Saturday, January 14, 2012


I am in a wee bit of a blogging rut.

It's okay.

I just can't decide what I want to talk about.

I think it because there is just too MUCH to talk about.

The holidays were good, but had a little bit of a let down.

The dog is still here, and getting "more trained"-- Still working on that one.

My kids FINALLY went back to school on Tuesday, and now they have ANOTHER day off on Monday.

I think I am getting overwhelmed by my kids.

Kaylie is turned over a new leaf. It is the iamcompletelydefiantthreeyearold leaf.

I don't like that particular leaf.

We just had two weeks of extremely slow business.  Like, week ONE style business.

It was worrisome, but everyone in the biz insisted it is "normal" right after the holidays.

The switch was flipped yesterday and today to two of our biggest days to date.

It's been a little nuts.

Like making dough 'til midnight tough.

We got ousted from our ward.

I can hardly believe I am going to be in a "new ward" again tomorrow.

I am very very very exceedingly thankful that I did not MOVE to get in that new ward.

I will miss my "old" (wasn't very old to me) ward, because they are so loving, accepting, and have been overall amazing supporters of our family and our business, and BOY that was a nice change.

I am glad I didn't move away from those people, but I will miss them still the same.

I am watching the Bachelor, but I think I dislike Ben's Hair  so much that I don't have anything to say.

But that Courtney's "how did that taste coming out of your mouth" was just about the sickest thing I have ever heard anyone say to someone. I dislike her greatly. They deserve each other. And yes, I will still watch every episode.

I am dying to make Poni popo.

I wish my kids would flush the toilet.

I like working at the store.

I am having other "life" conflicts right now that sometimes weigh me down.

Most of the time, life is very, very good here, and we are very very happy in our new not so new home town.


Leah said...

Life is up and down ALLLL the time. You're keeping it real! Thank goodness we have Bachelor to look forward to every Monday. Seriously. And the hair bugs me every second. I try to imagine it's not there. And yes... that model chicks' comment may be the worst thing ever said on the show ever!!!! LOVE to hate her. So much fun! Train wreck every Monday.

Danika said...

I think this is what I love the most about you and your blog - you are so honest and real. No sugarcoating. Sorry to hear about your ward change, I know you were really happy there. And those two weeks of slow business? That was everyone pretending like they were keeping their New Year's resolutions to eat healthier and eat out less. Now they have all given up on those resolutions so you're back in business! :)

jessica said...

I am so out on Bachelor this season, he bugs me so much I can't watch...and it's so much more than his hair that bugs. Sorry you have to move wards again, that is so annoying!


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