Sunday, April 22, 2012


I was reading a parenting book last night.

Shock of ages.


Reading parenting book.

I will admit, I would rather allow TV land to take me to another life, but in this case, Peter was doing something  that seemed like it may need reflection, so, I read.

It talked about keeping a notebook for your kids. Just about what they are doing, what their likes, and dislikes are etc. What they are working on, what they are succeeding in, etc.

I think she intended it to be a way to reflect upon your children. Really focus on them, and understand them. Maybe in doing so, inspiration will come. At first I was like, HA! I don't have time to even blog! And then I thought, wait, I  have done this ON my blog. Which I think is a great idea. However, if I do this on a regular basis, I may have to go to an "invited only" status.  Don't worry, I will invite anyone who WANTS to be invited, but rather than have too much information about my kids accessible, it is better to air on the side of caution.

But I liked the idea. REALLY liked the idea. Because I want to remember things. And I want to do a better job at recording them.

Blogging is still an outlet for ME, but since I have less and less time to actually do it, I figured I will have to "make" some time. Hopefully Sundays, hopefully once a week, hopefully it will include a snapshot, hopefully it will talk a little bit about my kids (I don't want to rely on facebook to remember all the funny things they do. It's not very easy to navigate or search).

So, here is my first


Me: Amazingly enough I did not have any Papa Murphy's events this week. The first thing that slips when I am doing lots of events is the housework. Grocery shopping, (i.e. I only make food with what I have on hand, which makes for small, not so great meals) Laundry (which means I do it, but it remains unfolded and in a super human pile of clean laundry either in the laundry room, where everyone has to crawl over it, or in my bedroom, where I feel like I no longer have my own space) and cleaning (this one drives me the most batty because I am hating dust right now, and right now I have LOTS of it. IN ABUNDANCE). I did dust ONE room, and that felt good, but now I would like to get to the other 8. I would like to finish reading this parenting book and have decided that in my spare time (of course now that most of my TV shows are ending) that I will clean/organize some rooms/closets, read, and get my garage situated so that someone can park in it. (It's the little things, right?) Oh, and get the mail, because I don't remember the last time I picked it up.

Abby: Abby is taking some classes right now. She takes a theater class on Mondays, and an Art Class on Tuesdays and sometimes has activity days on Wednesdays. Right now, I am finding that Abby is NOT a morning person, and is less likely to like to do things in the morning. However, she is a night OWL (okay, this is not new info) But, I can get her to do more things at night because she wants to stay up. However, that makes for less of a morning person. (Bad cycle) I am having fun walking with her in the evenings, and find that she just totally spills her guts to me. I love that. I hope to make it last. She is doing a better job of helping her sibs, and actually taking on some babysitting responsibility. She does a good job with it when asked, and I think she likes it.

Jaxon: We have decided to medicate him. Yep. The past few weeks have been trying a new drug, and seeing if it helps. The good news is, it helps. The bad news is, he is MORE crazy if someone forgets to make sure he takes his medication. :( In the end, I hope we find something that works, for all of us. He also passed the first round (I had no idea there was more than one round) of gifted testing. I was surprised by this, because Abby is so crazy creative, I thought she would be my first child to do so. However, Jaxon is. I don't know if they will put him in the program, because currently, he is in special ed, and I just don't know if they would, but, I kind of hope they do, because he is a creative learner, and I think the lesson plan/curriculum would be great for him.

Wade: I'm not kidding. This kid knows how to get just about anything he wants. He is knows that if he is super sweet, he can just about get anything. A skill I am sure he plans on refining. He got super sick this week. He doesn't get sick very often, but when we does, he almost can't handle it. :(It's so sad. He just gets super sad, and hibernates like a little bear. He is smart as a whip, and I cannot WAIT for him to start school next year just because I don't have the time to really push him. He has read through the first 12 books on hooked on phonics, and I actually try not to push him to do more because I don't want him bored out of his gored in Kindergarten. I just don't know. I am sure that is not a great game plan, but it's all I've got right now. He Loooooooooooooves baseball, and this is our first foray into team sports with him. It is super fun to watch, but lately, with sickness, weather and spring break, we've missed a lot of games!!

Kaylie: Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. This girl is crazy challenging. Peter says is like a rock, meeting an immovable object. Neither one of us will budge. Case in point, Kaylie is harassing Jaxon in the car. I say, Kaylie, stop. She says, No. I say Kaylie, give me the headphones (I can't quite reach them) She says, "No". I say Kaylie, say sorry to Jaxon, she says, "NO" .  At this point, she is directly behind me and we are driving on the freeway and there is NOTHING I CAN DO. She seems to sense this, and digs in. I am in a whole heap with this girl. The other day, I told her to get in her car seat, and she said, "It's MY LIFE!" She's starting young.....

Well, I don't think i'll solve the world's problems, but I am sure I will learn something.


Danika said...

I know someone who actually schedules time on her calendar each Sunday to blog. I think it's a great idea. But just be sure to invite me if/when you go private! :)

Not surprising to me at all that Jaxon passed the gifted test. Autistic kids are usually brilliant! As my sis-in-law told me once when her THREE autistic kids were toddlers, "my kids can count to 100 but they cannot ask for a cup of milk!"
Have you read "House Rules" by Jodi Picoult? It's actually about Aspergers but I found it a very fascinating read about how their minds process information. And I loved the movie about Temple Grandin. Helps me understand their brains a bit better.

Liesel said...

Well, make sure I am on it when you go private. Good luck with the meds, it's hard to find just the right one/right cocktail, I'm still working on Sophie's. Sophie has an IEP for a couple of different things, so although she is mainstream she is also considered to have some "special ed" services. Then she is gifted so she also has an ALP (like the IEP without the legal ramifications on education for gifted children), which I'm not sure if that is only a CO name, but she is also in the gifted program and has the ALP as well. So, I know it is possible, at least here.

jessica said...

I have always said "threes" are harder than "twos". Camden is constantly in time out for not stopping when I say stop. AND he knows how to turn on the tears like no ones business. I'm in trouble.

Taeya said...

I have never met Kaylie, but I can just see her in the car giving you a hard time ;) You are doing an amazing job!!!

HeidiB said...

Thanks for the snapshot! Loved getting caught up, friend. :) love you!


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