork for check out
  • Escort you to your transportation and bid you farewell


Danika said...

YAY for vacations (because with kids it's a TRIP, without kids it's a VACATION)! We try to do one each year. We actually have a savings account set up just for that so there's no excuses about money. We have a small amount of money automatically transferred in there from our checking account each month so we don't even really notice, but it adds up fast! Have fun - you deserve it!

jessica said...

You lucky girl!!!! Enjoy every single second!


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