Sunday, June 10, 2012

Turning Tides

The other day we were all in the car at 3 p.m. Peter and I were checking out locations for our next store, which will hopefully be opening in September. At the last minute we decided to go out to dinner. This is totally rare for us because a) it is expensive to take 6 people to dinner, and b) we have 4 kids, 10, autistic, 5 and crazy.

Peter decided we would take everyone to AN ACTUAL RESTAURANT. Again, something we don't do. We usually go to such establishments as Chick fil A, Wendy's, and Panda Express when we are in need of a quick dinner. Even visits to these places are rare, and only after we have already had pizza for the week.

We walked down the Mall corridor with our family, and I could hardly believe my eyes. They were all walking, talking, and acting like civilized creatures, and suddenly, I could hardly wait to see them all as adults, and siblings spending time together and relishing in family time.

We were seated and played a simple game of I spy while waiting for our food. A game which everyone LOVES. And I looked around, and could hardly believe my eyes. We were all in a restaurant. Everyone was behaving themselves (generally) and we were all enjoying our selves! I wasn't rushing a baby out, or trying to keep someone happy with a sugar packet, or changing a diaper, or trying to make a bottle with restaurant water, or yelling at anyone for getting under the table, or walking someone in a stroller while we were waiting for food. OR ANYTHING ELSE. I was just sitting there.... enjoying the moment. And it was indeed a magnificent moment.

I took  a picture with my heart, because it was sweet. I am loving watching these people grow and develop. It is exciting, and rewarding, and I just don't know what I would do without a single one of them.

Life is good.


Natalie said...

Love it! Love you. Thanks for letting me in. Ha ha:)

Danika said...

I hear you! I actually rode in the front seat of our van for the entire trip over & back to CA this weekend instead of sitting in the back handing out snacks and breaking up fights. Everyone behaved and it was such a relaxing drive! Oh, and I thought of you when we drove past Desert Center today! :)
I feel like we're finally at the time that I've been looking forward to for so long - all my kids are able to sit still and be quiet and behave themselves in church, restaurants, the car. Now if only I could get them behave at home! :)

Lindsay said...

Awesome! We are still in the "get out from under the table", "you don't need to yell, I'm right here", and rush out to change a diaper phase. Glad to know I have something to look forward to!


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