Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blogging, what it does for me

I know blogging was en-vogue, and then out of vogue and then I have no idea what it is now... just for professionals? Some people think they can only blog if they are funny. Or smart, or talented at something in particular.

Blogging is NONE of those things for me.

It is a total snapshot of my life.

And there are times when I have a minute that I look back on it with such fondness.

I have documented births, which I am so glad I did for their benefit.

I have written birthday cards.

I have commented on entire seasons of the Bachelor, and Bachelorette. 

Hilarious things my kids do and say,

I have documented recipes,

Life struggles,

Recipes for life.


Crafts my kids have done.

I mean, you name it, I have put it on here.

And I love it.

I think it reads somewhat like a novel.

The novel of my life.

Sometimes it is critical, important and maybe poignant information.

Sometimes it is just plumb dumb.

But I love it. And ever now and again, I click on a old post.

And boy am I glad it is there.

To remind me.

Because it is good to be reminded.

Of where you have been,

And what you done. Accomplished.

And what you have suffered,

And what you have celebrated.

And if you are on the fence about starting a blog.

You should just do it.

Because, it is great.


Elizabeth said...

Just last weekend I reread my blog... and I was blown away! I love blogging and you have summed it up perfectly.

Danika said...

I think that's the great thing about blogging. It can be whatever YOU want it to be! I can honestly say I blog for myself as my family journal (and for grandparents who want to know what's going on and see lots of photos of everything we do). If others want to read, fine. If no one else ever reads it, I could care less.

Nurse Graham said...

Couldn't agree with you more. And, I enjoy reading your blog...I mean novel of your life.

jessica said...

Our blogs are what brought us together...ahhh...I love blogs.

D-dawg said...

I feel the same and I"m sad so many are dropping out. BLogging is the best!


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